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Avatar f tn Last time I stopped taking the pills I was also suffering from a bad hangover. I quit drinking a few years ago so that's not a problem. I wondered if last time going thru wd's were made that much worse from the hangover.
Avatar n tn hey people there has been a question/problem i'ld like some input on. can oxycodone cause loss of shortr term memory? i seem to be having problems remembering things in the recent (several months) that have happened to me or have been said to me. anyone else notice this?
Avatar m tn Hi so im trying to quit. No. im quitting oxycodone and was wondering is it best to taper down or go cold turkeye been addicted for 1 year and need to stop. I would usually take 3-4 oxys 15 mg a day and now decided to quit these. Just 3days ago I went from 3 oxycodone 15mg pills (45mg a day) to just 1 half of a 15mg ie. 7.5 mg a day now. The first day I went from 45 mg to just 7.5mg was hard. But then 2days later my body is now adjusting to only having 7.5 mgs now.
Avatar f tn Started on methadone in 94 for pain. I went cold turkey off 30 mg in 97 (a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy). Started again in 2000 after original injury required another half dz surgeries. Was @ 140 mg until 2011, when somehow I was able to taper to 40 mg in aprox 6 wks. Still have no idea how I accomplished that so quickly & painlessly. At that point my Dr. Said there was no reason for me to push myself any further & to stay @ 40.
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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm planning on doing a quick taper from 75 mg of oxycodone to 30mg a day. Do you think this is realistic?
Avatar f tn Percocet is one step ABOVE Vicodin on the painkiller strength scale. Ever hear people talk about oxy? Percocet is Oxycodone. If you had a problem with vicodin, percocet will just be a bigger problem. Id stay away. Good luck and congrats on all that clean time.. Keep going in the right direction. God bless.
Avatar n tn Norco is a hydrocodone and tylonol mix with less tylonol. I skipped the tylonol all together and take oxycodone and avinza. alot of people are ok with Lyrica which is non-narcotic.I recommend finding a pain managment specialist because they are familiar with the needs of those with cronic pain and can prescribe pain relievers in a sensible manner.
1365367 tn?1277927235 I was given a script of oxycodone 325mg and told to take 1-2 tablets and go to bed. I took the one and then 4 hrs later took another tablet. I woke at 8am with a headache that felt similar to a hangover from too much draft beer. I laid back down and got up at 10 am. I was instructed to call my neurologist and inform him of the need to go to Urgent Care.
794091 tn?1264989939 I've been on oxycodone for 2 years . 40 mlg. a day but, now i'm used to them . I've had spine damage and told i would be on them for life. The pain pills help my back . But not much good for fFibro .Should I ween down on pain meds. so they work again . I used to take them like the scrip says 10 mlg every 6 hour . But now I'm taking 15 mlg. at a time some times. and not taking them in the night so i never go over the 40 mlg.This seems to be a temporary fix .
Avatar f tn 5 mg of oxycodone. I am very familiar with the euphoria (feeling of well being/happiness) the oxycodone produces and trust me it doesn't last forever. Over time, your body will get used to the medication and the euphoria will be reduced or not occur at all. So don't get too focused on that effect. The side effect of euphoria is what makes percocet and the long acting form (oxycontin) so addicting. Chasing that effect will require you to take more and more of the medication.
Avatar f tn Today I took my last 15 mg oxycodone and I'm going cold turkey. I'm up to about 7 pills a day snorting for about 3 years. I have read the Thomas protocol and I'm prepared the best I can be. Does anyone think I will be ok by Monday to come to work. Last time I tried this I was recovering from a super bad hangover but I don't drink anymore so I'm hoping it will be a little better this time. Any suggestions will be helpful.
Avatar n tn I have now graduated to the major league, which basically means that I no longer take Lortab's and am on very high doses of morphine and oxycodone, about 300mg's total of both drugs. And the w/d's now are soooo bad, nothing like before, alot of physical stuff such as feeling like my skin is gonna come off of my body, feeling like I have a hangover really bad, constipation and diarrhea, cold sweats, shakiness among alot of other yucky feelings.........
557230 tn?1269433429 So....I'm still fine and still off oxycodone, but I drank quite a bit of alcohol last night. WTF. Maybe this was a good thing?? I took today off work. For several reasons....1 because I physically didnt feel great and 2 because I knew I needed to do some soul searching. I've been telling myself that I am not an alcoholic. That I don't drink every day...sometimes even go for a week without drinking. I've tried to give up drinking before because I felt I should...
Avatar m tn 2 weeks of pure hell, was prescribed oxycodone for pain for 5 yrs, 30mg aday. also stoped taking adderal for add and klonipine for anxiety. am I crazy to do this? am seeing internest and phscyetrist....sorry can't think straight...am so sick...weak....anxous and so so sad...crying all the time. have to force myself to eat. will I get better? whats the longest it could take? I am taking a ton of vitimins presribed by nutrisionalist....can any one give me any advise.please. am 62 feel like 100.
