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Avatar m tn Treatment leaves most folks nutritional depleted with high oxidative stress. Glutathione, Vitamins A, C, E and selenium are all depleted. The treatment induces a pro-inflammatory state, and shifting back to an anti-inflammatory state is, in my opinion, of value, along with anti-fibrotic measures for the liver. Many of these items will accelerate brain recovery, one of the organs most profoundly affected by interferon.
Avatar f tn Physically, I am healthy, but lately I'm finding my life devoid of meaning, am constantly forgetting things, say and do things to others that I immediately regret and in general can't seem to function or plan for the future. In class I've stopped paying attention and barely care about things like the quiz that I recently failed (if I did, it would be because someone else got upset over failing a quiz).
535822 tn?1443980380 A series of guides currently posted on the USDA website promotes local offices of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- or SNAP, but commonly referred to as food stamps -- to entice eligible seniors to enroll in the welfare program. The promotional campaign has cost between $2.5 million and $3 million. “Throw a Great Party. Host social events where people mix and mingle,” the pamphlet encourages in one of the guides.
Avatar n tn Suggestions for prevention are more general and fall into categories of maintaining good nutrition, regular exercise, avoid infections, avoid tight clothing, avoid heavy lifting with the affected arm, keeping the skin meticulously clean, getting your blood pressure checked on the unaffected arm (non surgical side), avoid blood draws on the surgical side if possible, and notify your doctor of any signs of infection.
167 tn?1374177417 I just took a breastfeeding quiz and I got one of the answers wrong about Vitamin D. It stated that formula has Vitamin D added but that breastfed babies need to be given Vitamin D because breastmilk doesn't have Vitamin D. Do any of you breastfeeding mommies give your babies Vitamin D? I've never been told to do this.
Avatar f tn Try NOT to go down a road of just trying this drug, then that drug, then herbal remedies, then nutrition, then get the idea. Go right at it, with therapy and supportive meds as prescribed by your shrink. Interesting you should mention a symptom list. Scope out my journal about symptoms ("Could it be") and others that may seem relevant. Read them carefully, because there will be a quiz tomorrow morning. I know where you're coming from, we ALL know where you're coming from.
Avatar m tn I then went on to quiz her about the 6-week testing procedure that Doc HHH recommends, and she completely agreed with it. When asked about the 3-month window, she ducked the question, but hinted that it was a CYA thing on the behalf of the CDC. So hopefully that'll give some hope to people out there. 6 weeks is considered pretty solid by many experts, but I guess the 3-month conclusive really isn't going anywhere soon.
Avatar m tn Your advice about nutrition and diarrhea make perfect since. I will follow your advice. I know in my heart I will not fail. I really feel lucky to be alive and look forward to get my life back in order free from addiction. Your response meens a lot to me.
5054005 tn?1362926151 No liquids 15 minutes before or 1 � hours after meals. REASSURANCE OF ADEQUATE NUTRITION By taking vitamins everyday, the patient has no reason to worry about getting enough nutrition. Focus should be on proteins and vegetables at each meal. MEAL SKIPPING Regardless of lack of hunger, patient should eat three meals a day. In the beginning, one half or more of each meal should be protein, until the patient can eat at least two oz of protein at each meal.
Avatar m tn Esp people who may of had poor nutrition as children, etc. Gum disease is one of the most common illnesses in this country. It sucks. Make sure you get your teeth work done as teeth health is also an indicator of other health.
125112 tn?1217277462 There's plenty I think here but will cut it short. I went to and took their thyroid quiz (both hper/hypo) and answered yes to many of the questions. My new doctor (without my prompt)definitely thought it was thyroid. Yet TSH came back as 2.1 I have yet to set another appointment with my doctor. He wants me back in to review my recent menstrual history. I wanted to try to organize everything, on paper and hand him my file.
Avatar n tn Get your weight down - Keep your weight down Get proper sleep (check for apnea if you think this may be a problem). Proper nutrition - lots of fruits and veggies. - DO Not overeat ! - probiotics Manage Stress - yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, exercise Check for Hiatal Hernia PH of your body - get it checked and it needs to be alkaline, NOT acidic. Lots of water, with a PH higher than 7.