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Avatar n tn Friday's blood test revealed a wbc count of 1.4 and dr. wants me to begin Neupogen injectable 1x day until, I guess my wbc count increases. Has anyone tried this and what is your experience, and are there other alternatives to raising wbc? Off the subject, my heart "feels" weak. I have mitral-valve prolapse and am concerned that all these meds can't be good for that. Any help would be so appreciated...
Avatar m tn To anyone who has taken the Neupogen tx, I was wondering if you experienced any probs with lower back and hips following your injections? More specifically like a sore or twitching in the lower back muscles and having hip sockets momentarily give way when walking?
Avatar f tn I take neupogen twice a month and I gotta say i dread that injection more than the weekly peg. Bone pain, aching, fever, . . . yup . ...sounds familiar.
Avatar f tn Whites stayed at an acceptable level. I don't know whether it was the intereron, the neutropenia or the neupogen but I kept a fever throughout my entire treatment. That s-u-c-k-e-d.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 15th week of treatment and I'm undetectable, which is great. However, my ANC has dropped to 1.1. I just took the 2nd shot of neupogen two days ago, and thought I was going to die. I ended up with 101 fever, shaking uncontrollably and could not even walk. I'm still not well. Here's where I need help. The doctor notified me the morning before a my business trip. I took the neupogen shot right before I left for the airport and when I landed I started to feel I'll.
Avatar f tn Hi everybody. I went for my monthly follow-up appt. today and Dr. put me on Neupogen. I've never been on it before, so this is a first. Can someone tell me about any sides you've had? I'm going to do the Neupogen on different days from my Procrit. I am already on daily shots with the Infergen so there's always a shot night with that. I did the Neupogen about 20 min. ago and then, tonight at bedtime I'll do the Infergen. Then, tomorrown night, I'll do the 1st Procrit shot and the Infergen.
272338 tn?1252284004 Since I have been on Gemzar,when my counts are down I have recieved Neupogen. It seems now that my white counts are gong to be my biggest problem. My onc does not want to take me off of Gemzar as it seems to be working. This week after my treatment, I was sent home with a 3 day supply of Neupogen to give myself. I have found that 3 days in a row of this really kicks me in the butt, and I was just starting to get adjusted to the Gemzar.
Avatar n tn I did not enjoy the flu and fever the neupogen brought on. I should find out today if it did any good. Last Monday was my last shot of neup. My GI wants to wait and see if just this type of booster will do the trick so I don't have to do it the entire time of TX.
766573 tn?1365170066 org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Does-neuprogen-lower-platelets/show/1786217#post_8219349 I am wondering (in the case of cirrhotics) since your doctors did not prescribe Neupogen and opted for an antibiotic if any of you had to lower your dose of Peg? I understand I cannot apply the circumstances in your situations to mine but my ANC is only .6 and I am supposed to lower my Peg (not sure the amount but there is a notation on my labs) & start the Neupogen when it arrives.
Avatar f tn I have been looking around and noticed similarities between the effects I am feeling and others. Especially those who took Neupogen. I took Neupogen 3 times a week for approx the last 4 months of a 6 month treatment cycle. My levels "fell off a cliff" as my doctor said, and it was either take Neupogen along with Pegasys and Ribavirin or stop treatment all together. I have been clear of the virus since 11/08, but have had a slew of issues that are hindering my life.
547836 tn?1302836432 Sorry to hear you're going through some hard stuff. I don't know bout the Neupogen but I do know you are getting awfully close to the finish line. You are in the last quarter of your journey, you've broken the 12 weeks to go mark (that was a huge one for me). Things have started to speed up since then so just hang in there, gorgeous girl, you are doing so great!! Btw, I also feel changed but I am trying to see it as a butterfly that emerges from a chrysalis (hence my image).
Avatar n tn can anyone tell me at point the drug...injectable...neupogen, or something like that is recommended. my counts were down last monday to 92, i think...and my nurse said they worry around 85......missed my blood work yesterday, but am STILL "bleeding profusely" and feeling extremely weak and out of breathe etc.... struggling to do things....blah blah blah....SO...wonder if it's time soon for that wonder drug....
Avatar f tn ( i have had 8 injections) I saw Dr 3/6 and was told to stop all treatment until approval for Neupogen. I was due to take Pegaysis SQ on 3/6 and to Dc ribovarin also. I offered to get RX and fill it out of pocket or reduce dose and dr refused. I am upset and not sure how to proceed. Dr says interruption in TX should not affect Sustained effect. Tx will just be extended at the end. I just wanted to vent and get any pointers. Thank you for listening.
1986676 tn?1329866071 My doctor says my back pain has nothing to do with Neupogen injections. I didn't have this pain until I had my Neupogen increased. He suggested I see my primary care provider with regard to the matter. I know it's the Neupogen. I also know my internist is not going to treat this issue because he dosen't want to treat me with anything during tx. Absolutely, nothing stops the pain. I've read cancer patients are often given serious pain medication whilte treating with Neupogen.
250701 tn?1320978365 I have had 101.5 fever for 4 days now. I called my doctor and he called me in a z-pac. I was so weak I could even get up out of the bed. when I stood up for a little bit, I would have to sit back down and do things really slow. I hope the z-pac don't make me sicker, I think I was having an upper resptory infection. Has this happened to any one. Feeling dizzy right now.
