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Avatar n tn Sorry, I don't know anything about your edema issue. CDM, I feel a whole lot better being off the drugs for 10 weeks and my blood count is pretty much normal. I work out daily -- weights, speed bag, walking and some climbing. Some skin and gastro problems persist. As some others have stated recently (Snook and Willing I believe) I feel a lot older than before I started treating. Don't know how much of this is physical and how much is mental.
Avatar n tn Since the accident I've been taking 5mg oxyir cap (oxycodone). I took eight capsules per day during June, as well as two oxycontin tablets per day and since mid-July I've taken five capsules of 5 mg oxyir cap per day for pain. No skin graphs have been done on the wound. I clean the wound each day with dial anti-bacteria soap and dress the wound with 1% silver sulfadiazine cream. I've had no other complications related to my pregnancy.
536882 tn?1225516459 Within a month, I weaned down to 16mg (8mg, BID) and have been at that dose since then, only changing it to 16mg once a day as I continually forgot my afternoon dose. About 2-3 months into it, I started noticing marked ankle edema and mentioned it to my doctor in November. At my December appointment I showed him my 3-4+ pitting edema in my ankles/calves and he started me on 20mg Lasix daily (prn).
Avatar f tn I am nor sure I understand the question regarding the methadone and the oxycodone. is he prescribed both? is he in a methadone program and taking the oxycodone and benzos? It is very important for him to talk to his Doctor and tell him honestly what he has been taking and what dosage so the Doctor can help him ween off at a safe rate. it is not advisable to do this himself, he really needs the Doctor's assistance in tapering off these medications.
Avatar m tn From that point in time I was prescribed a daily dosage of oxycodone that averaged about 15 mg/day, a relatively low dosage. After finishing several weeks of physical therapy, I started my cold-turkey withdrawal 4 days ago - no more drug, period. So this is a very typical profile of a person who has had NO other addictions to any drugs and does not have any chronic pain problems that requires continual usage of oxycodone.
Avatar f tn For over 5 months I have experienced weight gain, headaches, sinus pressure, dry peeling sore swollen lips, and for over a month I have had dizziness added into those symptoms and also left ankle/foot edema. I had a CT of sinus and it was "ok", MRI of brain and "ok", Thyroid levels "ok", I did find out I am anemic (iron deficience) a month ago and am on iron supplements now for a over a month. Was treated for sinus infection, ear infection and still have symptoms.
Avatar m tn I had the same problem, taking oxycodone. I was taking over 100 mgs a day. I have since gotten it down to 60 mgs and the swelling went away. I'm now at 45 mgs. So it could be the high dose your on. It least it was for me. Sorry your going through this. But if you could lower your dose it might help. Look up edema and narcotics. There is a lot of info on this.
Avatar f tn I have diabetic nueropathy i take the highest dose of lyrica (gabbapentin didnt work) i also take oxycodone (60mg a day) and fentanyl (75mg patch every 3 days) and get very little relief. Im bed ridden and can barely stand 4 a few seconds. The burning, electricity crackles and bee stinging is so bad at times i wish i could chop my feet off. It began in the tips of my toes 3 yrs ago and has now spread up my shins and calves.
Avatar n tn The pain was so severe that it hurt more than when I did it, and more than 3 hours after it happened. Oxycodone isn't working at all. A friend gave me some Mexican narcotics - I took 2 pills in 2 days. They didn't work. The swelling immediately goes up to deform my foot when I try such a small amount of time to walk. I am now in the 9th week and haven't tried to walk (except for seconds to see if stabbing knife pain is still there). It is. I am giving up because I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn For the last 5 months or so i got hooked on about 180-200 mgs of short acting oxycodone{not Oxycontin} There is no Tylenol in it just straight Oxycodone and i have to take it every 6 hrs or i suffer withdrawals.I am tired and want to stop.These are the medications i have available to me at home. Clonidine 150 mcgs, Plenty of 10 mgs of methadose not methadone.
Avatar f tn I don't seem to have any problems with that on its own but when I add a breakthrough medicine, then I seem to run into trouble. The original breakthrough med was oxycodone, 10 mg., 1 to 2 pills every four hours. That seemed to give me fairly long hot flashes and was uncomfortable. I mentioned it to her, and she switched me to Morphine, 15 mg., 1 to 2 pills three times a day. Since we added that, I'm so tired. Way more tired than normal.
250701 tn?1320978365 I really encourage you to watch both of those symptoms as well as your cough. Watch for continued sign of infection, edema, hypertension, vascular problems, etc. Could it be possible that you may have a blood clot causing pain and swelling in your arm? Take care, and I hope you can get some relief today.
29837 tn?1414538248 you mentioned edema. Are you now off meds that would make you retain water, even if it was stuff to treat pain, etc? That, combined with your other changes could affect the weight, also. Also, could be, that you are eating more correctly - I am doing that and slowly but surely lcontinuing to lose - but in my case, that is a good thing!
Avatar m tn And when this happens, I get off of everything except for the oxycodone as needed, one of the anti-inflammatory pills, and one of the muscle relaxers, as well as some furosemide 40 (water pills) along with potassium20MEQ. Throughout all this I have excruciating pain between my hip and knee down my leg on the left side mostly. And both legs constantly fall asleep on me a lot.
600857 tn?1230061370 For example my physician hates oxycodone and Oxycontin even though they are frequently prescribed for CP suffers. She believes that Valium is an effective muscle relaxer when not abused and she prescribes it. I take it. So it is simply physician preference. Neurontin may be causing the "amped out" feeling that you are experiencing. In time your system should adjust to the increase.
