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Avatar f tn I also take Oxybutynin 5 mg or uniary incontience and occational Midrn for headaches. My weight has increased dramadicly over the past couple of years. I am 45 yrs old weight 190lbs and my height is 5'1. Doctor I am desperately wanting to drop atleast 50 lbs. Wellburtin seems to be working well as anti-depressant, however Lorazepam I'm not sure of. What diet pill can be taken together with Wellburtin to loose weight?
359574 tn?1328364024 I am a singer and it is not doing me any justice to be so dry. I was not as dry on Enablex as I am with this drug. Water isn't helping, so now I'm going to complain. I already sent an editorial to the paper about insurance companies practicing medicine. My urgency could be part of growing older or it could be the result of my MS. I am glad you say you can sing, but the more the days go by and I am on this drug, the more difficult it is for me to even want to sing.
Avatar n tn I think my ob did it to me during my hysterectomy there's not alot known about this yet, I have a friend that has had it for 10 years and the stuff is not working on her, but it has me and they are finding out more about this....
Avatar f tn Sometimes, I will sweat around my armpits when it is cold out. This is not enough to cause dripping sweat, but it is enough to darken the armpit-area of my clothes and feel moist to touch. It started when I was 17, but actually went away for a couple of years and I have noticed it coming back. I would not consider this excessive sweat, just inappropriate sweat. Using certain-dri has helped, but I would like to try and find a way to deal with this without things like that.
Avatar f tn 47 with out insurance for a month supply. i'm now on propantheline for $114.99 for a month supply but it's not working nearly as well as the robinul. this next month i'll be trying oxybutynin cost unknown but less than $699.47, so we shall see. also when i went off my father's insurance plan when i turned 23 i tried to apply for my own insurance and was denied by blue cross.
Avatar m tn i also had chest xrays an im currently taking oxybutynin 5mg to help but nothing seems to work. all im drinking is water a couple of glasses a day and i sometimes feel dizzy an sick, hot at night and cold in the mornings ?
Avatar n tn Sure, it could be psychological in nature but as you claimed, it started when you were only 6 years old. What could be that hang-up you were not able to overcome? I think it's about time that you see a urologist so that proper evaluation could be done to you. Good luck!
Avatar m tn 2- start to take an oral solution of 2 ml of CITICHOLINE morning at noon and evening, do not stop your treatment before 4 months. 3- take half tab Tolterodine or Oxybutynin each evening 1 hour before u fall asleep.
Avatar f tn I have never experienced incontinence and do not have a urinary tract infection. I went to a urologist a little while ago and they told me I was emptying my bladder all of the way but unfortunately that was the only test I really had done since I lost my health insurance. A few months later was diagnosed with a hypoactive thyroid and was put on synthroid but other than that I really have no other health issues.
198419 tn?1360245956 OK, I'll take the bait... Disease mgmt: Betaseron Symptom Mgmt: Baclofen for spasticity Diazepam for spasms/spasticity at night. Acetyl L-Carnitine for energy Omega 3 for myelin protection (good for other things, too) Cannibis (PRN) for spasms/spasticity ( I don't use much of this) Nuvigil: I have a sample of this from my Neuro. I save this for days I know are going to be long and active. A cane or DH's arm as needed.
1318483 tn?1318350782 2, the ones I mentioned above Some kind of muscle test that hurt like hell Eye tests but just standard kind with optometrist When my second Jeep was repoed, all of my medical records were in it and I was not able to get them back. I have gotten some by requests, but not all. I have started new file since moving to CA and working on collecting past/lost records.. I have a motorized scooter, which has been a GODSEND. But I can't take it anywhere yet. lol Just around the house.
Avatar n tn Oxybutynin 5mg and Detrol 2mg and see if this improves cogitative/other functions! The medication did not appear to be working anyhow. Schedule appointment to learn self-intermittent catheterization. We went to the urologist to learn catheterization. I questioned him about testing results. In particular, how could the bladder always be full? It was emptied dozen of times in the hospital and was always less than half full. He said, "I know".
