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Avatar m tn Hi, Im a 33 yr old male that has been having terrible headacks and neck pain for the last 12 years of my life .I have a young family and this neck pain has been ruining my life , Im on 3 different medications had botox injections and other and I still wake up with pain every single day the meds do not take it away just dulls it for about an hour or two if Im lucky. I constintly have a aching neck and I feel a lump or hard spot on the right side of my spin about two fingers down from the base.
Avatar m tn Sounds like classic disc disease of the neck. Surgery may be the only thing that helps. But I would try cervical decompression and P.T. with a cold laser machine, before any surgery. I'v had 6 neck fusions and with the pain I had the scar on my neck was the last of my worries. If you have arm problems confirmed by M.R.I. you probably are a candidate for surgery, and it will get worse without surgery. There can be permanent damage to your arm if ignored.
Avatar f tn would you mind looking at my post about neck pain? I posted last night and it's down the list a little. . .I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a neurological problem or unrelated to the "probably early MS" that my dr is talking to me about. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I did have some relief with therapy, I do not take any medication. The symptoms that I feel are constant headache, neck shoulder arm pain numbness and weakness in my hands right worse than left. I also have numbness in my right bicep muscle. Would tingling in my feet be related to my neck? I have not be referred to any specialist and am not much of a complainer. I'm back at work, I do a lot of reading and computer work, and my symptoms are back . Just looking for some advice.
Avatar f tn I have vertigo looking down. Have done the Epley maneuver several times. The vertigo is still there. Along with this vertigo, which I've had incidents of daily for about two week, I have a stuffed or dull feeling in my head, and low energy. . Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
Avatar f tn find a GOOD TMJ doctor and get treated for TMJ. I'm in Phx AZ. What i did to relieve symptoms: Remove yourself from stressful situations TMJ treatment (mouthguard, braces if necessary) Acid free diet (read dropping acid) this will help with acid damage and also save your joints, your body will quickly adjust and this really really helps! Work out!!!! Yoga/pilates!!!
Avatar n tn ve seen the DO 4 times, seen a dentist for possible TMJ, seen an ENT (nothing wrong in my throat after looking inside), seen a neurologist (nothing neurological, he sid ) about my neck pain for 9-10 weeks. the pain subsides a bit when i am standing up and i feel the front of my neck tightening when i am sitting down. i have asked over and over but got no answer if there is some muscle pulling somewhere that's straining my neck when i sit down?
Avatar m tn I seem to only feel neck pain in the right side and only when laying down on my right side and only when swallowing. Have seen a ENT and was told throat looked fine. I am thinking it could be an artery.
Avatar f tn If my head is static for any length of time it hurt when I move it especially if I look up, I get very dizzy when I look up, if I am looking down at the computer and raise my head to face forward it hurts. Sitting in front of the computer for five minutes without a brake is enough to set off a HA for me Selma has suggested to me to prop up the end of the bed a few inches so that your feet are above the level of your head and this helps.
1660929 tn?1319758789 Thank you JSSL. The vibrations I feel at times is so intense and I'd feel it throughout my entire body, so all I'd want to do is just lay flat,cause any kind of movement and I feel it. The pain is more in the neck region, and so I can't move my neck or rather I avoid moving cause of the pain and vibrations. MS is on heck of an unpredictable and at times annoying disease!
Avatar n tn These accumulated changes caused by degeneration can gradually compress one or more of the nerve roots. This can lead to increasing pain in the neck and arm, weakness, and changes in sensation. In advanced cases, the spinal cord becomes involved. This can affect not just the arms, but the legs as well”. Taken from
736529 tn?1233080422 I have recently had joint pain all over. I went to my chiropractor for severe neck pain on the left side and pain shooting down to my left shoulder. He has done adjustments but to no avail which is unusual for past neck tension. My left shoulder sometimes burns and than feels numb. I suffer from frequent headaches. I sometimes feel like I am walking of clouds and totally disassociated with myself. I feel this is syptomatic of Chiari and would like to know if this fits the criteria?
