Ovarian cysts no period symptoms

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Avatar n tn I hear that ovarian cysts have the same symptoms as pregnancy. Anyone have experience with them and can tell the difference?
600006 tn?1219855170 the utrasound came back showing that I did have some ovarian cysts. The Doctor told me that the cysts were normal and to not worry about anything unless I have pain. Now I know ovarian cysts are normal and that when you have your menstral cycle it washes them out, so I am not so much worried about having them, I am more concerned about the Doctor being an idiot... There has to be some kind of reason that I have not started my period.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever heard of someone having pain with ovarian cysts for 3 months? The pain hasn't gottin any better and im concerned there may be something wrong. My dr told me to wait 3 to 5 months and then come back to check on them. Doesn't that seem like too long to wait? One more ?
Avatar n tn Well my cyst is around 6cm and maybe tomorrow when I get my resulst of my sonogram it will be bigger. I had cysts since I was 18 but no surgery. At the begining the doc said it was just a folicular cyst (ovulation type of cyst) and gave me birth control pills and it worked for a period of time. Now I am 27 and the doc is kind of worry with my cyst because it's getting bigger and it kind of ruptures every months and then fills back, just like if it was a folicular cyst but it's getting bigger.
Avatar f tn Been having symptoms for a few months and hadn't gotten anywhere with dr's - they were thinking IBS when I have no symptoms of it. Abdominal ultrasound came back normal. I then pushed for a pelvic ultrasound and just had it done at the lab on Fri. They found a simple cyst on 1 ovary and a septated cyst on the other. I had a C-section 17 months ago and a history of endometriosis. I am 34. I read somewhere something about a c section possibly releasing any secluded endo into the abdomen.
Avatar f tn 13gemini72 is right, endometriosis can cause very heavy periods and bad cramping. Also, cysts, no matter the size can cause pain. It is a wonder how something so small can cause pain, but it can. I'm glad to see that you are going to see your gynecologist. I know 3 weeks seems like forever away (I will have surgery in about 3 weeks), but maybe you could call your pcp and just tell them what your medical record shows and ask them what they think.
Avatar f tn I have ovarian cysts which the doctor said arent too big, though I think they are 3 of them. I was wondering if it is common for such severe pain down my left leg? I cant even sleep. I am about to start my period, but havent yet. I'm such a worry wart I think about blood clots and fear the worst. Though I dont see any swelling or redness anywhere. I just cant believe how painful it is to sit, lay down, etc. So I guess I am just curious if cysts can cause extreme leg pain?
Avatar f tn I would say that you do have symptoms of an ovarian cyst, but those are also symptoms of other problems as well. I will be anxious to find out what the ultrasound says. I am sorry that you are feeling so badly!! I hope you get some relief soon.
604168 tn?1222541386 My Ca 125 test came back normal at that time and since then I have had normal periods and no other symptoms. Back in July I started having pain in my left side so they did several tests to rule out other organs such as the kidneys. Finally they did a pelvic ultrasound and found the fibroids and enlarged uterus. They are more concerned with the CA125, It is a elevated, she did not tell me the levels.
Avatar n tn Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you need medical attention. Do not ignore your symptoms. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn .Hi I'm 32 and was diganosed with ovarian cysts years ago, my problem is I've been really sick for @ 2 yrs and recently went to ER because I was so sick I couldn't move, that's where they found a 5-6 cm cysts growing. I switched Dr. last year because it just seemed that she wanted to put me on pills that didn't produce periods. I havn't had a period in 2 yrs and my symptoms are horrible.
Avatar n tn I would recommend to take her to an OBGYN int he area and do an ultrasound to get the location and dimension of the cysts. 99.5% of ovarian cysts are benign and simple cysts are much easier to deal with.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with ovarian cysts since 08-09.I was told I have chocolate cysts on my ovaries. I've tried the nuvaring as means to shrink the cysts and I was feeling better the only downside is I would continuously keep putting the nuvaring in and skipped periods. I've had pain on my right side, pain under my belly button, gas, bloated, constipation, back pain, heavy periods,tenderness near my c section cut and severe gas and gas pains can't have a bowel movement w/o a laxative.
