Oxybutynin how long does it take to work

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790669 tn?1465192699 So I finally got my internet back. Really bad lightening storm, phone lines under ground had to be replaced. Found out the ethernet port to my dsl box was fried. Got my new dsl box yesterday, hooked it all up and still the same thing. :S SO I grabbed the laptop and it worked fine and now it's also the ethernet port on my desk top, ugh!! lol So I've seen a 2nd urologists and he definitely comfirmed my Interstitual Cystitis..he was it was "moderate" stage.
359574 tn?1328364024 Both he and the ophth are certain the annie has nothing to do with my eye pain, so I’ll still need to try to find a medicine that will work on it, or some other cause or treatment. Since the annie isn’t involved, that is further reason not to treat it. The surgeon asked me more about my eye pain, and we talked about the meds I had tried. He wondered if my MS neuro was treating me for that that, and I told him it was the neuro-ophth. He is going to request her records.
690549 tn?1288886321 I have had a lot of trouble with Neurologists and poor care or little to no care and I just recently was seen by a Neuro that seems to want to take me seriously. He explained to me that since I have no "new" symptoms, it wouldn't make sense to him to start me on a disease modifying drug (DMD) unless I presented with "new" symptoms so here I am!
Avatar f tn My gyno-urologist gave me an antibiotic for inflamation, which worked for a while but I wasn't able to finish it (horrid side effects- stomach upset, nausia) so now I'm back to square one. Doctor wants me to do one of those 24 hour urine diaries. Hoping to find some relief soon.
198419 tn?1360245956 30 to keep moving. I take days off work to manage things I can't get to regularly. And, I try to delagate what I can't do - that's hard for me because I feel many things are "my job" as a Mom and Wife. I try to steer clear of environments where I'll be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons depending on how I'm feeling. I don't look down to avoid buzzing, and I try not to get ahead of myself among other things. Of course, I include a daily dose of you all each and everyday.
Avatar f tn I read up on it and it take about a month or two to get the full effect. So till it kicks in I’m screwed I guess because the doctors won’t give me anything for pain to tide me over till it kicks in. So that’s all my medicine. Not counting the stuff I am supposed to take on a daily basis. When I went into the hospital at end of September I was complaining of numbness in my limbs and head. They initially did a CT in the ER.
Avatar f tn It seemed to help a little and I didn't have to use the bathroom as often while I was on it. I'm not sure how much of this was the medicine and how much of it was me wishing for it to work. I couldn't finish all 14 days because of the havoc it was reeking on my digestive system. I'm going to have my urine tested again today since my symptoms got much worse over the weekend. I've had to get up 4x a night for two days now and am having mild burning lower back pain as well.
Avatar n tn I have determined I will not be controlled by this- I will find a way to combat it even if sweating is my life I will continue to live and work through it. The only part I hate is how weak it I feel if I move too quickly while hot- I feel like I could pass out, feel sick and get a headache. There has to be some medical reason. There are too many feeling the same way.
Avatar n tn I don't have any pain either just pressure and a need to go feeling, worse when i sit down or lay down on my side. There is no pain,no leaking and no feeling i won't make it to the bathroom. I have noticed a little less intense feelings without drinking coffee. I'm trying to narrow down what might irritate my bladder and cause some of this. My Dr said he would send me to a Urologist but they are expensive without insurance and IC can't always be seen in a scope unless it's severe or ulcered.
Avatar n tn good luck and i hope many people read my post-- i am reaching out and teeling you there IS hope out there-- you just need to know how to find it.
572651 tn?1333939396 I have the same problem. I have been diagnosed for about three years now,and this last year i have really paid attention (i'm sorry my grammar is terrible today, i'm having problems) i do feel like i have to go 100 times a day, but nothing. Sometimes i'm just sitting there on the toilet (sorry if it's too graphic!) and nothing happens! then, maybe a little bit, but i don't ever get that "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" relief feeling. It feels like my bladder is never fully empty.
298560 tn?1292280503 Rena - This entire article needs to be placed in the Health Pages! It is comprehensive and up-to-date! If you will load it, I will make sure that it gets put under the right topic in the Outline : LIVING WITH MS. Great Job!
147426 tn?1317269232 Onset of Symptoms Date of Dx Type of MS DMD? How many doctors and Neuros before diagnosis? How long to diagnosis once you told the doctor? Let's hear from you!
Avatar m tn The pain is worse then before my stone is removed. It brought to tears. What can I do to make it go away and how long does this last. This is worse than labor =( Please help and Ideas would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I have to over medicate myself to feel any relief.
Avatar n tn I can only imagine that it's normal and that we can do something about it. I take aloe, I seem to want to work out just before my menstrual cycle, I stay away from sugars, caffeine (chocolate too), and drink tons more water. When I follow this game plan, the sweats are no more than a slight fever sweat and only come once maybe twice.
Avatar n tn and my oldest was originally diagnosed with urinary tract reflux (urine travels up before coming down) and was perscribed medication, which at age 3, she hated. I stopped giving her the meds because she refused to take it, and just decided to deal with it on my own. Then I moved and took her to a new Dr. who found nothing to be wrong with her. I have trid absolutly everythint!
Avatar n tn says that it may take up to 6 months of treatment. It took me three treatments of 2 weeks each to overcome my yeast infection after taking lots of antibiotics. My doctor cultured for yeast and found nothing but Nystatin helped my alot.