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Avatar f tn I was on a triphasic pill for years (Tri Sprintec). It was good for keeping acne under control (which is why I originally went on it at age 20). But in the last few years I began suffering from extreme fatigue, lots of water retention, vaginal dryness, etc, and as all my tests were normal my PCP suggested the pill was causing it. I went off the pill completely 4 months ago and about 2 months after started experiencing extremely oily skin and massive hair shedding, among other things.
Avatar n tn Hellojennilei , how r u doing today ? yeah i will say yes what u thinking ,that pills definately doesn't suit on u coz these pills hv some heavy and some low pressure ,may be u didn't tolrate heavy one ,so take low pressure pills. i am also taking low pressure pills. coz my doctor suggest me this pills.i can give u the name of my pills . i started these pills from this month is good and not irriteted .
Avatar n tn m eighteen and recently got my wisdom teeth taken out so I had to take anti-biotics for a week and the doctor told me if would interfere with my oral contraceptives, Sprintec (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, 0.250 mg/0.035 mg). I got the antibiotics at the same time as I started my new pack of birth control and took them both for the first week of my cycle, and I used protection until the next week when my antibiotics ran out (because, of course, things happen).
Avatar n tn I'm on CD 88. Took Provera and did not have bleeding or spotting within 10 days after. Did blood work and it showed FSH: 6, LH: 1, TSH: 2.54. I did temping and OPKs and I'm pretty sure I did not ovulate. Before that I was on BCP (0.035 ethinyl estradiol & 0.25 norgestimate) and had very regular periods. What next? Clomid to stimulate ovulation? Clomid followed by estrogen? BCP to reset the cycle?
Avatar f tn I used to take tri-lo-sprintec tablet generic for (ortho tri-cyclen LO) for the past 6 six years, but in Michigan we do not have it in generic form anymore. Therefore this month i started taking Eth estradi/norgestimate and I feel very lazy and sleepy all the time and I see that I have been gaining weight. My question is is what I am taking now the same as what I was taking before because that is what the pharmacy told me?
Avatar f tn I'd wait. Sure you could have gotten pregnant but the pills make your period odd the first month. Technically it is supposed to start the week of placebos but mine always started around the first day of the missed pack. You can always test but I'd wait two weeks from the sex to test (as it typically takes two weeks from conception in order to show up on test) and you should get your period between there.
Avatar f tn If you are having recalcitrant acne in women then probably oral contraceptive containing norgestimate 0.25 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg; spironolactone; prednisone. If you have acne where sweating is an aggravating factor then aluminum chloride solution should be your choice of your treatment. Acne surgery are done for comedone expression; incision and drainage of fluctuant cysts and abscesses; chemical peel; micro-derm-abrasion; intra-lesional triamcinolone 2–4 mg/ml.
Avatar f tn i'm on the pill and I'm thinking of stopping it... I heard it has a lot of side effects.. I think it changes my mood a lot even with my boyfriend .. It makes me more sensitive to things... and I also heard it affects your sexual arousal .. But if I stop it I would be risking .. Any suggestions or experience?
Avatar n tn so my plan is to skip my inactive tablets in my pill pack and move onto the next pack immediately. however i missed a dose of my pill, is this still a feasible option??
Avatar f tn I am also 23 and I am 11 weeks pregnant today. And I was taking the pill. . With that being said the pill is not 100% I recommend you get tested ASAP especially if you dont want the baby....
Avatar f tn After i have the baby i am thinking about getting on a pill instead of an IUD or the shot. What recommendations do you guys have for a pill to take? I would prefer a non hormonal birth control. If you have any other ideas they would be appreciated.
4075441 tn?1349568997 I stopped taking the pill, my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I am 21. I have been off my pill for about 1 month and just had a period. after being on my period for only 3 days, it stopped and then started spotting for a day. could I be pregnant?
1430704 tn?1306387507 eek i missed two doses of my pill do i re start it or just miss the seven and start again then???
Avatar n tn im on the combined pill and ive missed 12 of my pills due to forgetting to take them, i have now missed my period could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Do you mean you're now in your pill free week and waiting for your period to arrive? If so, then if you're taking your pill correctly - same time every day etc then chances are slim. You should still be using condoms too as a back up if not trying to get pregnant. During your period is also not your most fertile time, so that lessens chances again.
Avatar f tn I am meant to go on the sugar pill today but I dunno if I should take anther normal one cause I had otherwise unprotected sex yestdersay??
Avatar f tn Those anyone know about the abortion pill? Im between 6/7 weeks can I still take the pill???
144586 tn?1284666164 It seems so simple but really confuses her. These pill boxes are a very simple solution.
Avatar f tn So I took the abortion pill last month on january 12 I bleeded for like 2 weeks. But now I want to know if anyone knows when am I suppose to get my normal cycle back?? Anyone that can help me out comment please thank you!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn if i have been taking the microgynon pill for 5 days now, since the first day of my mp, when would i be likely to ovulate?! i didnt want to go on them but i had to as i had a tubal pregnancy and my doctor put me on them to prevent it from happening again so soon! the first day of my period was the 9th till today! so when would i be ovulating? or would i ovulate earlier because of these pills?
Avatar f tn I took an emergency contraceptive pill last Friday and I wasn't suppose to get my period until the 5th or 6th of November. But I had sexual intercourse yesterday and my partner noticed some blood but we didn't mind it that much. This morning I woke up and I was bleeding. I'm not exactly sure but I think I got my period. The whole point is, can it be possible for the contraceptive pill to cause a woman's period to come a week or two sooner?
Avatar f tn Because you have had sex today, the type of pill your partner needs is the Emergency Contraceptive Pill, also called The Morning After Pill. This HAS to be taken within 72 hours of having sex for it to work to guard against any unwanted pregnancy. Your pharmacist should be able to assist you if you can't see on the shelves in the pharmacy shop. The doctor could give a prescription. Do remember it MUST be taken within 72 hours of having sex.
Avatar f tn Goodmorning ladies what is the best prenatal pill to take while ttc? I've heard folic acid isn't good for you ....