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Avatar n tn I've been reading posts in here and it seems alot of people are/were addicted to vicoden/lortab/norco and oxycontin, but I haven't read about anyone being addicted to dilaudid or oxymorphone. Are 2 drugs considered as addictive as oxycontin? I'm asking because my g/f's pain doctor might switch her from methadone to one of these. She doesnt abuse her methadone at all, she has no desire, but I have seen her take excessive amounts of oxycontin in the past. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am once again on 75mcg patch. I have been using MS Contin 220mg daily for the past three years, not coping with pain, so time for a change, I have used 17 patches so far, so, new to it once again...I went off it three years ago, as I was on 100mcg and my quality of life was zilch. I would be sleeping all the time or sweating and shivering uncontrollably ...dosage was too high for me, my new doctor said, aside from this I can't do anything repetitive or exercise.
Avatar f tn Should this occur, apply first aid tape only to the edges of the patch. If problems with the patch not sticking persist, cover the patch with Bioclusive or Tegaderm. These are special see-through adhesive dressings. Never cover a Duragesic patch with any other bandage or tape. Lastly, this medication will most definitely cause chronic dry mouth (xerostomia) and therefore recommend oral vigil. If needed, use a mouthwash for chronic dry mouth; such as Biotene.
Avatar f tn While buprenorphine is used in products like Subutex and Suboxone for weaning addicts off street drugs, it is also a powerful semi-synthetic narcotic that has been used to treat pain since the 1980's. The patch has been on the market in Europe for a number of years and only just passed through the maze of FDA approvals recently. I suspect that what your doctor meant about not being able to treat your pain is the problem of pain meds being metabolized in the liver.
Avatar f tn Is there a chart that I can use to convert fentanyl patch strength to the Opana Er strength?
Avatar m tn 3 ratio: 180 mg oxymorphone x 3 = 540 mg of morphine However, because there is the factor of opioid cross-tolerance, usually a 50% reduction in the calculated dose is recommended. 540 mg of morphine x 0.
199177 tn?1490502134 Morphine 20mg..............Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet) 10mg..............Oxymorphone (Numorphan) 200-300mg.....Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............
5597890 tn?1370633116 I have been on opiates since 2003 for Sciatic nerve impingement (Piriformis Syndrom) and RSD/CRPS. I will be ripping off my last 50mcg patch 6-10-2013 . I have 200 Hydrocodone 7.5-500 T's I am hoping to taper off by using the Hydrocodones. I am very afraid. Because I've had 2 very severe heart attacks back to back. C.O.P.D . Peripheral Neuropathy. Also, would Neurontin help withdrawal?
Avatar f tn There is also short acting dilaudid (hydromorphone) or opana (oxymorphone) - oxymorphone is stronger than hydromorphone. The fentanyl patch strengths go up to 100 mcg/hr and the prescription leaflet shows dosing up to 300 mcg/hr so there is a lot of wiggle room with the fentanyl patches to hopefully give her some relief. That is fabulous that her cancer is in remission!!! Often even when this occurs, extreme pain can still be left behind from the treatments - especially radiation therapy.
Avatar f tn I am officially sick of the whole thing. My Dr. Gave me an Rx for 50 mcg to start a taper and some oxymorphone to help with breakthrough pain. For reasons with insurance, i haven't been able to get the patches filled. I haven't had a patch for 5 days but the Opana has kept the withdrawal hell at bay. Now, the Opana is running out. I can get the Duragesic filled. But...I have been off fentanyl for 5 days. I know that I'm in withdrawal but it has been very subtle.
775302 tn?1253104105 Hi everyone, I was recently taken off my usual pain med regimine of 75 micr of Fentanyl Patch every 48 hours and 4 mg hydramorphone ( dilauded) 4-6 times a day.
Avatar f tn I am concerned that it will not take care of this pain as I have tried tyelenol w/codiene, tramadol and a patch and none of them work. I am afraid that this will not take care of my pain and it will be days before I can get an appeal in. Is Opana/oxymorphone stronger than these others that I have taken. I apologize if I'm not making myself clear...I am totally handicapped and bed ridden and I am fearful that I will be in pain.
29837 tn?1414538248 Long acting opioids include MS Contin, Kadian, Avinza (these are morphine based), Butrans patch (patch is worn for 7 days), Fentanyl patch (patch is worn for 48-72 hours - this is the long acting medication that I use and I find it extremely effective), Opana ER (oxymorphone), Exalgo (hydromorphone). I have also tried MS Contin and Opana ER. Fentanyl Transdermal has been the most effective and consistent pain medication for me compared to the others I have tried.
648944 tn?1241473294 It is basically similar to Morphine, which doesn't work well for me. Opana is a brand name for Oxymorphone like Vicodin or Lortab is for hydrocodone. Of course there is acetaminophen in the Vicodin & Lortab along with the hydrocodone. Oxymorphone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine. Oxymorphone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of this medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain.
Avatar m tn Opana ER is the strongest opioid medication in pill form and the next tier up is the Fentanyl patch based on pharmacology. It is 2x stronger than Oxycontin, again based on pharmacology (i.e., you may find that Oxycontin is more effective regardless of the fact that the strength of Oxycontin is lower than the strength of Opana Er. I have never tried Oxycontin; however, my physician said that we would try it if the Opana ER isn't effective.
Avatar n tn Opana ER is oxymorphone in extended release form. Oxymorphone is the STRONGEST opioid medication in pill form available in the United States soley for pain management. Therefore, short answer is yes...Opana ER is stronger than oxycodone mg to mg. For example, 1 mg of oxymorphone is stronger than 1 mg of oxycodone...to be precise, oxymorphone is approx. 2 times stronger than oxycodone.
