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Avatar m tn Back pain won't cause neck/jaw pain, but neck/jaw pain can cause back pain. The effects of gravity apply forces downward. It sounds to me like it could be a problem in the upper cervical area (top of the neck), just beneath the skull. Here's a list of specialists in Connecticut... Hopefully one of them is close by: Adam Tanase, D.C. www.drtanase.
Avatar f tn But then I wake up this morning and the whole back of my neck is in pain, and I cant stretch it or touch it without pain. And it comes with verry annoying pains in both temples and ears and behind my eyes as well. And thats not the worst part, my shoulders both are in pain when I move them, or lift things. All the way down to the palms of my hands, and then when I change sleeping positions at night, my hips hurt the same way and all the way down to my feet ..
Avatar n tn It seems to be located deep to the sternomastoid muscle just under the mastoid process of the skull. My doctor said it felt like a trigger point...however it does not hurt at all and feels like it is almost inside or attached to the muscle. It is not visible to the naked eye and can only be felt when slight pressure is applied directly over the muscle. It seems to be aobut 2x2cm and feels like bone. No other symptoms besides anxiety......
Avatar f tn ve been having on/off problems with my upper left back/neck. It all started when i woke up with bad neck pain, i have had physio (sp?) which helped at the time, now i do pilates. But i've started to noticed that when it comes i also get bad lower left skull pain that goes up parrell to my left ear which is very painful. But i've also had it without the neck pain. When i move my head my upper left neck area really hurts and feels very stiff.
Avatar f tn Recently, there is this pulsating back of neck, base of skull pain, sometimes would accompany some dizziness. This pain is very local to the right part of the base of skull, but there is some referred should ache as well. Last time, I experienced the same shooting pain in the same location when sneezing. Maybe it is sinusitis? I have been having seasonal allergies the past year since I started to enjoy hiking a lot. I have never experienced this allergies when I was younger.
Avatar m tn s why you feel pain in your neck, and is probably why the pain extends up to your head. Also, your head pain, you probably bruised the heck out of it, so it's going to be sore for a while. Best thing you can do is slow and easy stretching exercises to loosen up your neck and shoulders where it got jammed up. As for the bruise on your head, aspirin usually helps. I suppose you could have cracked your skull or got a concussion, in which case that will take a lot longer to feel better...
Avatar m tn Started last week with discomfort in my neck when moving pain progressed across my shoulder now has gone up to my ear and across my jaw just on my left side.Any suggestions?Could it be caused by window open in car on that side.
Avatar f tn Then I also had posterior skull pain like it radiated to the right side of my skull.. The burning on the chest has subsided. But I still get this awful pain in my neck and my skull and its tender to touch and feels bruised when I touch it. I have had 2 stellate ganglion blocks that I dont think I got any relief from and one cervical ESI that I believe didnt help, matter of fact I started getting right elbow tingling after that one and I have had one occipital nerve block.
Avatar m tn I use to put one of those doughnut pillows under my neck when I read. Now if I do it I get a painful, burning sensation from the pillow right at the base of my skull.
Avatar n tn Ice made it much worse. I found standing under a hot shower whenever the pain got to a certain threshold and letting the hot water flow down the back of my head and neck for a while did the trick. The drugs he perscribed btw did help me sleep but made me very dizzy and sick to my stomach which only added to the suffering of the headache.
Avatar n tn Things happen 3 days ago, I have a very bad headache. It is throbbing pain at the back of my skull & it is like my whole brain is trying to jump off from the skull. Though it does not prolong, it is killing pain. Then, I have this right shoulder pain from my shoulder to the tip of my fingers & I can feel my finger tips have this tickling feeling. Now the pain continues to spread to the right side of my neck. What actually is happening to me ??? Please advise.....
