Neck pain when looking down

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768044 tn?1294223436 My head will often feel hot when I am having a migraine but not like that... and it has never felt worse when lying down... often it feels better lying down, unless the pain is so bad that I can lie down, but lying down doesn't make it worse then, it just doesn't make it any better... so lying down making the pain worse was just the weirdest thing ever.
Avatar m tn I get dizzy when looking down when reading and then I get nausea. I also get light headed when I cough or sneeze . Is this normal for chiari. Forgot to mention I recently noticed my bottom lip goes numb.
Avatar m tn Sounds like classic disc disease of the neck. Surgery may be the only thing that helps. But I would try cervical decompression and P.T. with a cold laser machine, before any surgery. I'v had 6 neck fusions and with the pain I had the scar on my neck was the last of my worries. If you have arm problems confirmed by M.R.I. you probably are a candidate for surgery, and it will get worse without surgery. There can be permanent damage to your arm if ignored.
Avatar f tn I have ACM 1, my last MRI showed it only at about 7 mm which was a little over a year ago. Last week I was sitting on the couch and had pain in my neck. This happens a lot but always goes away once I get up and start moving or just change positions on the couch. However, this time it got A LOT worse! The pain is simply debilitating when I lay down! In fact I've had to keep a towel under my neck to help me move it when I'm laying down.
Avatar f tn would you mind looking at my post about neck pain? I posted last night and it's down the list a little. . .I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a neurological problem or unrelated to the "probably early MS" that my dr is talking to me about. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi, Im a 33 yr old male that has been having terrible headacks and neck pain for the last 12 years of my life .I have a young family and this neck pain has been ruining my life , Im on 3 different medications had botox injections and other and I still wake up with pain every single day the meds do not take it away just dulls it for about an hour or two if Im lucky. I constintly have a aching neck and I feel a lump or hard spot on the right side of my spin about two fingers down from the base.
Avatar f tn I have vertigo looking down. Have done the Epley maneuver several times. The vertigo is still there. Along with this vertigo, which I've had incidents of daily for about two week, I have a stuffed or dull feeling in my head, and low energy. . Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
Avatar f tn find a GOOD TMJ doctor and get treated for TMJ. I'm in Phx AZ. What i did to relieve symptoms: Remove yourself from stressful situations TMJ treatment (mouthguard, braces if necessary) Acid free diet (read dropping acid) this will help with acid damage and also save your joints, your body will quickly adjust and this really really helps! Work out!!!! Yoga/pilates!!!
Avatar n tn i've seen the DO 4 times, seen a dentist for possible TMJ, seen an ENT (nothing wrong in my throat after looking inside), seen a neurologist (nothing neurological, he sid ) about my neck pain for 9-10 weeks. the pain subsides a bit when i am standing up and i feel the front of my neck tightening when i am sitting down. i have asked over and over but got no answer if there is some muscle pulling somewhere that's straining my neck when i sit down?
Avatar m tn I seem to only feel neck pain in the right side and only when laying down on my right side and only when swallowing. Have seen a ENT and was told throat looked fine. I am thinking it could be an artery.
Avatar f tn If my head is static for any length of time it hurt when I move it especially if I look up, I get very dizzy when I look up, if I am looking down at the computer and raise my head to face forward it hurts. Sitting in front of the computer for five minutes without a brake is enough to set off a HA for me Selma has suggested to me to prop up the end of the bed a few inches so that your feet are above the level of your head and this helps.
1427932 tn?1282986217 Palpitations that wake you from sleep could be an indication of an irregular heart rhythm, it may be normal for you but you need to have your doctor make that call. Neck pain, abdominal pain, cold extremities from circulation issues, fatigue can all be cardiac as well, different medications can cause issues. You didn't mention if your doctor was aware of all of your symptoms. Too much caffeine can cause heart palpitations and stress and diet can have a huge effect on the body.
1660929 tn?1319758789 Lately I've been experiencing vibrations down my spine especially when I bend my neck, like to look down. It's really bad some days especially when I awake on mornings, so I find myself holding my head/neck stiff until it eases off which is usually within an hour. Can anyone say what may be the cause of this and what I can do, if anything to deal with it or ease the pain when it happens?
Avatar n tn When I am lifting a bar with weights over my shoulders I have pain in my left shoulder. I also have numbness and tingling going down my arm. My right shoulder and arm are fine.
8485412 tn?1398416792 Everyone has been looking in the wrong place! The nerves in the spinal cord exit the spine in the neck and go down the arm, and everyone understands that a ruptured disc can cause pain to radiate down the arm - but small branches from several levels break off, join together, and go down along the sides of the spine as the "long thoracic nerve". I know this from personal experience.
Avatar m tn When I turn my head and look up, I feel I could do serious damage if I went too far and the more I turn, the more it escalates. I can also cause this pain by running my fingers down my neck. Anyway, I figured out how to make it stop which is why I am here. Making an "ok" kind of symbol with my right hand, I kind of get a pinch hold of that little area below the flap(?
Avatar f tn I did have some relief with therapy, I do not take any medication. The symptoms that I feel are constant headache, neck shoulder arm pain numbness and weakness in my hands right worse than left. I also have numbness in my right bicep muscle. Would tingling in my feet be related to my neck? I have not be referred to any specialist and am not much of a complainer. I'm back at work, I do a lot of reading and computer work, and my symptoms are back . Just looking for some advice.
Avatar n tn The only way I can keep the pressure from bothering me is to keep my head perfectly straight. Looking down, raising my arms above my head and looking side to side increase the discomfort. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar n tn This comes and goes but I have deep pain toward the top of my head when blinking, closing eye or looking up only in my left eye.
Avatar m tn I made it back to work today, friday, but I am still sore. So far, the pain in neck area is decreased. We'll have to wait and see.
Avatar f tn I do work at a computer all day so neck pain is higher during work week. Less when I am up walking more. Just started thinking more about cci. My ns was touted as a Chiari expert but I am finding she doesn't look for anything else. So when my results came in she said Chiari looks good and minor bulging disk in c3/4 but that would not cause facial tingling. Is there anywhere to find those exercises? Might ho the neck pain. Thanks selma!
Avatar m tn My neck pain has become much worse with time. I initially had a pinched nerve and then the pain started in my neck and went down my arm. I feel fine when I hold my arm over my head. I got x-rays and MRI done at OrthoTexas. The doctors over there said I have cervical neck pain and it needs to be treated asap. I am looking for a second opinion. Please help.
Avatar f tn When I look all the way up, if I support the back of my head there is no pain. The pain also go to my left shoulder now too but still mostly on my left neck. Please help and let me know what I can do to get rid of this pain. I can’t really go out for treatment now since the covid 19 thing. Ps. There is no pain if i keep my head straight. Thank you in advance for all your help, I am greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn The problem is that now the pain is down in my neck and I can hardly turn my head from side to side. The pain feels almost like a burning pain in my neck and major stiffness. I don't see how sinus problems could last for this many months. Can sinus issues also make your neck hurt and be stiff? I don't know where to turn next. The neck pain and the ear noise is definitely getting on my nerves. Does anyone know what could be going on?