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172411 tn?1287086265 how many pple here have used Nortrel (norethindrone) for birth control to help ur endo.. the doctor just prescribed me this med. to help make it not so painful during menstual cycle.
1353681 tn?1387083733 I have been on Norethindrone for 3 years following a surgery to remove 2 cysts. I just wonder if it is ok to remain on this med long term, and if anyone knows if a side effect includes raising blood pressure? Thank you..
Avatar f tn I normally have very regular periods, but since the beginning of the year they have been only coming about every other month or so. The beginning of July my doctor put me on Norethindrone .35mg to help regulate my periods. I want to get pregnant ASAP, but it just wasnt happening with having irregular cycles. Will Norethindrone help me to ovulate or is it ultimately going to make it harder for us to conceive?
Avatar n tn I'm on CD 88. Took Provera and did not have bleeding or spotting within 10 days after. Did blood work and it showed FSH: 6, LH: 1, TSH: 2.54. I did temping and OPKs and I'm pretty sure I did not ovulate. Before that I was on BCP (0.035 ethinyl estradiol & 0.25 norgestimate) and had very regular periods. What next? Clomid to stimulate ovulation? Clomid followed by estrogen? BCP to reset the cycle?
Avatar f tn Hello, my fiancé and I are actively ttc. I haven’t had a cycle since August 2017, so a few days ago I went to the ob/gyn..he didn’t seem very concerned. He told me to lose a few pounds, which I am about 20 lbs overweight. He said PCOS could be a possibility, but for now he prescribed me Norethindrone 5mg. I am supposed to take 2 pills twice a day, & there are 20 pills total. My doc said it will help with a “breakthrough bleed” to get my cycle back.
Avatar f tn Hello ppl. i'm new here. I was diagnosed endometriosis and one my fallopian tube is swollen w fluid. My dr prescribed me Norethindrone 5mg for 6 months. After that we're planning to have IVF. I was also suggested to remove my swelling tube. Is it necessary to remove it? Personally, i'd rather not having any surgery. Im late 30s, never been pregnant yet, so that's another concern. Any advice would be helpful.
1590456 tn?1301566567 0/ Has anyone taken Norethindrone before?
Avatar f tn I was taking 5 mg of norethindrone (aygestin) for endometriosis. The bleeding stopped almost entirely. Now I've lost my insurance, and my OB won't see self-pay patients. I tried appling for the"planning for healthy families" thing our state does to help provide birth control to low income families, but they won't give me this medication as it isn't an actual birth control.
Avatar f tn I used to take tri-lo-sprintec tablet generic for (ortho tri-cyclen LO) for the past 6 six years, but in Michigan we do not have it in generic form anymore. Therefore this month i started taking Eth estradi/norgestimate and I feel very lazy and sleepy all the time and I see that I have been gaining weight. My question is is what I am taking now the same as what I was taking before because that is what the pharmacy told me?
Avatar f tn My OB/GYN put me on a hormone pill called Norethindrone 5MG. She put me on this hormone pill to help regulate my periods and to help me get pregnant easier. I only take it 12 days out of each month and the rest of the month I don't take it. I know that anytime that you take hormone pills it can make your hormones fluntuate and throw menstrual cycles off. Well, I only have periods every 2-3 months, so I was due to have a period for this month of October.
Avatar f tn I am not trying to get pregnant, but I was wondering whether Norethindrone could cause a false positive on a pregnancy test, since it is a hormone pill? I haven't been taking it that long - about four days so far. My OB/GYN prescribed it to me because my period is really late and she said that I should take it for a week and then within the next week my period should start, and then I'd start a normal birth control. I really doubt I am pregnant.
Avatar f tn Well, she also prescibed a hormone pill called Norethindrone 5MG. She said that after 3 months of taking the Norethindrone that I should start having a regular period every month. I take it for the first 12 days of each new month and that's it. But I acutally started it on the 3rd of October because my husband and I had questions about the medication.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 periods from taking norethindrone. My last 2 times of taking the pills I have not had a period. The last pills my doc also prescribe estrogen pills with the norethindrone. Still no period and my husband and I would like to have a kid. I have taking the THS test and the prolactin test and they were fine. He said my level is 7 and should be 10 or higher (not sure which one is talking about- progesertone level maybe. What do you think?
Avatar f tn I'd wait. Sure you could have gotten pregnant but the pills make your period odd the first month. Technically it is supposed to start the week of placebos but mine always started around the first day of the missed pack. You can always test but I'd wait two weeks from the sex to test (as it typically takes two weeks from conception in order to show up on test) and you should get your period between there.
