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1855076 tn?1337118903 I have a hard time remembering what each medicine is, generic name versus brand names. I'm once again having a hard time controlling the pain. I have come down to a very small dose and I haven't been using anything long acting. My goal was to see if I could manage on nothing or very little and it's very clear that my quality of life is nonexistent on such a low dose. I'm taking oxycodone 10 mg. every 4 hours. I essentially get about an hour to 1.
Avatar n tn Most people in here do not want to discuss pain pills!!! Just a heads up. You can answer most of your questions if you google oxymorphone!! They are both pretty potent opiates.
Avatar f tn ) I am jealous!!! ;) Oxymorphone is the generic name for Opana. It is an extrememely powerful pain killer. I am on morphine and it helps but I am aware that the bioavailability is lower with morphine (approx. only 1/2 of the dose taken orally gets absorbed by the body). I have to take two doses of percocet daily as I ALWAYS have breakthrough pain at 7 am and 3pm. I take the morphine at 10am and at 8 or 9pm. The morphine does not last 12 hours like it is prescribed.
Avatar f tn left the profession years ago) we were taught that generic drugs absolutely are different than brand name drugs. When generic drugs first became the rage, (in the 1970's and 1980's) the public was fed the lie "they are just as good as the brand name, and cheaper!" Not true. It isn't just the inert ingredients (which can cause allergic rx's in some people) it is the way the pills are manufactured, the process, exact dosing, etc.
214607 tn?1287681159 It is marketed in generic form as its hydrochloride salt, naltrexone hydrochloride, and was formerly marketed using the trade name Revia. In some countries, an extended-release formulation is marketed under the trade name Vivitrol. It should not be confused with naloxone, which is used in emergency cases of overdose rather than for longer term dependence control.
Avatar n tn Just wondering if anyone has any info on the differences between Opana which is Oxymorphone and Oxycodone? My PM Dr. wants to switch me from high doses of Oxycodone to some form of oxymorphone. Just want to know if anyone has taken them both and know what I should expect from this switch? Good or Bad idea? Just curious because the hundreds of mg's I've been taking of Oxycodone over the years has made me build up an unreal tolerance for the drug.
Avatar m tn I have been on the oxymorphone ER 15 mg 3 a day for bout year and a half love it that's all I take and works great for me.
Avatar m tn Both the brand and generic have the same active ingredient, oxymorphone in extended release form; however, the generic uses inferior time release technology that increased my pain levels significantly 6 hours after dosing. I did some research and the brand uses a patented TimerX -N technology that provides true 12 hour dosing versus fizzling out at 6-8 hours like other extended release formulations.
Avatar f tn I've asked other nurses and a physician and non could give my a concrete answer. I am certain that a pharmacist would know. Oxymorphone is the generic name for Opana, Opana ER, Numorphan HCl. It is not part of Percocet's ingredients or chemical make up. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn 5 mg and 15 mg strengths manufactured by Actavis pharmaceuticals. Taking generic oxymorphone ER at 7.5 mg bid yields a 5 mg increase in oxycodone vs. a 15 mg increase. The 7.5 mg oxymorphone ER dose bid would be the closest in terms of equivalent oxycodone dosing. So conversions are not simple and to spare folks of all of this math, I leave it out and provide only what I think is necessary to answer the question.
Avatar n tn Also Dr's now like to prescribe opana (oxymorphone) because it has very little to none euphoric or high feelings unless abused like snorting,plugging etc! I take opana er 10mg 2-3 times a a day along with percocet 10/325 tablet 3x a day! The opana is for around the clock relief and the percocet is taken with the opana to help with the pain while I wait for the opana to start working!
535089 tn?1400677119 The affected opioid drugs include long-acting and extended-release brand name and generic products and are formulated with the active ingredients fentanyl, hydromorphone, methadone, morphine, oxycodone, and oxymorphone. Under the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA) (Public Law 110-85), FDA has the authority to require persons submitting certain drug approval applications to submit a proposed REMS as part of the application.
Avatar f tn As far as narcotic pain meds go I have been taking Oxymorphone 15mg ER which is the generic form of Opana (which I believe the brand Opana to be worthless) as my long acting and 5-6 Oxycodone 10mg IR a day for break through and actually believe that the Oxycodone gives me more pain, sedates me to the point that I hardly could get out of bed (which is so bad for us fibro sufferers bc less physical activity sets us back), and it would make me extremely loopy that trying to have a conversation is
Avatar n tn 99 percent of people get hung up on brand names b/c the word generic sounds negative. The truth is that generic drugs are the exact same chemicals in the exact same amount brand names are just bought by pharmaceutical companies that can sell them at a higher price. (I am going somewhere with this i promise just hear me out please) So vicodin is hydrocodone with acetominophen(tylenol). Usually 5mg hydro. and 500mg tylenol or 7.5mg. hydro. with 700mg tylenol.
1855076 tn?1337118903 Opana ER is oxymorphone in extended release form. Oxymorphone is a completely different opioid than morphine. It is about 3 times stronger than morphine and 2 times stronger than oxycodone in pill form. A portion of a dose of Oxycodone is metabolized into Oxymorphone by the liver...similar to how codeine is metabolized into morphine by the liver.