Avatar n tn I've tried Vicodin the past and for some reason the day after I took them I'd wake up with a hangover feeling, strange, isn't that? I am having a problem with Oxycodone. I am soooo scared of withdrawing from it! One time I quit taking them for 4 days and I had to get more! I got seriously depressed and had NO energy at all! Please let me know how you're doing with the taper, okay? Thanks!
611606 tn?1315521367 Yes I use a sleeping aid, but I dont use a morphine pump, I just use fentynal patches and oxycodone for pain, the sleeping medication my doctor gave me is Remeron, it works very well, its not an addictive sleeping aid and the bonus side effect is appetite so when your too nauseated or just dont want to eat, it aleviates that. The only problem is that Remeron makes me hungry at night, dont know why but thats the time i usually start getting an appetite.
232264 tn?1191252080 Recently I was prescribed Neurotin which does help me sleep but I feel like I have a hangover in the morning and my chest hurts worse so i've quit taking them after only 3. Good luck and may God be with you.
Avatar f tn I finished the bottle that was prescribed, and when they ran out, i would feel like I had a bad hangover, I told my mama that the tooth was still hurting and could I have one of her pain pills she had (m357's)..I took it and I felt like a brand new person. I loved the feeling, it helped me sleep better and it made my mood so much better. But i knew i had a problem when I started buying them off the streets. By 2010, i was chewing atleast 6 a day.
Avatar f tn Codeine is an opiate, although not as strong as others, it still can take a few weeks for our bodies to feel better. I took oxycodone for 8 years. For the first 5 days clean I couldn't even leave the house, and sleep was impossible. I personally turned a corner on day 16. Just hang in there and make sure you are drinking a TON of water. Your urine should be almost colorless and no odor (gross, sorry.
4939681 tn?1361302899 I've tried aleve, Advil, and Tramadol. Aleve and Advil were not strong enough. Tramadol gives me a "drunken" stupor feeling for a full 24 hours (even just 1/2 a dose). Oxycodone gives me horrible nausea (have to sit in fetal position for a couple of hours til it passes). Most recently my intern prescribed me low dose morphine ER. I also gave me horrible nausea and I was so weak that I had to lie still most of the day. Are there any other options that I could suggest to my doctor?
Avatar m tn And to male matters worse I have a headache that rivals a hangover+migraine that even my morphone, oxycodone and fioricet doesn't touch. I hope that you were able to figure out what was wrong. And for any readers out there I hope this was helpful to you. The pharmacist at my clinic today said that both the headavje and gas pains even to the extreme my head was hurting, were completely normal if not expected!! Good luck to all.
2126606 tn?1346348724 I can’t tell you the number of patients we receive for detoxification that were given a prescription for Vicodin for a minor pain, like a backache or tooth pain, which eventually led them to take a stronger opiate like oxycodone, creating a domino effect. It’s become a trend in this country for medical professionals to write prescriptions for hydrocodone drugs too quickly, which is creating an epidemic of these drugs being overprescribed to patients who often times don’t need them.
Avatar m tn It's been six weeks since I've taken any Morphine or Oxycodone. The Oxy's would barely touch me. I'd have to eat about 4 - 6 10 mg tablets to catch a buzz for just a short couple of hours. When my source went dry, I was lucky enough to land some Oxy's and consequently tapered down over the course of a week. I then landed some Methadone and took it for another week before going dry. Despite the Methadone, all of the opiate intake occurred six weeks ago.
401095 tn?1351395370 I dread the day I get a REAL bad hangover and have no percocet to ease the pain!...now the logical solution to that would be, don't get that drunk-right? Right!
Avatar n tn It’s also a legal definition of opiates + other illicit drugs that are not really narcotics, like LSD and Cannabis are classified legally (and incorrectly) as narcotics. percocet is oxycodone, oxycontin is time released oxycodone and comes in VERY strong doses, i believe it’s starts at 20mg and goes up to around or over 200mg. MS Contin is time released morphine (what the docs give me.) Good luck to all.
Avatar n tn So, for what it's worth, 5 HTP presents an over the counter alternative to SSRIs plus it will help you relax and sleep without causing a hangover. Food for thought, anyway. Good luck to you.
790969 tn?1301280277 I have a feeling the doctor here prescribed a sub-therapeutic dose of trazodone or amitrypyline -- both so-called antidepressants, but believe me, the trazodone will knock you on your *** -- expect a bit of a hangover in the a.m. They both hit you the first night you take them, and after that it's effects are milder. Trazodone's a good one for sleep -- 100-150mg right before you tuck yourself in -- and stays effective for a long time.
Avatar f tn Hay dude best thing is make a rule u r allergic to opiets u will die if u take them I have been off oxycodone 150mg every 3-4 hrs.