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541953 tn?1262589826 Hi, Iknow it has been a few years since your post, i was wondering how you are doing on the Opana ER. I am switching from Opana 30 mg ER to Morphine 60 mg ER.The Opana gave me side effects, dizziness, being in withdrawl if I missed a dose, and it did not help my chronic pain.. I have tried many ER drugs and I am having a hard time finding many of them. Plus my breakthrough meds are also hard to find.
Avatar m tn 5 mg of oxymorphone Oxycodone is half as potent, mg for mg. So an 80mg Oxycontin would be roughly equal to a 40mg Opana ER A 20mg Opana ER would be like a 40mg dose of Oxycontin Converting instant release release oxycodone to Opana ER is different though. 15mg of oxycodone instant release would be, in terms of potency, roughly equivalent to 15mg of Opana ER.
Avatar n tn My dr took me off 30mg oxycodone ir and replaced it with 10mg opana ir, because my tolerance to oxycodone was too high. I have been on opana a few days now, and I am doinh pretty well (none of these meds completely relieve my back pain even after several surgeries) but I would say trust in your dr, and if what he is doing doesnt help, let him know as soon as you can.
Avatar m tn I have been searching for help stopping opana use I started seeing a pain management Dr since moving from the North East to Oconee county SC I have full insurance I am on SSDI but since moving here I have found the state is the worse when seeking help it's anti class 2 on everything including the medication I need for my main disability that med has never been a issue but since finding out my back pain is due to sciatica I started back up on oxymorphone/opana now my insurance took it off the lis
Avatar f tn OPANA ER works very differently than other pain drugs.I found it to be very good no side effects no 'high'. But they have removed it from the market for some really stupid reasons.
Avatar n tn i am on 30 mg opana er and 5 mg opana. they are good, but they have been causing severe drowsiness so much that i have been nodding off at work, and have been asked to take a medical leave of absence. Now I dont know what to do they don't want me to come back till i'm drug free, but i have chronic back pain.. i cannot work w/out pain med..its too much pain to handle...right now im seeing about getting a spinal cord stimulator put in..
Avatar f tn Personally, I think for most people tolerance builds a little bit faster on short-acting medications because the medication peaks rather quickly (30-60 mins vs. 2 hours for ER meds) and stays at the peak level for a very short amount of time (30 mins vs.
Avatar n tn 5 times a day*5 mg of oxycodone = 25 mg of oxycodone Next, convert oxycodone to equivalent dose of Opana ER = 25 mg/2 = 12.5 mg of Opana ER. Currently, the Opana ER dosage is 5 mg bid = 10 mg of Opana ER per day Thus, the new Opana ER dosage is less equivalent opioid medication than the oxycodone taken 5 times a day. This assumes 0% cross tolerance: 10 mg of Opana ER < 12.
Avatar f tn The 200 mcg/hr Fentanyl patch combined with any of these options (Oxycontin, Opana ER, MS Contin) would yield a total daily dose of 360 mg of oxycodone a day. This would be equal to your previous dose of Oxycontin before the switch to the Fentanyl patch. If you prefer less than 200 mcg/hr Fentanyl, your doctor could prescribe more medication in long acting pill form and less in transdermal patches.
Avatar f tn He went to the hospital and is ok- htank God. He was taking 10 mg oxycodone ER. Does that mean that he got 10 mg of oxycodone all at one time? Would that not be the same thing as taking two 5mg percs?
Avatar f tn So far no tolerance issues and I've been on this dose for almost a year. I don't think that there would be any harm in trying it vs oxycodone. Good luck in what ever you and your docs decide.
Avatar f tn , very strong analgesic, very addictive, mainly used for treatment for addition, but is becoming more an more common for chronic pain relief), then there is oxycontin(time release oxycodone) and ms contin(morphine time release), both of these have become major abuse problems in the us and worldwide, ppl find that after sucking the coating off and chopping the pill up you get all the oxycodone all at once giving a rush identical to heorin.
Avatar m tn Then I went to a pm doctor for the first time and he took me off the vicodin es 3 to 4 , 4 x a day and fentanyl patch,somas. He then put me on opana er...didn't work, oxycontin and percocet...i hate anything with oxycodone so i got off that. I went back on the fentanyl patch 75mcg and within almost 2 months i went up to 150mcg b/c my tolerance was so high. I detoxed cold turkey and it was the worst and most painful, scariest thing that ever happened to me.
