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Avatar n tn does anyone know the half-life of oxycontin.. just trying to figure out when the stuff actually left my body, in some vain attempt to figure out when im going to start feeling better ... no oxycontin for 11 days.. I think, from what i have read so far, half-life is the right terminology?
Avatar f tn The half-life of a drug is how long it takes for half of it to be eliminated from the bloodstream. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn what this means, is it works to cancel out the effects of narcotics, and is given to people who have overdosed on Narcotics It is used in combination with Bupronorphine, to lessen the possible high feeling from that drug, thus reducing its potential for abuse. Suboxone also has a shorter half life than Methadone, and is reported to be much easier to get off of than Methadone. For many people, Suboxone has been a viable option to detox off of opiates. I hope that this has been helpful!
539841 tn?1235398322 I have a standing order with a pain management dr that gives me oxycontin 40mgs 4 x per day for gout pain that comes from the kidney ailment among other things. I will not lie- I usually munch them up at the beggining of each day. makes me feel happy for about 5 to 6 hours. I know this is addict behaviour. I am an addict. I will not dare tell my dr this.
Avatar n tn As many of you already know I quit using Oxycontin Friday March 9th. Life has become much different during these past few weeks. I find myself sad and depressed one minute and on top of the world the next. I have been going to NA meetings on and off. I really havent had a good experience with the program. I call my sponcer and he doesn't return my calls. That hurts because I thought that NA was there to provide unconditional support. I get temted to use on a daily basis.
Avatar m tn It takes a lot of will power to taper and stick with it but if you do taper try to so it with something with a long half life, beat of luck to you need anything more specific feel free to ask me
2080475 tn?1332129791 decided to quit taking it on a monday felt fine all week untill sun when i went into serious withdrawl! so as far as half life im not sure? but you can bet i was back on it mon! so i guess it was in my system for 6 days after i stopped. p.s.
Avatar m tn you can google it...oxycontin er and half life.....
Avatar n tn You could also switch to Methadone. It is has a much longer half-life so there will be fewer ups and downs. And it's cheap ($0.15 per 10 mg). Most importantly go ask your doctor to help you get off the Oxycontin. Good luck...
Avatar f tn i just want to be normal again i dont want to have to depend of something to make me feel right i just want my life back. how long do they normally last?
Avatar n tn FYI, from what I gather the worst thing about Methadone is the fact that it hs such a long half-life (acts on your body for 24-36 hrs)...which apparently makes getting off of the stuff VERY hard. As far as him while on it, most addicts call it a miracle drug because it helps with the pain but produces none of the euphoric effects typically associated with opiates. Accordingly, it allows them to function as productive members of society and stay off the dope.
Avatar n tn Hey I know where Lutz is, you're right - it's very small. And of course I know where Tampa is. Do you think that most of us addicts are from Florida? haha We should do a survey!
4898964 tn?1381261499 After 40 days or so clean from a 400-600 mg a day habit of oxycontin I slipped up a couple of weeks ago for a good five day bender, then a few days later another 4 day binge. Not exactly fun right now, though it's not nearly a bad as it was getting clean a month and a half ago was at first. Still though, it feels like if I slipped back there again (and it wouldn't take long) I don't think I could deal with that pain right now.
Avatar m tn Hi again support people. Just a question for you., I am down to three oxy per day now and have been tapering quckly. Other than the runs and a bit of an upset stomach. I actually feel more alive than I have in months. Now as some of you know, I went from 20 a day to 3 over a two week period. I keep waiting for the bang. What would if be like if I went to 2, then 1 then zero in jsut 3 or 4 days. Even if I stuck at one for a long time. Would that make any difference to the discomfort.
Avatar n tn To reduce your doeage take it with grapefruit juice, which extends the half-life and enables the same effect with 1/2 the dose. Read some of the books by Dr. Thomas Szasz on "The Therapeutic State". Prosecuting oxycontin users is a high priority, unfortunately, and be careful always to use your own prescriptions kept in the original bottle and never take them on an airplane. It is not a good long-term pain killer.
