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Avatar m tn My doctor says in our county drug addiction is up and all docs are switching to the Extended Release tablets. I tried the Opana ER and was very paranoid and it made me panic. He layed off awhile but now because insurance is forcing him, he is revisiting this again. I am on Opana 5 now. What does anyone think about Vicodin or percocet extended release. Has anyone had experience with the extended release side affects? Anyone else's doctor doing this?
Avatar m tn i was on around 130mg a day of oxycontin and i would sniff 20mg of oxy and a opana 40 and i would be on my ***..
1855076 tn?1337118903 I swim, do yoga, and walk and was going to the gym untill I took the Opana ER. and couldn't get out of bed and felt depressed and nauseaus and lost interest in everything. I hope that you spoke to your Dr. about coming off of it so they can hopefully adjust your break through meds. Sorry if I wrote a book as this is so very new and frustrating to me to feel so bad from something that was supposed to help me. I wish you the best of luck with coming of of it.
Avatar f tn Hi, ProdigalGirl. I've been on oxycodone for 4+years, and started on Opana ER about three months ago. I think it's the best of the ER medications I've been on since I started formal pain treatment about 4 1/2 years ago. Hope this helps. All the best.
172023 tn?1334675884 00 for 60 pills (WITH my insurance) so they put me on fentanyl and oxycodone, which is 20.00. Opana seemed to work ok, Steve is right, it doesn't make you feel sluggish, or like you've taken narcotics, but then again I feel that either does the fentanyl patch. I feel very normal when I'm on it, I just don't have any pain anywhere. I hope this anwer helps, I'd say try it if the price is reasonable and give it a shot. Let us know what you think of it.
541953 tn?1262589826 The Opana Er 20mg is goin to be a lower dose for you. Why didn't they give you 40mg or 30 mg. Seems like your goin to have to get them adjusted. I've been taking Opana er and Opana IR for 10+ years and it's the only medicine that helps me without the nasty side effects. Also ask about getting Koloanipin. That helps me with my nerve damage I have in both my legs, lower back, hips.
Avatar f tn I got my doc to switch me to oxycodone just to get off the Opana. It's been 5 weeks and I still feel horrid mentally. And in all honesty, it's not even very good at controlling pain. The oxy at a lower dose does better than Opana. At one point I was taking at least 60mg ER and more than that IR, usually snorted because it simply didn't control my pain. I also for a time was RX'D 120 10mg Norco a month too. That's a lot of drugs.
Avatar m tn Your doctor specifically said "Opana ER"??? That's a bit odd. Opana is just the brand-name for Oxymorphone, and the ER just means "extended release" (as opposed to the IR, "instant release"). A doctor telling you that you tested positive for Opana ER would be like telling someone that they tested positive for Norco 10/325. Drug screens/tests just aren't specific enough to determine brand-names of drugs, let alone whether it's the ER or IR version of the drug.
Avatar m tn had neck fusion and now severe back pain...I have been on Opana ER 10mg 3x for about 8 months and I want to escape...I realize I am addicted...my first question...is withdrawal harder if you have been on a drug a long time...or is it harder if you have been taking large doses?...and...do you suggest I taper or go "cold turkey"...I don't know if many of you realize how many "seniors" are on these powerful drugs...can anyone fill me in on what I am about to do and go through?.
Avatar n tn I went to a knew Dr yesterday & he put me on Opana ER 10mg 2x a day & Morphine Sulfate IR 15mg 3x a day for break thru as needed. I've been on Roxicodone 30mg 6x a day & Norflex 100mg 2x a day prior to this appt yesterday. From what I've read on here the Opana ER is a good pain reliever after it gets into your system in approx 4-5 days so I'm hoping that is true bc so far I've not had any relief but I'm gonna give it a few more days.
Avatar f tn my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days..
981443 tn?1250119402 Endo has been the major distributor of oxymorphone throughout the world and currently markets oxymorphone in the United States and elsewhere as Opana and Opana ER. Opana is available as 5 mg and 10 mg tablets; Opana ER, an extended-release form of oxymorphone, is available as tablets in strengths of 5 mg, 7½ mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, and 40 mg.
Avatar f tn and people I have talked to that are on the Opana they use the Opana IR for breakthrough with the Opana ER. Have you ever tried Oxycodone HCL (immediate release) 15mg, or 30mg tablets for breakthrough pain? I am on Morphine Sulfate and use the Oxycodone for breakthrough and it works well... until your body adapts to the oxycodone and you require an increase in the dose... that's my only hurdle with it.... good luck....
Avatar f tn I'm taking Opana ER 10 mg and it's not on the list of approved drugs for my new RX plan. Fentanyl patches weren't effective. What's a good substitute? oxymorphone is not listed but hydromorphone is.
Avatar m tn I am back on opana (and recently...for 4 days) oxycodone. I will be stabilizing on 20 to 25mg of opana per day (4-5 5mg pills per day - snorted). I have been down the detox road before. Did 2 stints in rapid detox 8 years ago. Was pill free until about 9 months ago and fell back in. I am deathly afraid of trying detox without being "knocked out" for 2 days and not having to deal with the pain.
