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317787 tn?1473362051 Krill oil is a source of certain types of Omega 3 oils. There are different ones. Fish oil contains two types, and flax seed oil and hemp seed oil, for example, supply some as well. Now, I have a personal objection to krill oil, which is, krill are being killed off to get this oil and they are the food supply for most of what lives in the ocean, especially the larger creatures. Krill are tiny crustaceans and so it takes millions and millions of them to make some oil.
Avatar m tn Regarding the quality of Omega-3 I am taking, I know that Consumer Reports did an evaluation of popular brands of Omega-3, but I've yet find that article. My Omega-3 was purchased at Sam's. Do any of the forum members have any info on this front?
Avatar m tn fish oil 870 mg. epa 240 mg dha 200 mg. is this stuff gonna work? is it safe? anyone have any experience with it? i called my pdoc to see what he has to say i'm waiting on him to call me back. all comments welcome....just trying for overall heath here also...but if i'd dent the anxiety even 10% that'd be ummm i guess "pretty damn cool" is the words!
Avatar f tn The most important for the heart is EFA, which is found in largest amounts in fish oil, but flax and hemp oil are also very high in omega 3 oils. But omega 3 oils don't do the same thing as statins. Statins lower LDL cholesterol, the bad kind, whereas omega 3 oils provide the good kind of cholesterol, HDL. If you raise HDL, that will be more preventive of future heart disease than lowering LDL unless you're LDL was sky high.
Avatar n tn The Future Benefits of Omega 3 Taking Omega 3 during pregnancy has also been proven to help you and your baby out in the long run. Recent studies were performed on infants who were exposed to adequate levels of Omega 3 while in the womb. These babies showed advanced attention spans and greater visual acuity than non-exposed children. Their development was also two months ahead of non-exposed children.
Avatar f tn I searched on google for any articles discussing omega 3s and arrythmias and found one that indicated Afib can be exacerbated with omega 3 fish oil but it wasn't as conclusive for PVC/PAC/SVT. I'm curious if anyone else with arrythmias are taking omega 3 oils and if they found any pattern in their episodes.
1717054 tn?1316716253 daily = Kirkland (Costco) Mature Multi Vitamins (one daily) = Kirkland Pure Alaska Omega-3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil = PharmaPure Nutritionals Concentrated Extract Milk Thistle 1000mg. daily = Spring Valley Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg 3 X weekly = Spring Valley High Potency Vitamin D-3 2000iu daily = Spring Valley Those are dosages and manufacturers brand...
Avatar f tn I have used Kirkland's enteric coated fish oil ( they have double omega 3) and liked them. I am glad they are ranked well, we take them as a family. I did NOT kinow they had soy in them ( saw it on label) and I did not know about vitamin E... what does that do?? Thanks again... Have a super holiday weekend all!
Avatar f tn If they are making you sick maybe up your fish consumption. I never took fish oil with any of my three pregnancies but I eat wild salmon at least once a week and either tilapia or cod once a week. May times I eat salmon more than once but buying wild fish gets expensive so we dont as much as we would like. But I wouldnt worry if you are taking fish oil about it being "prenatal" and I dont think the cod oil did anything to harm baby but if it is making you sick definitely switch.
Avatar m tn Finding a balance between the two is key, since one fights inflammation while the other tends to promote it. Wild Alaskan salmon is an omega-3 goldmine; just 3 ounces provide 1,253 mg of the stuff and just 114 mg of omega-6s. Farmed salmon has even more omega-3s, providing 1,705 mg in a 3-ounce serving. But feed makers save money by bulking up the fish’s food pellets with soy, which increases the ratio of omega-6 acids. As a result, farmed salmon has 1,900 mg of omega-6s.
Avatar n tn has anybody tried omega 3 fish oil supplements for adhd treatment? I just read about it online and was wondering if anyones tried daughter currently takes dexadrine but it just has too many side effects..she's 5 and can now fit back into her size 3 pants and they are too big. She used to wear a size 5. she's losing weight so we've requested numerous blood tests to be done..just looking for something else to try in the meantime..
Avatar n tn (My wife is also a nurse) I did some checking around and found out that RED YEAST RICE will lower Cholesterol and Omega-3 fish oil will lower Triglycerides. I bought some CHOLEST FACTORS and fish oil from our GNC store. I stopped taking the statins and started doing the more natural treatment. I was taking six capsules of Cholest factors a day and six 900 mg capsules of omega-3 fish oil a day.
1319721 tn?1276044568 Fish oil is made from large fish. These large fish have been known to be contaminated with mercury and other pollutants. We have been warned not to eat more than two fish a week. Krill oil has not been affected by pollution. It is pure and chemical free. Some people use the word “organic” when describing krill oil. ■Antioxidant: Perhaps the biggest difference between fish oil and krill oil is that krill oil contains an antioxidant and fish oil does not.
Avatar m tn Its fairly common for someone to feel nauseous when beginning to take fish oil/omega-3 supplements. Try taking the supplement in lower doses if taking more than 1 a day. Otherwise, try taking them with a meal. Your body will eventually (usually within a week or so) get used to the extra intake of the supplement, making the nausea subside. Avoid taking too much of the supplement, as high doses can raise the body's vitamin A & D levels too high.
