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Avatar m tn Also, the things they are typically cut with can do intense damage to the nose (tylenol). That being said, Opana (oxymorphone) is the main exception to this rule. It goes from 10% BA to over 40% if taken intranasally. Taking it this way causes intense physical addiction, and potentially the worst withdrawal symptoms of any opiate you can get outside a hospital. There are folks on here who have come off doses similar to yours. It can be done!
Avatar n tn OOOOk let me just start by saying denial is the first indication of a problem ok say you do take as perscribed how long befor you relize that ur body is becomeing ammune to that dose as with any meds to include antibiotics your body builds up a resistance say what u want but sat your script says one erry 4to6 hours for pain fact is any codone-oxy-hydro-any pain med is gonna stop working as well within 2 to 3 hours then your back in pain and if your like me I go to pain management so I get my scr
Avatar n tn thank god I have never needed the fentanyl patch, but this is what I learned watching a PBS special on pain management for cancer patients. From what I learned on this show, plus a little net research, the Fentanyl patch is probably the single most effective treatment for chronic pain going. Yes, it costs a bunch -- apparently several thousand per month.
666151 tn?1311117976 Suboxone is sometimes used ‘on the street’ by addicts who want to take time off from addiction without committing to long term sobriety. Suboxone itself can be abused for short periods of time, until tolerance develops to the drug. Snorting Suboxone reportedly results in a faster time of onset, without allowing the absorption of the naloxone that prevents intravenous use. Finally, the remission model of Suboxone use implies long term use of the drug.
Avatar n tn I have been buying black market and am embarresed but proud that i have FINALLY lowered myself to a stable 5mg.....isnt that retarded?? Very hard to detox and stay away from street drugs!After 12 years I figure I must have such a build up that I am petrified to let go of those last 5mgs. Sleep is getting harder so i just got 0.5 clonipin.......wish me luck!
Avatar n tn As such TestoCreme can be duplicated by other companies without legal penalty, although at the relative low price they are selling it at Central Avenue Pharmacy, there isn't much incentive. Central Avenue Pharmacy sells a 60-gram bottle of TestoCreme, enough testosterone to raise your free and total levels to high normal for about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your particular skin's absorption characteristic, body fat, estrogen conversion rate, etc. for around $70 delivered.