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Avatar n tn I HIGHLY suggest imodium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and all the fluids you can take. As far as anxiety and depression, If you are not currently taking anything prescribed for that, 5HTP helps depression alot and L-theanine acts like a natural valium.\ If you use the search function here, I posted two posts regarding this one was called Amino Acids and Recovery and the other was Nutrition and withdrawals..
Avatar n tn I have been addicted to oxycodone and oxycontin for 2 years and i was taking (4) 40mg pills per day, and I stopped for 3 days and went threw pure hell and i had to start taking again, I now take 20mg at about 10 in the morning and i can go all the way to the next morning without feeling to bad but after about 30 hours without anything, I get anxiety pretty bad and then ill take 20mg again. If I just stop cold turkey right now do you know about how long the bad anxiety will last?
494087 tn?1257796807 I do take xanax for my anxiety, klonopin for my social anxiety, and something called geodon to help me sleep. I just have issues and things were getting better and I know that this is just a MINOR set back. Thanks yall for responding , your input really, really makes me feel like everything will be alright. Have a good night.
Avatar f tn a nightmare from hell. ithe sweating, the chills, the extreme anxiety, leg cramps and spasms, you feel like youre dying and just wish you could or just be completely kncked out for the entire week. and thats just the physical side to it, the mental is jsut as bad, cravings and anxiety, the malaise you feel, its terrible. I was on 2 80 mg lines snorted a day and that was barely enough tog et me by and stay high, and detoxing even with clonidine, lorazepam, immodium,.
Avatar n tn this past weekend i buried my sister in law murdered by her son, accidently but nephew is in jail for murder then my 20 year old daughters best friend od died at 19 on oxy ann a bad bag of heroin i am panicing so bad and i can't kick this powerful feeling and i am not taking oxy what do i do losing it bad please talk to me help me understand i am not a drug user i did not even know what this doc was giving me i am overpowered help make me understand what is happening and what to do
Avatar f tn I have been on Oxycontin for 2 years and am going to try quitting cold turkey. Anyone know the best way to quit cold turkey?? any suggestions will help greatly.
Avatar n tn I have been using narcotic painkillers off and on since about 12th grade. (I am now 22). I was clean from Feb 2005- August 2006. In the past 6 months I have been taking about 5-6 10mg percocets everyday. Within the past month I have been either doing that or snorting ATLEAST 1 80mg oxycontin a day. My friends finally found out about my "double life" and this gave me a strong incentive to quit. I havent touched any opiates in about 48 hours...
Avatar m tn Your Ativan and Alprazolam are benzodiazapenes and you should be careful when quitting them. Oxycontin and Percocets (Endocet) are both opiates and can definitely be quit cold turkey but you should probably taper of the Benzos....
Avatar m tn I got into it because I have severe anxiety and ocd, as well as depression and could not find a single medicine that made me feel "normal" except for opiates/opioids. Obviously self medicating with narcotic pain medicine isn't smart but I didn't care because I had so much mental pain and I just wanted to feel normal like most people my age (and I still do).
711290 tn?1231262504 I've been on oxycontin for about two years for pain. I've since had surgery and am coming off them now. I was doing 40mg 3 times a day. My Doctor told me to cut down gradually. So i'm doing 30mg for a week then 20mg for a week 10mg etc. I'm surprisingly still feeling a bit uncomfortable though. My main complaints would be lack of sleeping soundly or for 7-8 hours straight. I seem to sleep for 2-3 hours then i'm wide awake. Also I just feel like I can't fully relax.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if 1 oxycontin (80mg) that my BF gives me every day to assist in my wean will help me. I am having minimal WD signs but the physical pain for which I was initially prescribed 3 Dils (8mgs each) per day by the former doc comes roaring back every morning. I am no longer on the Dilaudids.
Avatar n tn Hi sorry to butt in on the thread, my name is amy and im addicted to oxycontin and other opiates. I'm 17 years old, I work at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor and if I don't have a oxy I don't go to work. I'm sick it I see pills all day long and knowing I can't have them makes it much more restless going so I think if I just don't go I just don't have to deal, RIGHT no not with me I have to pay rent every month work 8 hours a day,hide it from the love ones.
Avatar n tn check for oxycontin on the majority of drug screens..Go to this web site and you will see that drug test only look for by-products of morphine i.e. morphine,codine,and heroin..The site which is a gov't site put out by D.O.T. says that they do "NOT" test for synthetic opiates.Synthetic opiates i.e., hydrocodone(lorcet,vicodin),oxycodone( Tylox,Percodan,Percocet,and Oxycontin),hydromorphone(Dilaudid),Nubain,Stadol,Talwin,Darvocet,etc.. The web site is www.drugfreeworkplace.com..
Avatar m tn recently ive decided to quit for personal reasons, its my 2nd day off of them now and ive been experiencing pretty severe depression, anti socialness, tiredness, and anxiety. how long do u predict it will take for the depression and anxiety to go away based on the frequency and dosage of my abuse?