Avatar f tn It's not an ideal situation but I want to do it right. My question is that I have two ovarian cysts (one on each side) as far as I know, one may have ruptured. But I've been experiencing some severe pain in the area where they are. Does this have to do with the baby? I don't want to go to the doctors and be all worried if it is nothing. Does any one know how cyst act during a first pregnancy or any pregnancy for that matter?
Avatar n tn Hey everyone. I have a feeling I have been getting ovarian cysts for the last few months because 2 weeks before AF until the time she comes I have a constant pain on the left side. This is my 4th month TTC. Has anybody been able to get pg when you had cysts on your ovaries? I'm not sure if cysts can affect the chances of conceiving or not! I went to the doctor to be treated for a UTI and explained this pain, implying it might be a cyst. He didn't seem concerned at all.
Avatar n tn My horomone levels are good. No menopause, or peri-menopause. No history of ovarian cancer. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 60. No other cancers in family. I have never had surgery (except laproscopy for fertility issues) and have enjoyed excellent health. I just had a mammogram, and it was fine.
Avatar f tn In other parts of the world where greater numbers of women breastfeed for longer periods of time, there is no increased number of cases of ovarian cysts. Lactational amenorrhea is the norm in many parts of the world, and some women go years without having a period as they are extended breastfeeding on demand. Please do not let this put you off breastfeeding your next child, as it has not caused this to happen.
Avatar f tn I never had any cysts and that is why all tests were negative. My pain started after my first period and no pain meds helped. By the time I was 15 I was told I had IBS after doing a colonoscopy and them finding nothing meanwhile I had a rectovaginal cyst growing which is related to Endo. I suffered for a long period of time. I would always keep the copies of her Ultrasound reports on hand as some doctors can't see the obvious signs of Endo.
Avatar n tn and cramping + very heavy periods. Repeat US but no cysts were seen. Then March '06 I had a very light period, 27 days later another one (normally 35 days apart), then 28 days later another light one lasting only 2 days. All began w/ a blood streaked discharge and then tissue like pink clots before true bleeding. Called dr. & they wanted to see me (my period was May 1&2 and I'm still having cramping feeling like I'm going to start again).
Avatar n tn The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.
Avatar n tn Ultrasound is showing clear cysts, no mass, 2 cysts on each ovary, this is the the first time I have missed my mentrual cycle. Some pain on my lower right side, back. I am advised now to see a dr. for my bowels... my symtons do not include fever, vomiting, diarrhea. I have constant tenderness in my ovary and naval area, a dull pinching sensation, constant dull ache, and feel full quickly when I eat...
Avatar n tn I also have no energy, low back pain with period and heavy clotting and a complete lack of sex drive. Has anyone else had these similar symptoms and diagnosis? Did you have surgury? Anything you can tell me... I feel a bit confused and nervous! Thanks so much for your help!!
Avatar n tn This was my second visit to E.R. since 07 and they told me I have ovarian cysts. This last time the E.R. Dr. also told me I have fibroids, which another E.R. Dr. told me approx 14 years ago when I had the same problem, however, the regular gyn Dr. says it's nothing. It's my understanding that 12 months straight of no periods IS menopause and you shouldn't be getting cysts, but the Dr. says it's o.k. they sometimes form, and even though the E.R.
Avatar f tn I now have had at least 4 ovarian cysts in the last year. In January I had one on each side, and I'm waiting to go in for an ultrasound in a few more weeks to see if they are still there, or if I'm currently experiencing symptoms for a new one, (I was feeling great in February). I also have a new Dr. cause my old dr just shrugged off my concerns, and this last time only told me I had one, and saying it was no big deal. I actually found out I had 2 and one was complex.
Avatar f tn After multiple tests (ultrasound, ct scan and MRI) I was told I have complex ovarian cysts 5×4 cm on both ovaries and pancreatic cyst that is over 1cm . I have 2 questions. 1. Since I very much refuse and will be refusing contraceptives , how else naturally can I cure ovarian cysts? 2. Can acidic taste in my mouth with coating on my tongue and lower back pain be due to pancreatic cyst?