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Avatar n tn I'm on CD 88. Took Provera and did not have bleeding or spotting within 10 days after. Did blood work and it showed FSH: 6, LH: 1, TSH: 2.54. I did temping and OPKs and I'm pretty sure I did not ovulate. Before that I was on BCP (0.035 ethinyl estradiol & 0.25 norgestimate) and had very regular periods. What next? Clomid to stimulate ovulation? Clomid followed by estrogen? BCP to reset the cycle?
Avatar f tn I used to take tri-lo-sprintec tablet generic for (ortho tri-cyclen LO) for the past 6 six years, but in Michigan we do not have it in generic form anymore. Therefore this month i started taking Eth estradi/norgestimate and I feel very lazy and sleepy all the time and I see that I have been gaining weight. My question is is what I am taking now the same as what I was taking before because that is what the pharmacy told me?
Avatar f tn Looks like they are similar, but that a progestin is synthetic and produced in a lab.
Avatar f tn If you are breastfeeding then you should do the progestin only pill as the pill with the combo of estrogen and progestin has been shown to affect milk supply. It's called the mini pill. It's slightly less effective so you have to make sure that you don't miss any doses, as it will increase your chances of another pregnancy. They also have a progestin implant that is quite effective as well, and then you don't have to worry about if you miss a pill.
Avatar f tn When Vagifem or Estrace is prescribed for a post menopausal woman with a uterus, should a progestin always be prescribed as well? I've been taking Vagifem for 2 years without a progestin, and now I have to undergo an endometrial biopsy because of some buildup of the lining of my uterus (I have no showed up on an TV ultrasound...small changes and endometrial thickness of 5mm).
Avatar f tn I got on birth control (progestin) and it helped me regulate my period and I stopped getting them but I stop so the cyst came back. When they cane back it seemed to happen like back to back ruptures. Now I’m have serve lower back pain. Is this possible?
Avatar f tn I'd wait. Sure you could have gotten pregnant but the pills make your period odd the first month. Technically it is supposed to start the week of placebos but mine always started around the first day of the missed pack. You can always test but I'd wait two weeks from the sex to test (as it typically takes two weeks from conception in order to show up on test) and you should get your period between there.
360998 tn?1312494518 then she gave me tablets to getmy periods that is progestin tabs... so i am taking taht from last two days but i m having pain in my lower back and lower abdomen... anyone can tell me whats happening?????
Avatar n tn Hellojennilei , how r u doing today ? yeah i will say yes what u thinking ,that pills definately doesn't suit on u coz these pills hv some heavy and some low pressure ,may be u didn't tolrate heavy one ,so take low pressure pills. i am also taking low pressure pills. coz my doctor suggest me this pills.i can give u the name of my pills . i started these pills from this month is good and not irriteted .
Avatar f tn Visanne is a progestin medication. It's my understanding that these medications may help reduce or prevent cysts but I don't think it works for all women or all cases. The use of progestin only contraceptives does seem to be used quite a bit for endometriosis (endo) as it can counteract the estrogen that feeds the endo lesions.
Avatar f tn Im planning on using progestin only birth control. If you plan to breastfeed you should avoid any birth control that has estrogen because it dries up milk production. I personally plan to take the progestin only pill my dr did say there are some other option too. You should talk to your dr to see what they offer/recommend.
Avatar f tn s Health Initiative showed that combined HRT as Prempro (conjugated estrogen plus progestin formulation medroxyprogesterone acetate) increased the risk of breast cancer. Estrogen taken without a progestin (Premarin) did not increase risk of breast cancer. But you are correct that a progestin or progesterone needs to be taken with estrogen to protect the uterine lining from proliferation and risk of hyperplasia or cancer.
Avatar f tn Micronor (noretindrone) is a Progestin-only birth control medication. One of the primary side-effects of progestin-only oral contraceptives is irregular menstrual bleeding. This can be spotting or breakthrough bleeding, shortened cycles, or amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation (one or more missed periods). This is a normal occurrence for some women taking birth control pills.
Avatar f tn If you are having recalcitrant acne in women then probably oral contraceptive containing norgestimate 0.25 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg; spironolactone; prednisone. If you have acne where sweating is an aggravating factor then aluminum chloride solution should be your choice of your treatment. Acne surgery are done for comedone expression; incision and drainage of fluctuant cysts and abscesses; chemical peel; micro-derm-abrasion; intra-lesional triamcinolone 2–4 mg/ml.
