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Avatar m tn I need answers!, i swallowed 56 x 10mg oxycontin, 56 x 20mg oxycontin, 84 x 30mg clonazepam, and roughly 60 x 30mg duloxetine, this was on aug 13th 2010.....i'm still here...wtf !....how can my body deal with such a high amount of drugs......my doc seems to think they stuck in my gullet and did not get absorbed........this is an insult to my intelligence !.......can you please provide answers please.
Avatar f tn * The urge to take more OxyContin than prescribed or for a non-medical purpose (see OxyContin Addiction) * Falling or unsteadiness * Unusual changes in mood or behavior * Severe constipation * Confusion * A slow heart rate (bradycardia) * Difficulty passing urine * Low blood pressure (hypotension) * Slow or irregular breathing * Severe drowsiness * Seizures * Signs of an allergic reaction, such as: o An unexplained rash o Hives o Itching o Swelling of the mouth or throat o Wheezi
Avatar n tn I take one 80 mg oxycontin in the morning around 7 am....and the other around 5 pm. Each time, I chew them up to get the full effect at once. I've been doing this for about three months. They started me off with 40 mgs. Point is, now I think I'm becoming tolerant. For me to even feel any of the effects, I have to have an empty or acid stomach. I've heard about a drug holiday, in which the patient stays off of these meds for a day or two..How long will it take for my tolerance to build back up?
Avatar m tn yeah I was looking for something stronger after smoking weed several times a day for a year it dose pretty much nothin now and when I got a bunch of free oxys about 90 at first.
Avatar n tn My wife is at the point where she is getting off Oxycontin soon. She is taking 120mg/day to contol her back pain and her back will be repaired shortly. My question, is it better to reduce the dosage quickly (say over 6 days) and endure the sterss of all the withdrawal symptoms and be back to normal sooner or to do a slow letdown and minimize the withdrawal symptoms? Also any estimates of how long the slow method could take?
Avatar n tn Hello - I've been using oxycontin recreationally for about a year. Let me preface this by saying that i've never used over 80mg (in any one sitting, anyways). usually, my routine would be to take half of it, and then over the course of the day i'd finsh it little by little. no surprise that the frequency of use has increased over the past year.
Avatar n tn I have been tapering my amount of Oxycontin for about a month now. I am down to 10mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM. My doctor had me taking them three times a day before. I really feel the difference with the twice a day dose. He is having me cut down 10mg every week. I was fine until this week. Does anyone have any advice for me? I can not stand the weekness in my legs already and I am not finished tapering. I am really afraid of cutting down to once a day on Tuesday.....help!
Avatar n tn As far as we know, she went off the oxycontin cold turkey after the overdose, but is not the same person anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated because no one knows what to do.
Avatar f tn Her respirations were only 6 per minute, though. She had been taken 80 mg OxyContin for pain every 8 hours for many months, and the last couple of days of her life, they increased the night dose to 160 mg, for a total daily dose of 320 mg. She also took 60 mg of Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Additionally, she was given 15 mg morphine sublingually the last two days at night. Her leg and abdomen were very swollen, she did not diurese the last 18 hours of her life.
Avatar m tn I don't mean to change the subject with this question, but you said he died from a massive heart attack from mixing heroin and alcohol. Can mixing alcohol and oxycontin give you a heart attack too? How does that happen because I always thought upper drugs gave you heart attacks because they speed up your heart.
Avatar f tn I was reading up the effects of crushing up the oxys and it read that doin so would or could result in an overdose.. i am in the process of tapering off... i was just woundering just for peice of mind what the dose would have to be to actually overdose... i am currently on 120mgs a day and dropping.. i am scared a night sometimes to fall asleep do to respitorie depression.. thanks any feedback would be appriciated.
880900 tn?1467273741 Are you taking oxycontin or oxycodone? If you are taking oxycontin, PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE PILLS INTO PIECES! I think it must be oxycontin you are taking, since oxycodone doesn't come in 20mg pills, it comes in 5, 15 and 30mg. Oxycontin and oxycodone are the same drug, but the oxycontin is the time-released version. If you break those pills, or even if the coating on one is chipped, it's dangerous to take them because you will overdose yourself.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the subject drug for nine months following multiple fractures resulting in class III trauma and a hosptial admission in critical condition. I am now in the midst of weaning myself off this drug. I have developed a full feeling - when I swallow - in the area just at the bottom of the thyroid. I have no trouble swallowing, I just experience the fullness.
Avatar n tn i guess i will go into my whole story some other time just in case it helps even 1 person, but for now, i need HELP! i was on 180mgs of oxycontin and 90 mgs of instant release (IR) oxycodone (the stuff in percocet w/o the tylenol) a day for legit pain from an excruciating disease. my very 1st WD symptom is not typical i guess. i get extreme, unbearable, intractable leg pain. and this began happening before i EVER tapered down the drugs.