Avatar f tn I went in for the ultrasound and she confirmed that that is what it appeared to be and also told me I had ANOTHER ovarian cyst about the size of my ovary itself. She then prescribed me Norethindrone to help get rid of the cyst and told me to come back in a month. Well here is the part I am worried about: the cyst ruptured occurred on the 7th of feb and I was supposed to get my period of the 10th. It is now the 7th of March and I still haven’t got my period.
Avatar n tn Hellojennilei , how r u doing today ? yeah i will say yes what u thinking ,that pills definately doesn't suit on u coz these pills hv some heavy and some low pressure ,may be u didn't tolrate heavy one ,so take low pressure pills. i am also taking low pressure pills. coz my doctor suggest me this pills.i can give u the name of my pills . i started these pills from this month is good and not irriteted .
Avatar f tn Get add back therapy. It is minuscule amounts of norethindrone and progesterone. My doctor (a great reproductive endocrinologist) refuses to give lupron without add back he said it is the equivalent of torture not to offer add back.
Avatar f tn If you are having recalcitrant acne in women then probably oral contraceptive containing norgestimate 0.25 mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg; spironolactone; prednisone. If you have acne where sweating is an aggravating factor then aluminum chloride solution should be your choice of your treatment. Acne surgery are done for comedone expression; incision and drainage of fluctuant cysts and abscesses; chemical peel; micro-derm-abrasion; intra-lesional triamcinolone 2–4 mg/ml.
Avatar n tn m eighteen and recently got my wisdom teeth taken out so I had to take anti-biotics for a week and the doctor told me if would interfere with my oral contraceptives, Sprintec (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets, 0.250 mg/0.035 mg). I got the antibiotics at the same time as I started my new pack of birth control and took them both for the first week of my cycle, and I used protection until the next week when my antibiotics ran out (because, of course, things happen).
Avatar f tn my hormones back in order from where the Lupron had suppressed hormone production. He placed me on Norethindrone acetate 5 mg once a day. I began taking the prescription on January 3 and took my last pill on February 27th. When he placed me on the prescription I asked him what I could expect and when my period should return. He said it should return within 6 weeks after stopping the add back therapy.
Avatar f tn Hello, my fiancé and I are actively ttc. I haven’t had a cycle since August 2017, so a few days ago I went to the ob/gyn..he didn’t seem very concerned. He told me to lose a few pounds, which I am about 20 lbs overweight. He said PCOS could be a possibility, but for now he prescribed me Norethindrone 5mg. I am supposed to take 2 pills twice a day, & there are 20 pills total. My doc said it will help with a “breakthrough bleed” to get my cycle back.
314833 tn?1263259499 Ok, so my insurance would not pay for the lupron so the doc gave me norethindrone acetate... The endro pain seems to be doing better, but I am getting these breath taking cramps on a daily bases...I thought it was something that would go im not so sure...they get really bad to the point where I hold my breath till the pain is gone....or grab on to something......I don't know if its the scare tissue from surgery or what.....
Avatar f tn I am currently taking norethindrone every day provided by my gynecologist because he believes the problem could be cramping and this is suppose to help it some how. I've read multiple articles on chronic appendicitis but I feel like if I were to ask my gastroenterologist she wouldn't listen to me. Thinking of finding a different doctor. What does my problem seem to be? Could I please receive some advice for what to do?
Avatar f tn It is used for contraception or to treat such conditions as secondary amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, and endometriosis. As an oral contraceptive, norethindrone is available as either a single agent or in combination with an estrogen. No, it will not affect the Dorn Therapy, Dorn therapy is similar to chiropractic and if anything, the treatments should help the Nocolut work. I hope this helps some, this is the first I have actually heard of either one.
Avatar f tn Hi Sassy, It's good that you talked to your doctor about your bleeding, especially since it's been two years. They say that any bleeding after going a year without a period should be checked out. That said, FEMHRT combines both estrogens and progesterone (norethindrone acetate), and one drawback is that the latter can cause "breakthrough bleeding", even in post-menopausal women.
1353681 tn?1387083733 Started norethindrone recently; it is not estrogen, but rather a form of progestin... but is also partially used as birth control and for endometriosis.. It is a chalky pill, and I let it sit in my mouth to get it just right so it doesn't hit my throat.. but I notice it dissolves most of the way in my mouth before I swallow.. is it ok to just dissolve it for a couple mins in water before taking it.. I'd assume it is the same thing as it dissolving in my mouth.. ?