1866508 tn?1333988213 I have recently been referred to a new pain management doc and he is in the process of adding/switching me over to Kadian for long-acting pain control vs. just the Norco I have been on....my question primarily is how long will it take for me to adjust to the change from short acting opiate to the extended release meds...
363110 tn?1340924019 MS Contin (Morphine ER), OxyContin, Nucynta ER, Opana ER, Fentanyl, BuTrans. I was on MS Contin for about a year before switching to Opana ER and before the MS Contin I was on short-acting opioids only. I have Percocet for break through pain, which isn't helping much anymore. I plan to talk with my doctor about a different breakthrough pain medicine as he only wants me to take a max of 3 per day which hasn't been very useful to me.
Avatar n tn i currently take 40 mg of oxycontin daily dispensed over 2-4 doses. i also take oxycodone 5 mg in 2-4 doses for breakthrough. this past week, i have more pain than usually, and therefore, i've taken some more oxycodone than i usually do, depleting my oxycodone supply. my question is, i have been given some samples of ultram and was wondering if, for a short time, i could utilize the ultram that i have for my breakthrough, just until i can replenish my traditional oxycodone for breakthrough.
Avatar n tn I took percocet for 6yrs I am now coming off of them as of 4 days ago. I ended up in the ER because they caused me so many problems. The doctor gave me meds. Does it get easier at this point they are always on my mind I am trying to look forward. I can't drink liquids. I don't even know if this makes sense at this point.
356518 tn?1322267242 I take anti-depressant for PTSD and for the fibromyalgia, I take lyrica, tramadol, supeudol, which is oxycodone. I've been reading for a few days and you guys have giving me hope.
Avatar m tn No need to apologize. I don't even understand myself! Thanks for everyones advice, the one thing I do know is Meth is NOT for me!! I am so glad I had all of you to help me or I probably would have just gone with what the dr said. I guess I just wish my dr would have listened when I first started telling him that I needed adjustments to my meds. I honestly believe I wouldn't have abused if my pain had been controled.
Avatar n tn hello all, iam 18 yrs old and last week i was diagnosed with bertolottis syndrome i have been fighting serious back pain four years now i also played south texas varsity football for three of those yrs (I know it was stupid but i promised the guys i would be there for them we have played together since 2nd grade) and now i spend my days taking opana er flexirell zanaflex and alot of norco iam in pain all of the time its never stops i have worked out 6 times a week every week for the last 7 yea
Avatar n tn Im really hoping that there is something that he can do. I hate the ER here they are a bunch of ***** too. Well most of them are. When I mention the fact the I have RSD alot of them look at me like I have 10 heads and say ummm whats that??? Im loosing my mind. the withdrawls that Im having are bad. But like I just wrote to you my pcp did give me something to help with the withdrawls it helps with part of it, but not the really bad pain that im in.
522415 tn?1242941355 Look, I am taking Opana ER, Percocet, and Lyrica for pain and that doesnt include all the other meds for all the other symptoms... It is alot and I dont take it lightly. I take it to try and survive this ****. Dont let the non-understanding people make you feel guilty or bad about taking the meds that YOU think you need. Nobody else is in your body but YOU!
Avatar n tn I assume that means 5mg of oxycodone but im not totaly sure and is there such thing as sustained release percocet if so im going to take those back.
Avatar f tn I have called our local hospital ER, and they said if he gets in a bad way, I can take him in there as they can't refuse anyone for un-ability to pay. I have heard you could have a heart attack or stroke, and or seizures. Can anyone help me with advice on what to do? I have heard the first 4-5 days is the worst. I plan to have gatoraide and lots of fresh water for dehydration and tons of prayers! As the day gets closer, the more afraid I am for him, and me, as well.
Avatar n tn My monthly pain meds include 15x100mg fentanyl + 60 Opana ER 40mg pills(these ar a little over twice the strength of "2" 80mg Oxycotin), 120 Percocets & mucsle relaxer. My Pain doc recently tested my test and it was 164. I am 32 years ol 6ft 3in tall, weigh 220 lbs, played college football, ^& am in decent shape considering I have just started excericising again after 10 years(VERY light exercise).