Avatar m tn I have a friend that has spinal cancer and is on 10mg Oxycontin 8 times a day and 40mg morphine 6 times a day. Due to his illness I want to make sure that when I count his pills that he will not take to much. I would like to know if anyone knows what the fatal amount of 10mg Oxycontin would be fatal. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I have a question regarding my boyfriends addiction to oxycontin. He has used for 5 years, abused prescription and at one point he had taken about 40 oxys 20mg. I dont believe its that much on a daily basis but very high doses. He also crushes and snorts them. I have a question on the long term effects of this abuse. Everything I could find were vague. I am referring to other than withdrawl symptoms. He goes through being sick for about a week or two a month every month for years.
Avatar n tn My husband is currently in a detox/rehab facility for oxycontin abuse. My question is, that they are using Methadone to detox him, supposedly to "save" him from going thru the withdrawl symptoms. But, from everything I'm reading the methadone is just as hard to get off of, and some people end up on it for years........... Should they be using Methadone to detox him, and will he have to continue taking the Methadone once he is home?
Avatar n tn Was I having an overdose??? or was I just going through something that everybody goes through when they do too much cocaine? Couls I have died??? my EXTREME question... I am a 20 female in Miami, Florida.... I dont have a drug habit but i do tend to use cocaine about once a month and i always over do it... I am leaving into the Navy in October so I hope that will help me alot... if I use cocaine again and i feel my heart racing and etc.etc.etc....
Avatar f tn some would argue that as hydro is their doc...and oxycontin has no tyelonol///pers do...so oxycontin can be abused more easily..ie snorting and shooting...neither r a picnic to get off of...at 12 days u have a good bit of clean time...what were the reasons u quit 12 days ago??? they havent changed and it will take some time for ur brain to heal..u r possibly depressed and using to avoid the doomer feelings u r having...can u hang tight?
Avatar n tn I now take Oxycontin, 80mg every 7-8 hours. I am scheduled for hernia surgey in 3 days and am terrified that I will have terible withdrawl symptons from not taking the oxycontin. I am sure they will give me Demorol because I have had surgery in the past and Morphine made my heart race to dangerous levels and gave me no relief. The demerol had worked in the past but I wasnt on the oxycontin the last time I had surgery. My question is will I get the relief I need on the demerol?
Avatar n tn I have been taking a large amount of oxycontin for the past month. Everyday, I have been taking 320 mg of oxycontin, 3 times per day. I chew them up when I swallow them. I dont just swallow them whole; I chew them first. I know this is way more than I should be taking. Prior to this, I have been taking 80mg of percocet, once a day, for about 3 yrs.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Oxycontin for almost 2 years now.Before then,I was taking Vicodin regularly for 3 years. My dosage for Oxycontin started at 80 mg. per day to 320 mg. per day at the end. My wife started to share my medicine about a year ago.She did this to save our marriage. In the end, she was taking 80 mg. per day.I have been wanting to get off these medicines for the entire time I was taking them, but I was prescribed them from a doctor and he made it seem like it was ok.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 80mg of oxycontin for 5 months. How long will it take to get off the stuff?
Avatar f tn I'm choosing not to tell my family, not because I'm scared to get in trouble but because I know it will break their hearts to know I am addicted to drugs. I have lost a brother to a cocain overdose and don't want to put my family through something like that again. I need help, I need to know how to quit and become clean and STAY clean without going into rehab.. Somebody please help me , I need advise I want my future to be good.. I pray everyday but it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere .
Avatar m tn Hi, My mother passed away last year of a drug overdose after years of addiction. I have the same attributes. I have been taking oxycontin for disc bulg for the last month because of the worst chronic pain I have ever felt. I stoped taking the pills the day my back started feeling better. After weening for 3 days, I have been clean for about 3 or 4 , . My body is so weak, I can not sleep, and am so irrateable.
Avatar f tn I have lost a brother to a cocain overdose and don't want to put my family through something like that again. I need help, I need to know how to quit and become clean and STAY clean without going into rehab.. Somebody please help me , I need advise I want my future to be good.. I pray everyday but it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere . Please give me some advise on coming clean..
Avatar f tn He was really good about it was sorry I went through that and has referred me to a pain management clinic in Ottawa. I told him that I would never again take any oxycontin or any other drug that's supposed to help but winds up controlling your life and sucking your lifeforce. He was truly sorry that he had prescribed those to me. I'm still anxious, depressed, can't eat, can't sleep, but it will pass.
230262 tn?1316649534 The show is called Oxycontin Express. I just saw it today and wow its crazy. Its a documentary about the problem the state of Florida has. They say over 9 million oxy's are RX'd from Florida alone, and people make pilgrimages from all over the US to get their pills from these "pain clinics" that take cash only.
990354 tn?1307136486 I will say this, you may think that Oxycontin "cured" your depression, but it only exacerbates it, making it worse. Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain. Oxycontin gives you those happy chemicals to stave off your depression. However, with long-term Oxycontin use, your brain "gets used to" the Oxycontin supply of happy chemicals, and it starts producing less and less natural happy chemicals on its own.