Avatar f tn not that easy with 3 that close in age but they are also not babies any more either and can understand mom is not feeling well! I also found a natural herb that helped my pain issues, it is called Nerveblend Sp-14 by Solaray. Meadow brook carries it here in town, I just pain I think $7 for 100 capsules. This helps me rest etc. Discuss with your doctor any medication even herbal you try to make sure they do not interact with your other medications.
Avatar f tn I was very scared by the idea of having a pacemaker at such a young age. I am worried since I do not want to spend my whole life like this. Not only emberrasing but very annoying. I was thinking of going to see a family doctor. I am scarred to go to a doctor about this. Could this be a kidney issue? Anyone diagnosed with overactive bladder at my age? Has anyone actually had a pacemaker inserted?
Avatar f tn Well, they admitted me and ended up transferring to one of their other hospital promising me better care. What a crock!!! Not only did they send almost 30 miles from home but I didn’t get the best of care. I kept telling them my back and right leg hurt and they basically would only give me Tylenol or Advil which just pissed me off. I refused it. I mean I already know that it doesn’t work so why keep overworking my liver for nothing. Basically treated me like a drug addict.
Avatar n tn My nightime symptoms have gotten much better - I am able to sleep for longer periods of time I still have the feeling that I have not completely emptied my bladder - that feeling comes and goes. I do not feel I have overactive bladder because I do not go to the bathroom as much as the literature says, nor do I have any urgency or feelings that I can't make it to the bathroom. I do feel that the lack of vaginal estrogen may play a role.
Avatar n tn I'm not working much because of fatigue and pain, I also have hematuria, and am going to Mayo Clinic next month for complete work over. Tests and results include; Negative IVP except shows non functioning bladder Negative lumbar MRi except shows multiple levels of disk degeneration Negative Cat Scan Negative Brain MRI Negative Cystoscopy (SP) 3 yrs ago I understand that finding out what is causing these problems is important, and I do want to get to the bottom of this.
Avatar n tn Plus, all I hear or read about with menopause is hot flashes. It's not a flash. If I'm working, I'm wet with sweat. No at night though. I haven't noticed anything at night. The sweat actually rolls into my eyes and my hair drips. If the patient room is warm, that makes it worse! I feel like there is an inferno raging inside my body. I do cool down enough to stop sweating if I go sit in my office under the A/C and be still for at least 10 minutes. This has really slowed me down.
Avatar n tn you need 'intracellular measurements'-- not blood tests! -do not take magnesium supplements with calcium-- it interferes!
359574 tn?1328364024 an area of mild hyperintensity with very mild enhancement within cervical cord at C6-7 and a small area of hyperintensity within the right posterolateral aspect of the thecal sac at C4 level. These do not cause cord expansion and do not suggest a neoplastic process. This could represent a demyelinating process, or gliosis. No surrounding edema. Correlation with prior studies and short-term follow-up is suggested. October, 2008 first visit with a neurologist specializing in MS: Wow.
Avatar n tn The surgery was a success and I was sent home with 4 medications. Oxycodone, Ciprofloxacin, Docqlace, and Oxybutynin Chloride.Was not a fun few days after. I had a stent put in and have an appointment to have it removed on the 31st. I thankfully didn't need the pain medication after 5 days or so, so I stopped taking them but still took everything else. I started feeling more 'normal' and more so after no kidney or bladder pains while I'd urinate.
Avatar n tn My doctor did not have any answers for me, either, but did not think that I am going through early menopause. No tests have been done, though. I want to investigate the reason behind these premenstrual night sweats; I'm sick of them! A google search reveals only perimenopause or, as itwokemeup wrote, conditions such as HIV and TB!
147426 tn?1317269232 (Do not qualify under health system) None Time for first symptoms to diagnosis: 2 years How many neuros before diagnosis: 4
Avatar n tn So I started taking away his favorite toys and he would not get them back until he proved to me he would not pee in his pants again. It has been working so far and he just turned 5.