1264863 tn?1391121793 My doctor is moving me from percacet and oxycodone to Opana ER. I don't know what it is or what to expect.
Avatar n tn I'm on Opana 5mg 2 of them 4 times a day and Opana ER 20mg 2 times a day. I was on Norco (vicodin) for a year before that. I really cant say i had withdrawals with the vicodin, being i am currently now going through withdrawals from the Opana and it is a million times worse!
725248 tn?1316165845 my dr just put me on opana ER 10mg 2x day and 2 lortab day for breakthru...before that was prescribed and taking 4 norco 10/325 daily and was not controlling the pain...i've been in this constant flar-up phase few weeks... i've only been on opana er for 2 days so i know it takes around 5 days to kick in and dr says this mg is a starting point for me and will move up some accordingly...i'm glad and surprised that my pain has subsided some...i assume more relief will come over the next few days...
Avatar m tn My workers company company was screwing me over do it took two and a half years of serious pain and suffering intil I could even bookeeping the first surgery. Anyway during the time I has rose up to 120 mg opana er daily, 60 mg oxycodone it daily, was well was baclofen and lyrica. I am now going theough the wean down process and even wirh a titrate those doses can be hell to get through. I am not even cold turkeying it and I am still feeling the W/D feelings from it.
Avatar m tn When I researched the opana er a lot of people said that the withdrawal symptoms were way worse than oxycodone withdrawal and since unfortunaly about 6 times per year I have to experiance those miserable feelings It's really got me worried about what I'd have to deal with withdrawing from those.
Avatar m tn 5 mg of oxymorphone Oxycodone is half as potent, mg for mg. So an 80mg Oxycontin would be roughly equal to a 40mg Opana ER A 20mg Opana ER would be like a 40mg dose of Oxycontin Converting instant release release oxycodone to Opana ER is different though. 15mg of oxycodone instant release would be, in terms of potency, roughly equivalent to 15mg of Opana ER.
Avatar f tn If I would have been left to my regular vicoprofen I don't think I would be having this issue right now. I am not an addictive person and I need it for pain but I tried the Opana ER and it worked fine at first so I contnued but started with depression and feeling negative which is the oposite of what my personality is and wanted to sleep etc.... So I went to my Dr.
Avatar n tn I've beeb using opana er and ir for over a year and I feel they are very effective without that crazy high feeling.
Avatar n tn yeah i take opana er 10mg 3x a day and my script without insurance is 250.00 for 90tabs and 40.00 with co pay and the doc gave me a discount card that knocks another 20.00 off so I pay 20.00 if it is refilled on the exact day it is supposed to be if not the opana card will not work!
29837 tn?1414538248 Long acting opioids include MS Contin, Kadian, Avinza (these are morphine based), Butrans patch (patch is worn for 7 days), Fentanyl patch (patch is worn for 48-72 hours - this is the long acting medication that I use and I find it extremely effective), Opana ER (oxymorphone), Exalgo (hydromorphone). I have also tried MS Contin and Opana ER. Fentanyl Transdermal has been the most effective and consistent pain medication for me compared to the others I have tried.
Avatar f tn Is the oxycodone Opana or Opana ER? If so that it what I am tapering off of, and I would like to connect with you. I will check back.
Avatar n tn hello my name is Derek, I am 19 years old and im extremely addicted to smoking oxycodone. I have been doing oxys for about 3 years,and have been smoking them for a little over a year now. this is probably one of the hardest things ive been trying to overcome for a while now but i just cant seem to kick the habit, i was wondering what has worked well for others.
Avatar f tn {ORIGINAL POST} Hello, I'm also taking Opana ER 30MG... 2x's daily, for severe degeneration of hip joints and disc disease OPANA ER, HASN'T SHOWN IN MY URINE, either!! I started pain management on Jan. of 2013. UP UNTIL, March 27th 2013, ALL NEGATIVE TESTS, for OPANA ER, except the OXYCODONE 30mg, my REFERRING DOCTOR PRESCRIBED, which was shown AS POSITIVE, the first urine test. I was reprimanded for TESTING NEGATIVE for Opana ER, on March 27th 2013!!!!!
Avatar n tn i am on 30 mg opana er and 5 mg opana. they are good, but they have been causing severe drowsiness so much that i have been nodding off at work, and have been asked to take a medical leave of absence. Now I dont know what to do they don't want me to come back till i'm drug free, but i have chronic back pain.. i cannot work w/out pain med..its too much pain to handle...right now im seeing about getting a spinal cord stimulator put in..
Avatar f tn I have never heard of it until just recently and am curious about it. I take Morphine 60mg ER three times a day and Oxycodone 15 mg IR every 6 hours for breakthrough pain. In the past, I have taken Dilaudid and wondered if Opana was similar to that in formulation? Also, it seems as though my meds are not as effective at controlling my pain as they were when I started taking them a year ago. Is it possible that I may already need a higher dosage?