Avatar n tn m eighteen and recently got my wisdom teeth taken out so I had to take anti-biotics for a week and the doctor told me if would interfere with my oral contraceptives, Sprintec (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, 0.250 mg/0.035 mg). I got the antibiotics at the same time as I started my new pack of birth control and took them both for the first week of my cycle, and I used protection until the next week when my antibiotics ran out (because, of course, things happen).
561921 tn?1216605621 This change causes early menopause and increased osteoporosis risk When taking hormone therapy after an oophorectomy it is important to take estrogen plus progestin (hormone replacement therapy). The progestin protects the uterus from the increased risk of estrogen-related endometrial cancer. You can read more about this through this link: Take care an regards.
8274643 tn?1406141596 Based off what ii read,, you are able to use any birth control method that only has progestin,, the methods that contain both estrogen && progestin will dry up your milk supply. But its always best to check with your doctor. I knw the shot and implant such as implaimplanon are safe for breastfeed mothers.!!
Avatar n tn Tony is correct, if you are in fact breastfeeding you should discuss with your OB/GYN a progestin only pill ( a good example would be NORA-BE TABLET) . If not here are some low dose pills to consider.
Avatar f tn Have you started on a progestin-related hormonal therapy? Endo shrinks with progestin and grows with estrogen. Combination pills won't help most women with endo but may help with PCOS. There are hormonal tests that could help you identify if you have "estrogen predominance." Truly, you should see a specialist if your periods are that painful. Pain is NOT normal and you should see a specialist to get a treatment plan that helps you either way.
Avatar f tn Although not a common side effect, the hormones in the pills (either progestin alone or progestin combined with estrogen) can cause some women to bleed at unexpected times. If that is the cause of your bleeding, it is not dangerous and you should expect it to go away by itself after you get your next period.You should know, however, that your unusual bleeding could be caused by something else that, in rare cases, may be more serious.
Avatar f tn Approximately one month ago I started taking a progestin-only birth control pill called Nora-Be. I've taken the pills perfectly; I haven't missed any and I take them at the same time every night. Whenever my boyfriend and I have sex, we use a condom and my boyfriend pulls out several minutes before orgasm. Every time he pulls out, he checks the condom religiously for any signs of a hole or tear, as well as any wetness that could mean he didn't pull out in time.
Avatar f tn Some of the most common products are known as hormonal contraceptives (they contain estrogen and/or progestin). Hormonal contraceptives prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation.
Avatar f tn Side Effects What if I bleed after taking emergency contraceptive pills?Most of the time, there is no reason to worry if you bleed after taking emergency contraceptive pills (also called "morning after pills" or "day after pills"). Although not a common side effect, the hormones in the pills (either progestin alone or progestin combined with estrogen) can cause some women to bleed at unexpected times.
5961981 tn?1394033182 Once you resume your periods you may consider starting a suitable birth control method after consulting a gynecologist. Doctors prefer progestin-only oral contraceptives or progestin-only implants (for example, Norplant ) during lactation. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. For more queries and assistance visit a gynecologist. I sincerely hope it helps. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn 5% of women using combined OCs with 30 μg of estrogen, regardless of the progestin content. Breakthrough bleeding also depended on other factors like dose, potency, and activity of the particular progestin in the combined OC as well as the ratio of the estrogen and progestin in the formulation and other factors like missed pills and smoking.
Avatar f tn My beloved doctor left her practice about a year ago. Her replacement is unsatisfactory to me. In Oct. of this year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & anemia. I have been taking levothyroxine for well over two months and am still having hypo symptoms, such as hair loss, brain fog, slight weight gain, reduced energy levels, heavy & prolonged periods, despite now normal TSH levels & improved iron levels. My Free T3 level remains low - those numbers haven't even budged!
Avatar f tn The only options you have, as a breastfeeding mom, are the progestin only options. Such as the mini pill, Mirena or Paraguard IUD, depo shot. I'm not familiar with nexplanon so I don't know if that has progestin only or if it's combination. Keep in mind that after having been pregnant and going through the trauma of childbirth, plus currently breastfeeding, your hormones are all over the place and it's going to take months to calm everything down to normal levels again.