Avatar f tn i cant take it anyore i have tried to go ct and i have tried tapering but i cant seem to stop. my anxiety gets so bad and the rls and depression that i just go back so im thinking o f trying suboxene. i have heard good and bad things about this any suggestions?
765775 tn?1366028291 I have had (10) surgeries in the past 18 months and have to have number (11) this Wednesday. My doctors have me on Oxycontin 20 mg. and Percocet 5/325. Currently I take (1) Oxycontin 20 mg. a day and (1) 5/325 Percocet a day. This does not totally releive my pain but I don't want to increase my dosage. I have been on the Oxycontin since November, 2008. Prior to that the doctors had me on Vicodin 7.5/750 every 4 to 6 hours. This caused my liver enzymes to rise thus the switch to the Oxycontin.
Avatar n tn I wheened myself down to about a 12th or 15th of a suboxin a day and have gone cold turkey since (on my 4th day) how long will these withdrawl symtoms last? I couldn't sleep at all last night, hot and cold feelings and anxiety, but not as bad as cold turkey from o.c's.
Avatar m tn I've tried cold turkey before and it was just a bit much lol! The RLS and the aches, depression, anxiety, etc. got the upper hand and I was just hoping there was something I could do to make this process a big more bearable. If not, just have to smile an bear it I suppose.
Avatar n tn i cant get out of bed and im so depressed and have very high anxiety, i feel like hurting someone. im a single mom that works fulltime and she depends on me and im letting her down. she thinks im sick because im to ashamed to tell her the truth let alone anyone else. can anyone give me some advice please??
Avatar m tn Thank you Spider for your support, believe it or not but your kind words and experience passed down to me is making me feel better and calming my anxiety. Day 18 for you you say.. RIGHT ON!! keep your toes pointed forward and 1 foot in front of the other i'll be right behind you.
Avatar n tn so i was in shock after i got it filled to see oxycodone on the bottle,so i asked the doctor,thats not oxycontin is it?,and she said yes and not to worry.I was really floored after i told the dr. before i would never take that...Im really afraid and not sure what to do,im so afraid of oxycontin,ive seen what it could do to good non pill popping people,ive seen it ruin their lives,marraiges and jobs.But the doctor said its stronger than the norco and will help me more.
Avatar f tn You need to release those endorphines that will help with your anxiety, restlessness and depression. FORCE yourself to drink and eat as much as possible. It is much easier said than done. I am very much physically and emotionally exhausted. Don't give up, the pain WILL end! Stay strong and I will do the same.
Avatar n tn I am just starting my withdraw on oxycontin, and I have been reading alot on the internet about it and people have said it takes a month in some cases or longer, and its freaking me out, i was under the impression that it takes 72 hours tops for the drug to be out of your system. and my question is if it is 72 hours for the drug to be out of your system, doesn't that mean the withdraw is 72 hours? i thought when the drug was out of your system it is over.
Avatar f tn After his surgery, things were getting back to normal for him until his son jumped on his back and started pounding and kicking him. As we all know, you CANNOT touch a child least you get arrested for abuse. Now my husband is disabled to the point that he cannot work ever again. His doctor prescribed 10mg oxy, then 20, then 40 now he's taking 80mg 2x a day. I started "sneeking" his percs back in 2008. I was hooked instantly!
Avatar m tn Just for a lol, when I Went to the emergency room they actually tried to give me the OxyContin again so that I could go back to my doctor and taper off they were shocked when I told them no I had a whole bottle at home I was throwing it away and all I wanted was something to call my anxiety.
Avatar f tn My husband smoked pot for years, and when he quit he found out that he was covering up his nervousness, anxiety,and phobia problems. Having mental problems is not the end of the world. It's just getting use to a different way of living. He will still be your son. I pray for his speedy recovery. There is help.
Avatar m tn omg I never expected my knees to ache the way they did and the insomnia was unbearable. I decided to stay on them and taper myself. went into excel made a very detailed chart for myself and started to taper myself very slowly. I did this for a month with little to no success.
Avatar m tn My nose runs like crazy and my legs and lower back just ache. Is there something I can do to help this leg ache? I have 8 20mg pills left and many breakthrough pills left. Do I have enough pills left to ween myself off safely? I have a Heart condition with a replacement Aortic valve. The reason I started taking the pain meds was compartment syndrom in my hand from being layed on top of my hand in recovery from the valve replacement.
Avatar m tn never tried to stop or taper me down only the opposite. Within two years I was up to 360 30mg ocodone and 60 60 mg oxycontin a month not to mention soma and 3 xanax bars a day. I never filled the xanax or the soma due to the fact that I had already realized what a monster the pain meds had become (thank god). I had spoken to the dr. about quitting and he had suggested suboxone "maintenance". After reading about that and the hell people were going through that wasn't an option.