Avatar f tn When oxycodone metabolizes, it leaves 15% as oxymorphone. Because oxymorphone has a longer half life than oxycodone, it is often present in the urine after oxycodone falls below the detection threshold. See PPM for more info: http://www.practicalpainmanagement.
2054191 tn?1330457221 Morphine is lower in strength than Oxycodone but Oxymorphone is the strongest pain medicine available in pill form. The next tier up from Oxymorphone is Fentanyl. Even with taking 36 norcos a day, you are not opioid tolerant enough for oxymorphone or fentanyl. You need to be on 60 mg of morphine a day consistently for at least 1-2 weeks before switching to oxymorphone or fentanyl. There is also Dilaudid which is slightly weaker than oxymorphone.
Avatar f tn - MS Contin (Extended Release Morphine), - Nucynta ER (ER Nucynta) - Ultram ER (ER Tramadol, brand) - Opana ER (Extended Release Oxymorphone) - OxyContin (Extended Release Oxycodone) - Exalgo (ER Dilaudid) - BuTrans Patch (ER Buprenephrine) - Fentanyl Patch (ER Fentanyl) MS Contin, Opana ER, and OxyContin are typically prescribed 2-3 times per day or every 8 to 12 hours. Exalgo is prescribed every 24 hours. The BuTrans patch last 7 days and the Fentanyl patch lasts 48-72 hours.
Avatar f tn I am now on 3 x 80 mg oxycontin and 1 x25 and 1/2 25 fentynal patch a day......with the NEW oxys , I am wanting to just go and stay on the fentynal patch. My question is : How much fentynal would i get put on with the above dosage I am now on.....PLEASE Someome out there has to know the answer to this, I have tried to figure it out, look it up with no success !! I have a Dr., app soon and I am wanting to know what amount A 'DAY' or should I say 2 days I would get put on fentyanl.......
Avatar f tn I am on the 50 mcg/hr patch and inside the prescription leaflet it shows morphine conversions to up to 300 mcg/hr of fentanyl, which is equal to three 100 mcg/hr patches. Because you are on 100 mcg/hr of fentanyl, keep in mind that the other "newer" medications that weathergirl mentioned looking into, will require a large dose to equal the amount of fentanyl you are getting through your current dose.
2017901 tn?1328643284 i have been studily taken pain medication for at least close to two years now, and i was currently prescribed a fentanal patch put that on for 6 hrs got sick took it off waited about 17 hours took the other medication prescribed to me opana 10mg. i really want to stop taken anything at all right now, but with the recent surgery and that means up coming pt starting this tuesday.
Avatar f tn I'm on my same meds, but he added a Butrans patch? I'm on 140 oxycodone 30mg. a month and 90 oxymorphone er 40 mg. from what I have read the Butrans patch is subutex? But it doesn't ha e the naloxatone in it. It just seems strange to be on a patch used in rehabilitation for addicts. My pharmacist says that it's a low dose used for chronic pain? He just added it last week and it is not doing a thing. I'm afraid he is trying to get me off my oral meds! They help so much.
Avatar f tn It's long acting (72 hours), so you would still need something for breakthrough pain. Be sure to research this patch before you use it because it's an extremely strong synthetic opiate (81 times stronger than morphine). Dihydrodesoxymorphine (Desomorphine) is 10 times stronger than morphine. Pethidine (meperidine or demerol) is another opiate you might want to talk to your doctor about. Oxymorphone (Opana or Numorphan) is a little stronger than dilaudid, so you might want to start there.
Avatar m tn And since I haven't wanted a cigarette since I quit insufflating pills, I slapped a nicotine patch on Thursday, and haven't smoked a cigarette either. I want to remember all of this torture so I am never tempted to insufflate another pill. All the years my pharmacy gave me the Endo tamper resistant silicone encased Opana pills I was never tempted to try the tedious procedure of preparing them for insufflation which I read about online.
Avatar n tn People's posts wouldn't be forgot about then. I asked if opana (oxymorphone) and dilaudid are as addictive as oxycontin. Someone said that opana is stronger than methadone. No wonder my g/f's pain doctor wants to put her on opana or dilaudid (methadone isnt working for her pain even though she is prescribed 320 mgs of it per day).
Avatar n tn Wanted to try and function without narcotics......Big mistake, I just started Fentanyl patch 25mcg and just jumped to the 50mcg patch, it's too soon to tell it's effectiveness, but I am hopeful. Perhaps I've traded one evil (Methadone) for the lesser of two(Fentanyl) as I hear that is also VERY tough to get off of. I do like the idea of not putting pills in my stomach though, alkthough I still use Oxycodone for B/T pain in the evenings.
Avatar m tn I'm new to anything other than Norco, so I really appreciate these forums. I was on 50mcgs. of fentynal patch, and could only get about 30 hours out of each WATSON patch, so a dose of Kadian every 12 hours makes it much easier to keep track of my daily dosage. I still am not sure about this combination, but I need to give everything a chance. My family thinks Advil would take care of all my Fibro problems.
Avatar f tn I told her about the long-lasting hot flashes and the patch not lasting the 72 hours. So she is going to have me change the patch every 2 days instead of every 3 and is changing the breakthrough medication from 1 to 2, 10 mg. oxycodone to 1 to 2, 15 mg. morphine. I've never tried the morphine before. For those of you who have, how have you found it? The oxycodone never makes me feel "high" or drowsy. Will the morphine, even initially?
Avatar f tn Hello ProdigalGirl, Opana is Oxymorphone which is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine. Oxymorphone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of this medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain. It should not make you"high" as long as it is used as prescribed. If you had not had oxycodone I would be more inclined to warn you to watch for the buzz until your body adjust to it. Good luck to you.