Avatar n tn I am going thru menupause and the start of very low fatigue 2 years ago, I developed a neck ache at the base of my skull. I know my adrenale glands are not doing good thru the menupause. Taking dreamin for adrenals. Not doing much. But chiro saw that on my legs I had tender points and may have fibromyalgia. Gee now this plus menupause. Anyway. Dr.s do you know why I have the constant dull ache in back of neck? I did not injure neck at all.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing pain in my jaw , when I open my mouth it hurts,I had an exray and nothing was found, then I had a car accident and experiencing pain in my neck ,I can not turn my neck fully with out pain also in the middle of my back is always hurting.I went to chiropractor 6 times he cracked my neck and back , then he sent me to a pain manengent accupunture I do not think it helped much I am concerned about this, should I go to a orthopetic Dr or a nerologist.
Avatar n tn I have had swollen lymph nodes in the neck and back of my head for several months now. They begin under the chin, and travel all the way down to the base of my neck on both sides, as well as at the base of the skull in the back, and down the back of the neck to the base. I have had these about 5 months now. It is also accompanied with ear pain. When swollen, they are soft and tender, and very sore. They are not hard or rubbery to the touch.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I twisted my neck and felt a pop. I had severe pain and had very little range of motion. The pain begins at the base of my skull on the left and right side. I thought the pain would resolve on its own but it hasn't. I have been to a chiropractor, but ended up gettting severe muscle spasms in my neck. I have been to a massage therapist many times, which helps temporarilly, but I cannot afford to go weekly to keep those going. Is there anything else I can do for my neck?
Avatar f tn t cause any direct pain. There is nothing similar on the right side of my neck. At first I thought it was my SCM muscle but I think I can separate that from this mass. I have been having neck tension for months now (since a bppv episode in Dec) as well as random tingles, ear pressure on my left side, dizziness etc that get worse as the day progresses. Sometimes it feels like my neck wants to tilt strongly towards my left. I suspect this might be related.
Avatar f tn I get tightness in my neck on the left side near my skull it radiates to the back of my eye socket on the left
Avatar n tn So if a person is suffering from C5-C6 herniation he will not only have neck pain but also have pain, numbness, arm and hand weakness, jaw pains, chest pains, headaches etc.Pain relievers can be tried for temporary relief but physical therapy is most effective if taken under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist. If the pain persists consult your treating physician ASAP. Take care and good luck!
Avatar f tn It feels like someone has hit me side the head with a baseball bat or hurts at the base of my skull and under neath the sheath of my neck just cracks and sounds like it is crumbling inside...just wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to help this or make it stop.....doctors look at me like I am crazy....maybe I am....
Avatar f tn I got electrocuted 2years ago and really banged my head. Ever since my neck has had pain. When i look down it sometimes feels the muscle is locking until i jar it out after a few attempts. I hav major loss of motion in all directions and recenctly it really hurts when around the base of my skull. I had an x ray and it showed slight wear and tear on tge bottom discs of my neck so i had an mri to see if there was nerve damage. There wasnt.
1458799 tn?1328757528 i have a bulging disc in my lower back and 2 bone spurs in my neck the dr said pain would go down not up my neck i fell alot of pressure in my neck under my skull. when i feel that way my anxiety goes crazy. has anybody ever had this happen?
Avatar n tn I also notice that my left side of my neck, behind the ear, bottom base of the skull and down my neck hurts. soreness. When I move my neck to the right side, it's sore....can this also be a sign of a sinus infection? I'm tired of feeling this way.
Avatar n tn The nexk worries me most because its at the base of my skull. I have had some vertabrea issues, and I have very tight muscles in the neck shoulder area, but never up into this high to the skull. I do have a lot of stress right now, but find it weird that it hurts to touch it with slight pressure. Its just worrisome. I have never had low headaches. I use to get migranes before I went through early menapause, but this is not like a migrane.
744746 tn?1237911852 At the top of a press you feel a pop in the base of your skull where it reaches your neck, then severe pain and aching for the rest of your workout? This was happening to me a lot and now I spend at LEAST 5 minutes warming up my neck muscles before beginning push-ups. Another tip is to keep face down when doing push-ups, that way the strain on your neck is decreased. Hope this helps.