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Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 43 year old woman who for the last five days has had continuous heart palpitations. I went two days ago to the hospital and had an ECG done and bloodwork. Both came back normal. I have had an echocardiogram done in May and it was normal as well. I had an exercise stress test done two years ago and it showed that I could only do five times my sitting position. My family doctor said it was probably because I am out of shape.
Avatar n tn I have read a lot about heart disease and alcohol. I too drank 3 to 4 drinks almost every night and was suprised to find out that much is considered heavy drinking from a medical standpoint. I think that 1 glass of red wine each night might be heathful, but anything more is not. I found that I had settled into the 3 to 4 drinks per night habit and couldn't cut back to one drink. I just craved it too much.
Avatar n tn hi i read your post...just myself had a heart cath. and got the bill and it even said left heart cath. but they do check the whole heart! i have coronary artery spasm which happens to be on my right side of my heart. so rest easy! they checked your whole heart.
396332 tn?1320007215 I'm also always freaking out about my heart. I get a lot of palpitations and fluttering feeling in my chest and heart racing. Sometimes I panic because I can't feel my heart beat at all even when I check my pulse and I freak because I think I heart is gunna stop. My heart jumps from everything. Especially noises. I feel my heart jump in my chest with every little sound.
Avatar f tn I keep a journal and at 27 when I had my first cardiology exam and learned of Mvp, pvc's and the way my heart functions.I enjoy this heart board for sharing.My last holter a month ago had 495 pvc's and I was really feeling bad. Increased my potassium, magnesium and given Propanolol to keep on hand. For years I walk daily , stay thin, lots of water and non of the no-nos which can cause heart palps. I find comfort in meditation too. Hope for a skip free day for all.
Avatar m tn That night I could hear my heart pounding hard and I had palpitations. I had a panic attack, I felt I was having a heart attack and I drove my self to the hospital. My blood tests came out negative and the EKG was good, only showing some skipped beats. The ER doctor said it was normal and to lose some weight. I got sent home with NORVASC 50mgs which I only took 4 tablets until I saw my family doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello, This is my story: About 3 months ago I went to the emergency room due to palpitations. I was 230 lbs and not eating well. My height is 5' 9". That night I felt my heart skipping beats. I could not sleep that night thinking I was having a heart attack. The ER doctor said my heart was fine and all I had was too much adrenaline, and gave me Norvasc (which I didn't take). My family doctor then referred me to a cardiologist. I had a stress test with a nuclear imaging.
238668 tn?1232735930 Hi, I am a 43 year old woman who for the last five days has had continuous heart palpitations. I went two days ago to the hospital and had an ECG done and bloodwork. Both came back normal. I have had an echocardiogram done in May and it was normal as well. I had an exercise stress test done two years ago and it showed that I could only do five times my sitting position. My family doctor said it was probably because I am out of shape.
Avatar n tn One night after smoking, I was checking my pulse and had like a very deep feeling in my chest and my heart skipped a beat and then resumed normal rhythm, then it happened again like 15 minutes later. I then decided alright something is wrong with my heart and I need to stop smoking. So I've quit for about a month now, yet every now and then, like 3 or 4 times a week, my heart will do the little skip a beat thing.
Avatar f tn We usually start patients on long acting oral nitrates (imdur 30 mg daily) because it starts acting fast and then transition the patient to norvasc which takes about 4 days to work. In addition to the nitrates and the norvasc, we also use statins and antidepressants as well. The latter have been shown to help as well.
Avatar n tn 62 years old, resting heart rate of 90, taking Norvasc, Zocor and Spironolactone, EKG good, Echocardiogram good, recently having palpitations - put on an exercise monitor and moderate went to 200 -- can you give me any feedback on that?
Avatar n tn I take 2 blood pressure medications, 80 mg of Inderal LA, and Norvasc(sp?). I am calm and have my blood pressure taken daily, but it has been up there lately, usually about 160/90 with a resting pulse rate of about 114. I feel some tension in my neck, and I am usually very tired. I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid and also take synthroid. I guess my question is how fast is too fast for tachycardia. My father died of a heart attack with no symptoms. Thanks in advance for any help.
Avatar n tn My doctor had me on Norvasc and recently I went off it to see how I do. If it turns out I need high blood pressure medicine I won't go back to Norvasc because it bothers my stomach too much. Could you please tell me one to ask about that might also help my Pac and Pvc's. Thank you for your time and information in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm 48 years old and have high blood pressure (both parents do) and palpitations. I'm on Norvasc and it has helped my blood pressure and palpitations but this leg thingis driving me crazy! I began menopause at 44 and it seems as though my palpitations come and go at different times. Doc says I have an overactive heart - - when I'm excited, too much caffeine, etc. Anyway, does anyone have this leg problem.