Avatar m tn When I was about 15 I started snorting Oxycontin 40mg, 80 mg, etc. I had no idea of the side effects when you don't have them. I'm now 21 and I have quit all drugs and I rarely have a drink, but I cannot stop doing Oxycontin without having terrible withdrawals. I have been wanting to stop for years, but I CANT and it is driving me insane! Can anyone please help me or give me some information about certain things I can do to take away the pain? I really need help.
1639955 tn?1300578726 Hello everyone , i have drastically reduced my oxycontin two and a half weeks ago ive gone through the hard slog but i still feel totally shattered it comes and goes i feel dizzy sick ,,,does anyone know is this still the withdrawals or am i just sick ,,,when does it end ?
Avatar f tn im going through withdrawel right now and it ******* ***** but i half to quite is has been taking over me and my fiences life and i will tell you how bad it is they just took him to jail for traffing and i sittin at my moms sick as **** but i gaoon get over it sonn when it ends i will tell you guys really wanna know cause this if my third day and im worndering how much more longer it is gonna take before i fee normal again it has been 4 years sience i went 2 sober days i have either been talking
Avatar n tn If you decide to use it and then get off of it later, you will have intense withdrawals that will last longer than oxy withdrawals would last because of its long half life. Just be sure to do plenty of research. I'm sure someone else will come along and help you out more. It may be right for you but I just wanted to let you know that you will have big time withdrawals from it if you ever decide to quit taking it.
Avatar f tn I don't feel much pity for myself at all, however, I'm really scared that this is going to ruin my life. I live in a small town in Maryland and have HUGE dreams of moving to New York City to attend the college of my dreams to major in Journalism, but my lack of energy without the pills makes it very hard for me to want to do ANYTHING so I find it very hard to keep on track with my studies at the community college.
Avatar n tn then it will get better and better. And w.d from Oxy's, is not life threatening at all. I was taking 15-20 80's a day and I did it cold turkey. It was soooo hard, but it can be done. He will be fine, but he needs to seriously look into after care and meetings. He needs help to stay off the pills once he is done.... Good Luck..
244884 tn?1189759429 It WILL BE OK... this is possible.. it will be harder with your wife dragging her feet.. But it can be done if you want it.. I stopped taking vicodin and other assorted pain pills that I had been abusing for well over two years. Its been 52 days :).. I ended up going the Suboxone detox route outpatient since I was dragging my feet. That choice is not for everyone.. And its expensive.. If you can get some Immodium pills, some vitamin water, some B vitamin complex and some bananas.
Avatar m tn I tried these supplements (all OTC and available at stores) about day 4 and it really did make life more livable...by no means was I tip-toeing through the tulip garden, but it REALLY helped as I had no choice but to go to work through my wd phase. Do you have a support system? spouse, friend, family member that knows what you are going through and can help get these items for you? I know the thought of putting your shoes on is detrimental let alone driving and going shopping.
Avatar m tn I was a chronic user of both oxycontin and oxycodone. It was prescribed to me for a shoulder injury. I have never used illegally. My dr. never tried to stop or taper me down only the opposite. Within two years I was up to 360 30mg ocodone and 60 60 mg oxycontin a month not to mention soma and 3 xanax bars a day. I never filled the xanax or the soma due to the fact that I had already realized what a monster the pain meds had become (thank god). I had spoken to the dr.
233003 tn?1196163744 I went ct for almost 2 months and didnt even feel close to normal. Good luck you are headed for pure hell but if you make it your life will be so much better but you already know that.
Avatar f tn I got a friend that due to extreme and lasting pains has been on oxycontin for 8 years now.Recently,someone stole her pills.She is not due to have a refill in some time yet,and she knows for a fact that she will not have enough to last to her next refill. As her friend,i am very concerned with what this does to her as she is in poor health as it is.She wants to get of the oxycontin as she found another drug that has been proven to have a good degree of effect on patients such as herself.
Avatar n tn I have a sponsee that has been taking lots of oxycontin for years. He has gone to addictionologists and also heard elsewhere that if he goes cold turkey off of oxy then he could die. His transition plan is to take subutex but thinks he needs to take it for years to keep from dying. Obviously, with 18 years clean I have never taken the stuff and do not want to advise as if I were a doctor. I definitely dont want to be responsible for killing him. My question is, can you die from cold turkey?