Avatar n tn But since I am tolerant to my (presrcibed)oxycodone pain meds, I didn't know if the doctor should be giving me a higher dose of fentyl to handle the pain of the procedure or is this a mute point when it comes to fentyl?
268356 tn?1236006204 They gave me oxycodone to take every 4 hours and 800 mg motrin to take every 8 hours. I took 2 of the oxycodones that day and the motrin. The next day I took only the motrin and by Thursday I was down to one motrin and then Friday I switched to half motrin. I get achy sometimes, but just work through it and if it gets really bad take a half motrin. It usually takes the edge off enough. I am having one post-partum complication that I did not expect nor did I experience with my DD.
Avatar f tn New medicines in the past couple of months have been the Fentanyl, 75 mcg., and morphine 30 mg. They switched the morphine out post-op to oxycodone 30 to 45 mg every three hours. (I also take Cymbalta 30 mg. 2 x/day; Clonidine .1mg (which is being given for nerve pain but was originally used, years ago, for high blood pressure.) I take Ambien, 10 mg. as needed, though I try to stick with melatonin (though these nights sleep doesn't come very easily.) And I've been taking Ativan 1 mg.
Avatar f tn Hi Selma - I've had c/sections, actually. I had severe pitting edema when I was pregnant with the twins, and I think the increase in fluid had a lot to do with my onset of symptoms. I had a really frustrating day at the pain clinic today. I've been taking vicodin as needed (anywhere from 2-3 pills a day, depending on the day). Today the doctor refused to refill my Rx until I try Lyrica first for my nerve pain. Which - I'm fine trying Lyrica, but I still NEED something for daily pain.
Avatar n tn Splints for Carpal Tunnel seem to lessen the burning pain but the other symptoms, especially stiffness, are not affected by the splints. They make sleep difficult as well. Oxycodone helps but of course my doctor is reluctant to prescribe more than a few days worth. My Rheumatoid level(?) was high in blood test. Idon't understand the connections between Hep C and CTS, and RA. Is there a test for Cryoglobulinemia? Would cortisone injections help?
Avatar n tn This is one very good combanation as you get narcotic pain relife also the anti-inflammatory effects of Ibuprofen. For me,,,I have found that Roxicodone which is Oxycodone which is in percodin, with no other drugs in it, works well for me. Then if I need a anti-inflamatory I can take an OTC motrin with it.
167 tn?1374177417 Not to mention, they now know that my elevated liver enzymes, dangerously high BP, severe edema and neck pain WAS HELLP syndrome after I had Brody. I may not have HELLP, but they want me to go to Labor and Delivery to monitor me, my BP, baby and draw more blood. My drop in platelets is a concern. I hope it's nothing. I really, really do. I want a healthy, FULL TERM baby!
Avatar f tn I have had a ankle fusion and have severe edema and RSD. I am basically home bound. I work from home as my right foot is the worse of the 2 and driving only increases the pain. Just going grocery shopping and home will make my night pain untolerable. My husband has a muscle disease and many days we operate by which one of us is doing better. I am 50 yrs old and am afraid I will end up in a wheelchair. Both my ankles are giving out on me when I walk too much.
268356 tn?1236006204 They gave me oxycodone to take every 4 hours and 800 mg motrin to take every 8 hours. I took 2 of the oxycodones that day and the motrin. The next day I took only the motrin and by Thursday I was down to one motrin and then Friday I switched to half motrin. I get achy sometimes, but just work through it and if it gets really bad take a half motrin. It usually takes the edge off enough. I am having one post-partum complication that I did not expect nor did I experience with my DD.
1210403 tn?1277956686 My family practice doctor currently has me on meloxicam and soma and oxycodone. She thinks I have fibromyalgia, but I do not have the pain pressure points that would be normally be sensitive to touch. I have been to a Rheumatologist to rule out Rheumatoid Arthirtis and Lupus. I do have Ostero arthrtis, but it is not a issue to where I complain about it. I had a lumbar MRI to check on my pins and needles symptoms, etc.
Avatar n tn Hello, my name is Gary, I also have spots on my feet and until now I have not found anyone else who takes both pain medication (oxycodone) and neurontin, 3600mg daily. I have searched at length for reasons and until I read your letter I had found nothing which might have given an answer and maybe the reasons why. You and I both take pain meds and neurontin, could it be the mixture of the meds that may be causing our problems?
Avatar m tn I am constantly fatigued, but my testosterone level is only at 59.7, I had a bone density scan and it shows osteopenia. I take oxycodone, Nucynta, and morphine for the pain and yet I still get all of these feeling. I do not have bladder problems, but do have issues with some of the other areas down there.
1474625 tn?1371100679 I used neurontin for opiate withdrawals but it was by accident. I was prescribed vicodin and then oxycodone for back problems and sciatica. When I finally told my doctor that I was done with the pills he prescribed neurontin for nerve pain. I stopped the opiates and started the neurontin. It did take the edge off quite a bit. About the only symptoms I experienced was anxiety and the chills. I had a little lethargy but nothing compared to full blown withdrawals.
Avatar f tn c genotype 2 for decades and in the past year have had symptoms of cirrhosis. Extreme itching, fatigue, ascites, edema, nosebleeds etc. I don't have hx insurance but I went to a clinic that does trial studies for interferon and 2 new drugs shown to be very effective for tx hep. c. The Dr. will do a biopsy but feels that I probably have cirrhosis which will preclude me from the studies at their clinic. My question is, if I have cirrhosis can I get tx (elsewhere) for hep.