Avatar n tn I was on the King of Heart monitor and had an ecocardiogram and I was told I was just fine and not to worry about the tachycardia. After my boy was born my heart would really seem to race and the episodes lasted longer until one night it went to 120bpm and slowed only to 100-110. It was shortly after that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My blood levels are normal now and the doctor wants me to come off of PTU to see if I'm in remission.
Avatar f tn The ER doctor said I was fine and sent me home with NORVASC. Went through all the tests, Nuclear,stress test everything came out normal. Just last week I was having a hard time sleeping, I could hear my heart pounding and skipping beats so my doctor put me on High blood pressure pills. Now today I got put on Atenolol by my Cardiologist from my 48 hours holter results. He says I am having a lot of PVC's. Funny thing I haven't felt a PVC today? Maybe its the Highblood pressure pills working.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling in the legs, chest discomfort and palpitations and increased fatigue. Treatment is usually medical and in severe cases heart transplant. About a third of patients get worse with some going on to transplant. Another third stay the same and are managed well with medical therapy and the rest get better. With cardiomyopathy due to high blood pressure the treatment is lowering of the blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I wonder if the diseased gall bladder was causing extreme distress in the digestive process thus causing my heart more stress than usual and causing more symptomatic PVC's. I take Coreg and Zestril. These medications do not seem to be extremely reliable for me in consistently controlling PVC's. The medications do seem to have stabilized my disease for the moment and I have not deteriorated in the three years since being diagnosed.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a relationship with these episodes and phases in my cycle, I have asked my cardiologist and 2 GYN's and they both told me no way. I was told that I had an extra pathway in my heart that causes it. There is another option for treatment. Ablasion. That will destroy the extra nerve.
Avatar f tn All this HTN began as soon as the Norvasc and Metroprolol were discontinued and the Lorsartan 100mg and Atenolol 25mg were to only have the Norvasc added back but at 5mg versus 10mg! Can the HTN be dangerous for the new liver? Very worried. Thank you!
1156727 tn?1309571208 I seemed to do better with Norvasc. Take care and keep after them for an answer.
Avatar n tn Sorry I can't answer all your questions, but I might be able to provide a little more information. First, it is not uncommon for arrhythymias and palpitations to increase somewhat as we age. I believe it may have something to with minute fibrous changes in the heart cells. This can lead to new symptoms and new classes of arrhythmia even after successful ablation for a different pathway or focal point..
Avatar n tn He started me on a half-dose of Norvasc (2.5 mg) to help the heart pump easier and to minimize the backwash, to try to postpone surgery further. He said my options for surgery might be repair, Ross, homograph. I would prefer not to have a mechanical so as to not rule out future pregnancies.
Avatar n tn Jose, I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia and rarely (and I mean rarely) feel palpitations. My heart rate has been captured as high as 170bpm and I wasn't aware. I did however feel very tired and at times what clues me in is dizziness or something just doesn't feel right. But rarely do I have palpitations.
Avatar n tn I'm a 21 year old female and recently I have been having what feels like my heart jumping almost. It happens almost daily most often when I'm at work. I have been suffering from fatigue for a while now and have had migraines all my life but they seem to be more frequent. I also have very bad anxiety which just started this year that I've never had before. I've also had a cough which for a while was in my chest and now is almost just an irritated feeling in my throat sometimes.
Avatar n tn I only take 30mg. Cardizem as needed....and can double it if necessary....but if my b/p and heart rate are so low...I am concerned that my b/p will go back down to 80/48 with pulse of 46 as it did on .25 Bisopherol...way too low. I feel as if I am just on my own with this. The doc wants to see me in May. Good Grief. Any suggestions.....please.
1243333 tn?1296450502 I am a 51 year old female and have had 11 stents the first the end of April 2009 , the last one three weeks ago, had a cath at one hospital and was sent to the heart hospital for this area, it was supposed to be a simple procedure, something went wrong and I coded in the cath lab they had to put off for several days and final put the 11 stent in (due to restonis), since having it placed my heart rate is 90 plus unless I am doing activities and then it is 130 plus and multiple pvc's I become shor
Avatar n tn Calcium channel blockers can affect heart rate and thus blunt peak exercise performance, but this is not an issue with ones like Norvasc.
Avatar n tn headache episodes that don't last long , temporary feeling of load and stress around my head and eyes PLUS palpitations and right side chest pain !!!
Avatar n tn its hard to deal with but if you dont than you get anxiety and than you really got problems. so trust your dr and try to relax. i take a bb a old med timolol it does real good for me ive been in on them for 15 years,it is a good pill that will not cause asthma,its a non-seletive bb you can check into that . but yes try a bb if they are bothering you . they will help. good luck keep in touch.