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Avatar f tn I just found out that I am pregnant and I am prescribed 30mg oxycodone for chronic pain. I am waiting for my consultation with my obgyn next week to see what the safest thing to do, however, Like others in this thread hav mentioned, withdrawls are worse for the baby as it can go into shock. I am just scared that taking my medication is harming the baby and that if I just stop I could possibly miscarry.
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to oxycodone for approx 1 year on and off, today I found out I am pregnant. We have determined I'm between 4-8 weeks along. I do not want to be on the drugs any longer and have no problem going through a few days of withdraw, so that I can have a healthy baby, but from what I have read, quitting cold turkey is bad, my question is, this early in the pregnancy is it ok to quit cold turkey? Please help me with what is best for my child.
Avatar f tn I have been taking oxycodone for a year now some prescribed some not. Whil I was taking up to 30-40 mg/day since finding out I am pregnant I have decreased my intake to about 10-15 mg/day. I am afraid everyday of what I am doing to my unborn child. I can't stop it is so hard. I have 2 other children and get so easily frustrated with them if I dont take any pills.I experience chills, nausea, restless legs. As horrible as it sounds its true that these pills are so easily addictive.
Avatar n tn As for the nausea when you stop taking the pills, you can ask your doctor for a script for phenergan. They do prescribe that to pregnant women for morning sickness anyway so it must be a safe med. and that's one of the meds I took to help me detox from Methadone - which is about the hardest c/t one can do.
Avatar m tn Hi, my GF had surgery on her foot like two months ago and was prescribed OXYCODONE 325 mg and she has been taking it as needed for pain. We just found out she is approximately a week pregnant on OCT. 14th. However, she stopped stopped taking the OXYCODONE 2 days prior, but she also took 3 vicodins for pain a couple days before. Will that affect the baby? She has been taking prenatals for about a week just incase she got pregnant and has not taken any pain meds since Oct 12th.
4887252 tn?1366511095 Idk about it when your pregnant,but just speaking for YOUR health in general, thats a very horrible drug hun,and very hard to get off of,sometimes doctors just preacribe things for money knowing the horrible effects it can have on ones life,and though it may help your back for now,in the long run theres alot more that its doing to your body. I suggest you dont take them and try to find an alternative.and im only saying this because i know from personal experience in my life.
Avatar n tn My daughter was taking Tramadol for chronic back pain when she became pregnant. Her OB took her off Tramadol and put her on Oxycodone. Now she is 7 months pregnant and is worried about her baby going through withdrawal when she is born. Does anyone have experience with pregancy and Oxycodone?
Avatar f tn I work in the social services area and we have a clinic specifically for women addicted during pregnancy. Look for something like ours, they exist in most cities. You will find a non judgemental approach to helping you get better and have a healthy child. Please remember this is a forum for support. Scary stories are not helpful to the OP. Every situation is different and there are a number of different things looked at and considered.
Avatar f tn I am now 18 weeks pregnant and i smoke about 4 blues a day.. oxycodone 30 mg.. i use to always be the person that said i would never do anything while pregnant that would harm my baby if i ever became pregnant but overtime ive caught myself doing this.everyday now. I smoke them off foil after theyve been crushed up. Please dont judge and just give me honest answers. What can happen to my baby since im using oxycodone.
220965 tn?1189759423 I know that doesn't sound like a lot compared to what a lot of people are on but the withdrawal is still unbearable for me anyway. I recently found out I am pregnant and have for the last week been trying to quit cold turkey and have been failing miserably. I feel like such a selfish, low life, piece of scum but my withdrawal symptoms are so intense I keep giving in within 24 hours.
Avatar f tn dcf may still get involved but at least you are doing the right thing for your baby and since i have had my son i have been clean and go to aa and na meetings and i have heard of many women that did get on the methadone while pregnant and they did not have their child taken away for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do in our situation.
1144050 tn?1261296210 Hi everyone!! I'm about 6 wks. pregnant and I'm taking 15 mg oxycodone 4 times a day for arthritis in my back and knees. I wanted to know on that amount everyday will it cause birth defects or harm to my baby in anyway??? I read on Safe Fetus.com that it just sucreets into your breast milk but that it has no adverse affects on the fetus is this true??? Any help would be appreciated, I'm a new mommy and I'm worried if I might be hurting my baby!! Thanks to all for your time and answers!!!
Avatar f tn I've been taking oxycodone 30 mg and I'm 9 weeks pregnant I've told my midwife and was referred to a clinic where I was told they would help me. When I got to the clinic I had high hopes that they would help me get off of the oxy the right way. The reason why I say the right was is because when I first found out I was pregnant I tried to just stop all at once and a nurse told me not to that I was at risk of a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm new to this site, so I don't know if I'm at the right place, but I'm looking for some advice on taking Oxycodone while 29 weeks pregnant. I woke up this past Thursday with sharp severe pain in my lower left abdomen right above my pelvic bone. The pain went away in 20 minutes, so I was nervous about the baby, but I felt movement, so I didn't overreact.