648944 tn?1241473294 It is basically similar to Morphine, which doesn't work well for me. Opana is a brand name for Oxymorphone like Vicodin or Lortab is for hydrocodone. Of course there is acetaminophen in the Vicodin & Lortab along with the hydrocodone. Oxymorphone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine. Oxymorphone is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of this medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain.
Avatar f tn Opana ER has provided me the best pain relief I have had in years. I tried the generic oxymorphone and it was not as effective...by a long shot. I did some research and discovered that the brand Opana ER tabs have a new TimerX-N technology built into them such that they provide true 12 hour dosing. This technology is only licensed to Endo pharmaceuticals for the manufacturer of Opana ER; therefore, the generic drug company (Actavis) does not have this in their pills.
Avatar f tn These are fairly common or normal effects of any opiate. Opana is (generic name oxymorphone) is similar and closely related to Dilaudid (hydromorphone). However Opana is a bit less potent than Dilaudid. It is not unusual for any opiate to cause a bit of drowsiness until your systems adjusts. This should subside with continued use. You may not have to increase the dose any time soon if your current dose is effective in controlling your pain.
Avatar n tn some people may remember the lawsuit a year ago that resulted in the banning of generic oxycodone ER, and perhaps the brand manufacturer underestimated demand. At any rate, it has been a problem in many parts of the country. With a nod toward the concerns listed in the earlier posts, the closest thing to oxycodone available is oxymorphone, which is sold as Opana and Opana ER.
Avatar m tn Then, within a matter of months of receiving the generic Opanas, oxymorphone pills, I started insufflating them. I was in a lot of pain, knew insufflation raised the 10% bioavailability significantly, so I did it, telling myself just this one time. I am no different than the other people trying to relieve their pain. I have to be honest with myself. I have displayed addictive behavior, and played fast and loose with my life.
1170366 tn?1263923079 ) Subutex is also available as a generic so you'll pay a fraction of the cost of a very expensive medication. Subs cost a lot. I've worked with sub users for a long time. My experience is that about 15% of suboxone users are adversely affected by the naloxone in the suboxone. It doesn't bother most people but if you're in that 15% group you'll notice almost immediately how much better you feel on the subutex.
401095 tn?1351395370 Hello Worried, In my opinion you have a right to be concerned. Opana is Oxymorphone and very similar to Morphine. It may or may not produce a euphoria for you. Morphine has never effected me in that manner. A medication web-site says, "Oxymorphone may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. Oxymorphone should never be given to another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction.
Avatar n tn If you are not in Pain Management you may want to ask your doctor to refer you to a good pain management doctor in your area. Extended released medications such as ER morphine, ER oxymorphone, CR (controlled release) oxycodone, ER transdermal fentanyl, and ER tramadol are the most commonly prescribed. I have listed the generic names for you. I found that this worked better for me as have others here and you don't have to worry about taking large amounts of acetomenophen everyday.
Avatar f tn I was switched from morphine to Opana (which is oxymorphone). Morphine and oxymorphone are totally different opioids. They aren't interrelated in any way. Oxymorphone is extremely potent and is 3 times as strong morphine when taken orally. I would like to know what your dose was of the oxymorphone was when you were taking it (or are you still taking Opana/oxymorphone?).
Avatar n tn Naprosyn Generic Name: Naproxen Drug Class: NSAID Rx Report: http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/naprosyn.htm Comment1: Used to treat headache, muscle ache, fever, menstrual cramps, backache, arthritis pain and inflammation. http://www.theacpa.org/documents/ACPA%20Meds%202007%20Final.pdf Comment 2: Also like other NSAIDs, naproxen can inhibit the excretion of sodium and lithium. Extreme care must be taken by those who use this drug along with lithium supplements.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking based on this you may be allergic to opium, which is why the true synthetics work best for you. Oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone are all semi-synthetic derivatives of opium. True synthetics are fentanyl, sufentanil, alfentanil, and methadone. Methadone is converted to hydromorphone in the liver. Dilaudid is hydromorphone, so that may be a good one for you. Hope this helps.
542867 tn?1214176229 Immodium, or generic, is a great tool to minimize diarrhea during that first week of w/d. Only use it for comfort as diarrhea is one of the body's way to detox.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I picked up the 15 mg generic Opana ER this afternoon. My doctor agreed to switch to taking two generic 15 mg Opana ER tablets during the day versus one 30 mg tablet once the brand tablets run out. Made sure I ate early enough to be able to take it @ 9 pm as you have to wait 2 hours after eating or take it 1 hour before eating as food releases more of the medication into your system (weird, usually it is opposite). As of right now, I am very comfortable.
Avatar m tn Meanwhile, my pharmacy started giving me the Global Pharmacies generic Opana ER 20 mg. I was in a lot of pain, so I did something new to me--I crushed a pill and snorted the pill. I felt more pain relief from snorting than from taking them orally. I understand the bioavailability is only 10% when taken orally, versus 30% to 40% intranasally.