Avatar n tn The only way I can keep the pressure from bothering me is to keep my head perfectly straight. Looking down, raising my arms above my head and looking side to side increase the discomfort. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar m tn I made it back to work today, friday, but I am still sore. So far, the pain in neck area is decreased. We'll have to wait and see.
Avatar f tn If so, try to find something to raise it up to eye level so you are not looking down at it, this should help a little with your neck. Here is a link to a spinal chart showing which disks affect what nerves.etc... No worries......take the exercises slowly !!
Avatar m tn My neck pain has become much worse with time. I initially had a pinched nerve and then the pain started in my neck and went down my arm. I feel fine when I hold my arm over my head. I got x-rays and MRI done at OrthoTexas. The doctors over there said I have cervical neck pain and it needs to be treated asap. I am looking for a second opinion. Please help.
Avatar f tn The problem is that now the pain is down in my neck and I can hardly turn my head from side to side. The pain feels almost like a burning pain in my neck and major stiffness. I don't see how sinus problems could last for this many months. Can sinus issues also make your neck hurt and be stiff? I don't know where to turn next. The neck pain and the ear noise is definitely getting on my nerves. Does anyone know what could be going on?
450140 tn?1317947304 I am thinking that the neck pain, headaches,and bloody vomitus may be connected. Your neck vessels through a carotid duplex ultrasound may be assessed also. Narrowing of these vessels may lead to dizziness and headaches. Continue observing your symptoms.Always have someone accompany you at home. At this point, migraine headaches with tension headache component may be a probable diagnosis given that your examinations showed normal results. Keep us posted with regards to your progress.
Avatar f tn I got electrocuted 2years ago and really banged my head. Ever since my neck has had pain. When i look down it sometimes feels the muscle is locking until i jar it out after a few attempts. I hav major loss of motion in all directions and recenctly it really hurts when around the base of my skull. I had an x ray and it showed slight wear and tear on tge bottom discs of my neck so i had an mri to see if there was nerve damage. There wasnt.
Avatar f tn t apart of. My neck pain started in 1999 with my initial neck injury, and surgeries came in 2006-present. I would like to believe that one day I will be pain medicine free, but frankly it beats being in pain 24/7. I do understand that you don't want to take pain meds, I don't either. I usually make it the morning and a little of the afternoon without pain medicine, and many times I'm counting the minutes because it is so difficult to go without pain medicine.
Avatar n tn About 9 months after the operation she was massaging her neck and felt a pain in the back of her neck. Since this time things have got worse for her. She had a crackling noise everytime she moves her head which can either be mild or quite bad depending on what she has been doing. She says it is particularly worse when she is looking up i.e hanging out the washing etc.
Avatar n tn There is a certain type of PT that many benefit from with neck and back pain - but costly if you dont have insurance. People with blown out discs even see good results so its worth looking into. Regular PT is not that great. The neck and back machine that works like no other is called Med -X. Goggle it. These machines are patented so no other brand will do what these do. Maybe contact the company to find out what PT clinic close to you has this particular machine.
Avatar f tn For about a week I had extreme soreness on my jawline. Pain for several weeks in my neck like I had severely injured my neck or something or had influenza, it hurt. Sometimes I noticed my finger joints were so sensitive to touch. A purple spot appeared on the side of my calf and lasted for about a week. I have had this small spot on my inner cheek that seems raised.
137307 tn?1330973997 ve noticed when I move my head down, as if looking at my shoes I start getting this low discomfort that increases down my back until the pain gets so bad I have to look up. Then it gets better. In a way it feels like muscle pain, but it also has this weird pain I can't describe. I never had it before, but it's been going on for a couple months now. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn s have increase my pain and caused increased limitations (turning of my head left, right, looking down and looking up) i have also been experiencing tingling in my left leg with numbness. i am also experiencing constant itching in the palms of my hand and bottom of my feet, not sure if this is related to the shot, but i didnt have this iritation before the shot.
Avatar m tn I get dizzy when looking down when reading and then I get nausea. I also get light headed when I cough or sneeze . Is this normal for chiari. Forgot to mention I recently noticed my bottom lip goes numb.