Avatar f tn I take at most 2 15 mg oxycodone a day n 1 or 1 1/2 mg of xanax a day. When im in hospital i take dalaudid 2mg for pain. Is my baby going to have bad withdrawls? I used to take like 50mg a day of oxycodone but havd gotten myself down to where im just not in pain. Im scared to stop taking it cause i dont wanna b in pain and im also scared of withdrawl.....
Avatar f tn Hello, I am currently 29 wks pregnant. I have been using oxycodone 30 mg once daily.
Avatar n tn Hi Good for you, i am 23 weeks pregnant and I am also on about 60-80mg a day of oxys. I have been trying to slowly come off the meds however the withdrawals are not safe for the baby. It is eating me up inside the guilt is horrible. My biggest concern is that my little girl is going to be addicted if I dont stop using before birth. I dont know what I am going to do to get off these pills I am so scared to put my baby throw this how do I come off the pills safely?
Avatar f tn I stopped taking all medications imediately when I thought I might be pregnant. I tried for the first three months without any meds. But the headaches were so bad I had to hit the hospital a couple of times. And the fibromyalsia made me so sore I could barely move and it is just getting worse every day. And I still have 4 months to go. My OB and my pain doctor have spoken and for the past month I have been back on the oxycodone for the pain.
5422256 tn?1367731914 I need advice. I just found out i was recently pregnant and im have been on oxycodone 15mg 4 times a day for the last 3 years due to severe back pain . I have fracture disk compressed disk and bulging disk. And i am also on Valium 10 mg 2 times day i stopped taking the Valium the second i found out. But my pain in my back is so bad its so hard to go with out the pain meds . But i did cut down from 4 times a day to 3 .
Avatar f tn It is generally as safe as oxycodone and very effective for pain control. I took it for 8 months and had a few respiratory and other problems and had to switch. The biggest issue with opiate pain management in pregnancy is dependence in the baby. Some doctors are more concerned than others about it. If there is a major dependence issue in the baby they can give him/her medicine after birth to help with withdrawls.
Avatar n tn The Doctor who gave this training did say that if a woman is taking hydrocodone (vicodin) during her pregnancy, that the baby will be born physically dependant, and will have to undergo uncomfortable withdrawals after birth. I don't know for sure if the same holds true for oxycodone, but I would assume that it does. But..definately check with your doctor, and best of luck to you..keep us posted!
Avatar n tn I also am prescribed 10mg of oxycodone every 4 hours< and i am 4 months pregnant! i have the very same worries and concerns. i have severe scoliosis with bulging discs. i suffer severe pain with my back & have since i had my first child five years ago. i thought i would be able to tolerate the pain for nine months but sadly that is not the case. i had my dr.
Avatar n tn I think stressing about it would do more damage than your drug history did!! They DO prescribe oxycodone to pregnant women, and I know a woman who was on it the entire pregnancy with no complications!! I am proud of you... do what you feel is right for you!
Avatar f tn Just found out I'm pregnant a week ago and I'm on oxycodone 60mg a day for chronic nerve pain. My pain management Dr said the only thing I can take is opiods and made me stop my muscle relaxors, prednisone and lidoderm patches. My OB would like me to stop for the first trimester as she said it could cause birth defects but my pain management Dr doesn't agree. She said my high blood pressure associated with my pain, the pain itself , anxiety and stress outweigh the risk of taking it.
175688 tn?1297560247 Hi. I was recently prescribed oxycodone for a severe back injury and I also just found out I am pregnant. I am 11 weeks along. Is Oxycodone one of the "safe" medications to take during pregnancy? I looked it up on the internet and saw that it is one of the Category B drugs to take during pregnancy, but I wanted to get your opinion on it also. I don't take them everyday. I usually am taking them between 1-3 a week at the most. I just don't want to take anything that would be bad.
Avatar f tn I've heard zoloft is one of the safest drugs to take during pregnancy so I wouldn't worry too much about that but I'm not sure about oxycodone, if you haven't discussed this with your Doctor then you should but don't stress out too much because stress can be just as bad for the baby as medications if not worse. You should research oxycodone and pregnancy and see what it brings up and maybe you should meet with a neonatologist as well.
8273219 tn?1397408434 I have been on pain medication mostly oxycodone or vicodin. Vicodin did nothing for my pain while oxycodone made it bearable. I was taking 4 to 6 oxys a day and it was working just fine, well as good as you can get with the medical conditions i have. I had the i.u.d. in and somehow we fell in the .1 percent of still getting pregnant.
Avatar m tn Yes, the hospital is for detoxing expecting women. It so sad to see her so scare and my daughter also scare of her losing the baby or the long term effects on the baby. Thanks for the reply!
1535595 tn?1317993633 I was on a pretty high dose too. Oxycodone 30mg every 4 hours for the first 6 months, then 15mg every 4 hours until i was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, then went down to percocet 10/325 for about a month then started cutting them in half. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my doctor put me on Norcos 10/325 which i would cut in half. I would take them about 4-5 times daily.