213398 tn?1202674074 The scientist attribute the lack of Alzhiemers to the Tumeric. Flax Seed Oil (Omega 3) is GREAT for everyone....(I only use organic products) and try to get it in my food sources first ...fresh salmon, Flax seed...but also take an organic supplement. My doctor highly recomends it, but again I was taking it before I was Dx. I just started mixing Acai juice in my fruit drinks/ on ocassion(mainly because it is so expensive) never heard of any negative effects...again I am new to this one....
612551 tn?1450025775 Except for the usual benefits of fiber, powdered cellulose provides no nutritional value to a dog. Fish oil is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and (depending on the level of its purity) should be considered a healthy addition. From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items. But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to have much of an effect on the overall rating of this product.
862235 tn?1336063895 The only thing I have read about the type of salmon that is the most healthy -- and I believe it -- is to eat wild salmon and not farmed salmon. Farmed salmon are raised on a grain-based diet, and as a result, their bodies don't contain the high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that plankton-eating wild salmon do. In addition, farmed salmon flesh has been found to contain unhealthy levels of toxic PCBs. So eat wild-caught salmon.
1741471 tn?1407162630 EASTER RECIPE-SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN Why is this recipe a SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN RECIPE? SALMON Salmon is packed with DHA, one of the types of omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy brain function. Researchers at Tufts University found that people with the highest blood levels of DHA cut their risk of developing dementia in half. EGGS Egg yolks contain choline, a nutrient that is important for memory.
1530342 tn?1405020090 To cover your bases, especially if you don't eat fish, you might choose to take a fish oil or other omega-3 supplement. Fish oil supplements provide EPA and DHA and are virtually free of methylmercury. (Supplement manufacturers use fish that are lower on the food chain and may also distill the oil to remove contaminants.) Steer clear of fish oil supplements made from cod liver oil, however.
Avatar m tn For comparison, a serving of salmon contains 2 or 3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids while a serving of mahi mahi delivers only .24 grams. Mahimahi is a sustainable seafood option. It’s considered an ocean-friendly choice because it is a very fast growing fish and the methods used to catch mahi mahi don’t damage the habitat of other fish. Always look for US caught mahi mahimahi. look for fish with a pinkish flesh and bright skin.
Avatar m tn I'm a former commercial salmon fisherman, and suggest instead of investing in very expensive fish oil tablets, why not simply mix in fresh troll caught salmon ocean salmon a couple times a week or more? So many fish oils use farmed fish for their product, which is contaminated simply because of the product used. I've caught and cleaned literally tons of ocean salmon, and the difference between the Atlantic Salmon (always farmed) and Chilean Salmon (usually farmed) is amazing.
Avatar n tn Foods like fish and walnuts or almonds contain essential fatty acids that lubricate. Unless you eat fatty fish like salmon or sardines on most days, you're not getting enough omega-3 fats-or their anti-inflammatory benefits. You want to get two specific omega-3s in particular: EPA and DHA. The best source for both is fish oil. Aim for 1,000-3,000 mg total DHA and EPA. That's three to nine capsules a day of most brands. Take 1,500 mg of glucosamine sulfate and 1,200 mg of chondroitin a day.
671251 tn?1236120271 I checked out some library books about childbirth. I got one book about diet called Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. It says that Omega 3 fatty acids are "brain building fats" for the baby's developing brain. It's especially important to eat a lot during the last three months of pregnancy when the brain grows so much. It's also good for the baby's nerves and eyes. Eggs and certain kinds of fish are good sources. I bought some canned salmon which is an excellent source.
Avatar m tn 1%) in participants who consumedat least 250mg per day of omega-3 oil compared to participants who consumed less than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oil (P<0.0001) (4). Sudden cardiac death was defined as death within 5 minutes to 1 hour of symptom onset. There was no significant difference in the risk of a non-fatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) between participants who consumed equal to or greater than 250 mg per day of omega-3 oils and those who consumed less than 250 mg per day.
Avatar f tn The Future Benefits of Omega 3 Taking Omega 3 during pregnancy has also been proven to help you and your baby out in the long run. Recent studies were performed on infants who were exposed to adequate levels of Omega 3 while in the womb. These babies showed advanced attention spans and greater visual acuity than non-exposed children. Their development was also two months ahead of non-exposed children.
1174225 tn?1269632321 Foods enriched with plant sterols, such as some margarine spreads, yogurts, and other foods, can also help lower LDL cholesterol A heart-healthy diet has fish on the menu. Fish is low in saturated fat and high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help lower levels of trigylcerides, a type of fat in the blood. They may also help lower cholesterol, slowing the growth of plaque in arteries.
1741471 tn?1407162630 Pumpkin seed oil is one of the top three nutritional oils and research shows how this nutrients especially (Omega 3 and omega 6) are required for healthy brain/body functioning. Exercise in Thanksgiving: Try this exercise And last but not least lets not forget to add some exercise for boost your brain and body. Try this Super Body, Super Brain exercise from BodySmart magazine Close your eyes to train balance and biceps with one move A challenging move to train your body and your mind!.
1765695 tn?1313673183 Just try to watch your Omega 6 consumption! Omega 6 is in just about everything read your labels. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are two important essential fatty acids (EFA). Essential fatty acids are so-called for two reasons. They are essential to life and health. You and I must have them. But our bodies cannot manufacture them. the importance of essential fatty acids in general and omega-3 and omega-6 in particular.