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Avatar f tn My Sister In Law Is Having Clear Sticky Discharge Coming Out Of Her Vagina and she is a little freaked out about it and her period has been messing up the last few months.. could this be a sign of pregnacy??
Avatar n tn I read about a lot of other guys seeing clear discharge and all tests negative. What could this be? What should I test for?
Avatar n tn Last week (3 weeks post event) my itching / need to pee has returned. I am now seeing a very tiny amount of clear discharge from my urethra and am patently terrified. I live in a state where anonymous testing is virtually impossible and having to tell my wife will be the end of my marriage. So, I need to know a few things - What are the chances that I have gonorrhea? What are the chances that I have given it to my wife? Is there any other explanation?
Avatar n tn The discharge is not all time in any of the above mentioned situations. Often I will have no pain or no discharge for a week or more. It seems the more I think about it the more I notice. Before and after I urinate I milk my penis to check for discharge. Unless it is after one of the above mentioned, there is never any to be found. QUESTIONS Could the test be wrong? Did I not wait long enough to get test for the incubation period? Is this type of discharge a normal occurrence?
2087253 tn?1332560108 Usually before I start my period I have little/no CM but this time I have no period and ALOT of sticky clear discharge. I was on an antibiotic for a little while and thought maybe that threw off my cycle. Still no period or period pains. I went to a clinic today and took a urine test that came out negative. It really upset me because I thought FINALLY I might be pregnant since I missed my period. I dont know what to think. I am so depressed. Should I just give up?
Avatar m tn I figured I was covered with the Nuva Ring. Here is my question the 20th came around and no period or signs of it. I took a pregnancy test a week ago because my period wasn't there. It was sexually active from Feb5-19th. So I went to the bathroom and there was a little sign on blood when I wipe so I figured my period was coming. Nothing happen for a couple days a little smudge when I wiped but no need for a pad.
688980 tn?1229285580 It is clear and very gooey, I have been off my period for like 2 weeks. This clear gooky stuff, kinda like clear snot, it soaks my underwear and I am constantly having to go to the bathroom and clean myself up. It was weird because my period was shorter than usual, but I bled a lot more in a shorter amount of time. Usually my periods last a week to two weeks, this time it only lasted about 3 days. I've been feeling under the weather and my appetite is gone.
Avatar f tn it is usually AFTER my period. i usually get a whitish discharge BEFORE my period... so i could just be completely normal. no reason to panic yet. :) ... however if you do miss your period then i would advise you to go and get checked. now i am sortive in the same situation, i have clear and stretchy discharge BUT i HAVE missed my periods for 5 days now. i am on meds to make my cycle regular and they have been for some time now but all of a sudden im late.
Avatar f tn i just went to the restroom and when i wiped it had a clear discharge with a little bit of lit brown in not sure what it may not sure when to expect af because since nov. they havent been on track.i had really bad back pain.and i dont know what to think..anybody?
1565000 tn?1295215553 Uhm I have Clear Streachy discharge for two days now, First day wasnt so bad but the second it got a little intence..i took a shower thought it would help but it didnt it still was doing its think and kept comming...Now me and bf dont use protection and we been steady for 3 yrs now.. I took two pregancy tests already and they came up mom said it might be to early.........I looked into more info on this Discharge and it said it might be a sign on my period comming..
Avatar f tn No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Clear jelly discharge is usually referred to as egg white cervical mucous or EWCM. This is fertile cervical mucous, this allows a woman to get pregnant closer to the time when she ovulates. This mucous helps the sperm travel to the egg easier. I suggest if you do not want to get pregnant than you should be using protection, especially when you have this type of discharge.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 49 and about 2/3 weeks after my period I get low abdominal pains which is followed by a very clear thick discharge. During this time my tummy swells. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and what causes it.
Avatar f tn And I've never known anyone and my self to get a watery discharge during preganancy I've always had thick white discharge with no smell to it and feeling sick headache feeling not sure start your notice
Avatar m tn the past 12 hours I have found VERY THICK (like undissolved jelly) VERY CLEAR DISCHARGE. there is no smell or discomfort. I am slightly worried? please can anyone give me advice?...also there is no chance of me being pregnant and I have not had sex recently. thank you!
Avatar m tn I never had discharge this bad, now I'm getting clear watery discharge. I can just laugh and it will shoot out. It actually feels like I'm my period. Wat does this mean?
Avatar n tn i feel better now. i've been getting a clear, gel-like discharge every now and then since i started my period at 13. from what i've read in the past, it just means that you're very fertile. still, i think i'm going to ask my doctor about it. i just never thought it might be an issue until recently when my bf told me i'm the first woman he's ever been with who gets it.
1122973 tn?1269735728 some discharge is like cottage cheese in texture and others are just white..clear may be something different since I don't get clear ones.It's pretty damn normal it's just no one wants to talk about it.
Avatar m tn I got the proper medication and everything was fine. I started getting a clear sticky discharge from th penis when squeezing with erection or without. I also feel the underwear is watery when i wake up. And also see some bright signs on the underwear when its black. So i think even when i sleep i get this discharge. and i do feel a burn while urinating I went to a doc 3 months back and did a blood test and urine test. The blood was good and the urine had some bacteria.
Avatar f tn I had my last period on the 5th may which lasted until the 11th may and today (9th june) I noticed all the discharge I did sum searching online and some sites say it could be a sighn of ovulationing which if so I would be happy about so much but abit gutted at the same time as my boyfriend is away working so I'll be missing the oppurtunity to concieve as he is not here all though we did have intercourse not last night the night before (7th june\8th june) may hav been early hours next morning go
Avatar n tn Two weeks later, I started having excessive amounts of a clear watery discharge. No odor. Went to the doctor and they tested me for all STDs and infection. Everything came back normal. They sent me to an Obgyn. They did a cystogram to check for a fistula and the results were normal. I did have adenomyosis, large fibroid tumors in the uterus, and cysts on my ovaries. The obgyn said the discharge could be from the fibroids or fallopian tube cancer. They did a complete hysterectomy.
Avatar m tn TODAY, I urinated and right after urinating, i saw a small amount of CLEAR DISCHARGE comming out of my penis. Urinating did not burn it stopped a few weeks ago. I am still waiting for the results but now I am going crazy I'm pretty sure I have an std. What is your diagnosis doctor ?Is it sure I have an std ? If not, what can it be ? If I do, how long is treating it?
Avatar f tn i am 15 years old and have never had a period. i have slightly heavy clear discharge every day though. it is odorless but i feel like this is more than normal. is it because of my lack of a period?