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5235065 tn?1369072032 I have found if i nibble on candy all day it keeps the sick feeling to a minimum. I eat hot tamales or sour candies all day. I hope you feel better soon!
Avatar m tn Hi my 7 week old kitten had a fight with our dog last night he was bleeding from the nose and mouth he is breathing ok but a little congested. His left side of his face is swollen. He is sleeping alot and I have been trying to give him milk and water with a spoon. The vets are closed as it is the weekend is there anything I can do and will he be ok?
Avatar f tn ve tried feeding him wet food, fried egg, plain rice, rice with chicken, hell I even tried a hot dog just to tempt his appetite (he loves hot dogs) but he wouldn't even eat that. I don't want to lose my baby!
1916673 tn?1420233270 I hope some of you find these ideas useful in the battle to get your dog to eat. If your dog is eating a manufactured renal diet without problems, I would stick with it, and then use home cooking if and when he/she starts refusing their regular food. As always, smaller meals every 2-4 hours is better than one or two large meals per day. http://www.infobarrel.
Avatar f tn Hot dogs have nitrates in them! When I was pregnant with my second if I smelled or touched a hot dog I would vomit!
7763229 tn?1396626895 Im eating a corndog right now :-)
Avatar f tn The bed he does have now is kind of nylon material- i was going to head to the store this afternoon for a new bed. His dog food is almost out so I will try a grain free dog food and see how that does. I wish these things will help right away but i know it will take some time to notice what is and what is not working.
Avatar n tn Are you looking for general nutrition info or does your shepherd have a medical issue? You might contact the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for specific dietary needs for Shepherds. Don't forget your vet as a resource either. There are many excellent commercial foods available nowadays - I'm partial to Royal Canin - so don't reject them out of hand simply because they are mass produced.
Avatar n tn Change your dogs diet. Standard store bought dog food is extremely allergenic and has little quality nutrition. Get an organic brand with no corn, wheat or soy. You can use alo vera gel on the hot spots. Other things to try are dabbing the affected area with green tea or MSM liquid drops. Also give your dog a couple standard fish oil capsules. Avoid any vaccinations until the problems clear. Also avoid chemically based flea and tick products!! Never use them...
Avatar f tn More than likely, he/she will frown on the steroids your dog is on...However, starting with proper nutrition, this Vet will get your dog in a state of health, that the steroids can be weaned off for good! If you decide to find one, be sure & take copies of all your dog's test results, including blood panels.....This will save you the money of having to do it again.....You can get copies of your records from your Vet if you do not already have them....
Avatar m tn s scratching, rubbing, or licking, which may lead to “hot spots” (areas of oozing, dry or inflamed skin), as well as secondary infections. Finding out what is causing the itch, and resolving that cause, is essential to your pet’s quality of life.
Avatar n tn My dog has ear issues too. So I went to the health food store.. Nutrition Smart, and asked them what I could do for my dogs ear infection. I think my dog has allergies and his ears hurt...but his ears are fairly clean all of the time. There was a lady customer who heard me asking the clerk about ear infections. So in lieu of hearing me,, she said I use Oregano oil for my ear she explained how to use it. Let me say that this works! Take a coffee mug..
Avatar f tn Now when we bring working dogs into a domestic environment, we have to be aware we have NOT got a sweet little lap-dog there. We have a dog that is genetically-programmed to work. That is -in ordinary terms -we have a dog with a great need to express its energy on a daily basis. That young dog of yours needs two things: Some way to burn off and enjoy that tremendous energy, and.....structure and discipline.
2139403 tn?1339437937 Is it safe to eat a hot dog if its been cooked by boiling water? It kills any possible bacteria so...
Avatar m tn There are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in meat that cannot be found in other food sources that your dog will eat. You can purchase a good, dry kibble for him, like Iams or Science Diet, that will provide all he needs, plus taste good to him. Yes, meat is included, as it must be for dogs. In the meantime, you can take a turkey-baster full of water, and dribble it into the back corner of his mouth, allowing for him to swallow. And make appt with your vet - your dog needs this.
Avatar n tn Last week she developed a hot spot on her cheek. I shaved the area, cleaned and disinfected, and treated with apple cider vinegar to dry it out. It has stopped oozing, and has scabbed over, and appears to be healing fine. Here's the Q: Does the same bacteria from the ear infections cause this? Do you think they are related? Oddly enough, the hot spot appeared under the cleaner of her two ears. Thanks!
Avatar f tn When I realized he was mad I just smiled and walked away lol if I had laughed in his face it would've made it worse XD and made,me laugh harder.
Avatar f tn Something you have to keep in mind when buying dog food is that even though the premium brands are sometimes a lot more expensive than the grocery store brands, you need to feed a lot less of them in order for your dog to get the correct nutrition. So while the initial outlay for the bag might be quite a bit more, the bag will last quite a bit longer, making things pretty much even out in the end.
Avatar f tn APPLE CRUNCH (same thing, but with a grated-up apple instead) CHEESY CRUNCH (same ingredients, but add some grated cheese) Much much better than commercially-bought dog treats. (no nasty ingredients in these)My dog loves these. A thing about oatmeal is it has good longlasting carbohydrate which is good for energy levels.
Avatar f tn They both fall into a category of very low quality w/ little nutrition......Bottom line, you get what you pay for and your dog will eventually suffer because of it! Karla
Avatar n tn my dog has stopped eating parts of his regular food and leaves it all over the floor so he can pick out the pieces that he likes. He has always eaten the same food. he keeps trying to eat poop and likes to get into the bathroom garbage and eats the used tissues and feminine products. And the last time he got the garbage he had diarriha really bad. Stool is still loose but has some form.
Avatar m tn Both of these are toxic to Kidneys and Livers! Your dog is receiving No nutrition from this food because there is NO food in it....Thus, he is ill! Coming next, I will help you with finding him a Good Food at a reasonable cost.........I'll get back, soon....