116701 tn?1210262764 How much Neupogen are you taking now? I was taking 20 three nights in a row when I was first put on it, now only need one shot a week. I felt pretty crappy taking three shots and the bone pain was bad. I do get a slight fever now that you mention it. Are you sure nothing else is causing such a fever? That is pretty high.
1749655 tn?1321804534 I had an uneventful weekend but for a low grade fever Sunday night. Although tired yesterday, I worked a 9-hour day. I knew I had a fever starting in the afternoon. Home to my sweats and my couch. By 9 p.m. my fever was 102 and I was feeling really bad. The fire breathing dragon that had occupied my hiney had been in hibernation, but reared (no pun intended) his ugly head yesterday.
1654177 tn?1319842094 One day at a time, I am closer to SVR! This morning my doctor called and told me to inject the neupogen that has been in my refrigerator for 2 months. The first time my WBC count was low it was at .48 neutrophils. Now it is at .25, so I did neupogen this morning. I do feel more energetic, and a little quizzy, but I am glad, I have not caught a cold or flu yet this season. I am so grateful, thank you for all the support and stories you share on here.
Avatar m tn A week ago WBC was back to normal and ANC was even a bit high, but that was the day after my 3rd of a series of 3 (one each consecutive day) Neupogen injections. So, I'm wondering if anyone else had a similar experience in their tx and if they had to take Neupogen on a regular basis throughout their tx? After 27 wks, I'm not opposed to yet another poke into this pin cushion of a body, especially if it can help me reach UND and eventually SVR.
267347 tn?1189968425 Thanks for your advice. I rarely have nausea (thank God). My first week I was drinking so much water that I wet the bed !!! Twice !!! I quit drinking after 6pm now. This sinus problem and swollen lips are nagging the heck out of me. But yours did go away? My fever goes up to 104, but I can bring it down with tylenol. It just sucks though........even the hair on my arm seems to hurt. It's nice having someone on the same timeline with tx, perhaps we can compare notes.
461838 tn?1255793816 Since my bloodwork tanked and I got a new Dr and staff, I have been on a little over a 2 hiatus from tx. Last night I started my 21st tx, wow, insomnia,low grade fever, upset stomach and a few extra aches and pains. These weren't missed during my hiatus from tx. I do get bloodwork checked on monday, Dr says if my hgb goes 10 or below will start procrit again, will also get my first neupogen monday.
Avatar m tn I am feeling fever since last 12 days. I went through all tests, which shows my platlets and WBC counts are low. I am not feeling well and fever goes up and come down. But not completely gone. What should i do?
461838 tn?1255793816 Like it says above, I am getting over my illnesss slowly, havn't had tx for 2 wks as blood tanked, getting Neupogen every Monday. I have never a such a hoarse, gravely, fading voice during my many respiratory infections. It almost feels like my voice is going to change for good. When I speak up and out I sound like Rochester on the Jack Benny show,, after speaking for a long time it breaks up and gets real hoarse.
547836 tn?1302836432 This Monday: WBC: 1000 ANC: 100 Took Neupogen Tuesday. Still have fluctuating fever around 100 degrees, sometimes normal temp, sometimes 100 today. I don't want to go.
Avatar n tn It's just a though, put I think why fevers come and go during tx is when a fever comes it had just found where a virus bug was hiding as a fever means it's fighting some thing in the body and then when there is no fever would mean it has't found a bug yet. This may account for why fevers come and go.
Avatar n tn My WBC has been extremely low throughout this ordeal (even with biweekly Neupogen shots), but I made it through without any major probs. My Dr. told me to take last Neupogen shot this past Wed., (2 days before my last Peg dose which was last night). Does anyone know how long it takes to get that white count back up after stopping? (Have 6 days of riba left).
1051842 tn?1254001192 I didn't have any sides from Procrit. The neupogen gave me a slight fever and bone pain in my legs. It really wasn't too bad at all. And it got better with time. You may have to take these drugs for the entire length of treatment although I hope not. You're lucky you're not having sides from interferon. Feel better soon.
Avatar f tn Neulasta is a peglated version of Neupogen which is also know as filgrastim. It's used to stimulate production of neutrophils, a component of whilte blood cells. It can be taken less often than regular 'ol Neupogen. I found it rougher than Neupgen in that it had some side effects, mainly bone pain. I found Neupogen to be side-less. Aranesp is Darbepoetin Alfa which is like Procrit (epo). It is also taken less often than Procrit.
Avatar f tn % of Blinded Cycles With Events Event Neupogen® N = 384 Patient Cycles Placebo N = 257 Patient Cycles Nausea/Vomiting 57 64 Skeletal Pain 22 11 Alopecia 18 27 Diarrhea 14 23 Neutropenic Fever 13 35 Mucositis 12 20 Fever 12 11 Fatigue 11 16 Anorexia 9 11 Dyspnea 9 11 Headache 7 9 Cough 6 8 Skin Rash 6 9 Chest Pain 5 6 Generalized Weakness 4 7 Sore Throa
547836 tn?1302836432 they are dotty red and itchy, no scaly skin, happens after i get a fever and take a Neupogen and Tylenol. didn't have a problem with rashes before. photos are linked: or can be found on my profile page on medhelp any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time.