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Avatar f tn I've been having sharp pains at the base of my skull on the left side, they don't last long but they are very sharp, what can this be?
Avatar n tn i have had a soreness at the base of the left side of skull....and when I touch that spot, it feelsl ike a bruise! Also, I can trace the pain down that side of my neck, too! HELP???
1380526 tn?1292839385 I have had dull moderate pressure pain at the base of my skull ever since my surgery over a year ago. Today, I have had intermittent "sharp" pains at the back of my head...not just at the base of my skull. Anyone else experienced this? Thnaks as always!
Avatar n tn ve had intermittent dull to sharp pains in the back-left side of my skull, near the base of the skull where it meets the neck. Today I also feel pain on the top front of my head on the left side. In between pain attacks, I feel my head with a bit more "pressure" as in a normal headache. My left ear popped once as well. Before this happened, I spent a few days "headbanging" more than usual, but the continued pain scares me.
Avatar n tn I have an under active thyroid recently my doctor perscribed taking 50,000 mg of vitamin D for 6 weeks. The fifth week I developed a sharp severe headache on the left side of the base of my skull within a few hours of taking the vitamin D. I've had the headache for a week. I've been taking a migraine medication from a previous perscription. I also have swellings on both sides of the base of my neck connecting to my shoulders. When I told my doctor about this he shrugged it off.
Avatar n tn I am going thru menupause and the start of very low fatigue 2 years ago, I developed a neck ache at the base of my skull. I know my adrenale glands are not doing good thru the menupause. Taking dreamin for adrenals. Not doing much. But chiro saw that on my legs I had tender points and may have fibromyalgia. Gee now this plus menupause. Anyway. Dr.s do you know why I have the constant dull ache in back of neck? I did not injure neck at all.
Avatar m tn Over time I developed some neck and shoulder blade pain. At first the neck pain was sharp at the base of my skull now it’s more so a dull achy pain. Then the last week or so I’ve been dealing with body twitches and a “skin crawling” feeling. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn I'm scared. Lately my blood pressure has been borderline high. And within the past week to two I've gotten this sharp pain at like the base of my skull and very top of my neck in the back. And when I get that I have to stop everything I'm doing, sit there to where it fades enough to get up and go lay down. It's so bad I feel like I might pass out if I move. That's why I wait until it passes enough before I stand up to go lay down.
Avatar n tn ) and goes to the base of my skull and just radiates the pain in the back of my head. It feels like I can feel my pulse in the back of my skull with the pain. Could this be from bad posture? Would one of those shoulder posture braces help? Or should I goto the Dr. and ask for them to MRI me up and check it out? I have a history of head aches and migraines also.. I hate being one of the few cursed with migraines. It ***** to hear ppl who say they never get them..
Avatar m tn The balance and coordination problem seems to come from that centered area where my neck meets the base of my skull. It has extended over the years to include pain at the top of my head and I can actually feel pain when I press down on that portion of my head with my fingers. Now it sometimes seems to cause circulation problems when that area at the base of my skull is really tight and I get dizziness and like the room is spinning.
Avatar f tn precipitation of head pain by neck movement or awkward neck positions, head pain when external pressure is applied to the neck or occipital region, restricted range of motion of the neck, and neck, shoulder and arm pain. Treatment for cervicogenic headache includes physical therapy, medications (one being the one you are currently taking), behavioral therapy, and other modalities.
Avatar n tn Hey I have had a Very sharp horrible pain at the back base of skull/top of neck. it hurts to move my neck and sometimes moving my right shoulder hurts it. its not there in the morning but gets worse thru the day. by night time im in horrible pain. it just happened suddenly. i had been having 2 or 3 headaches a day before it started but they are gone now. it hurts to touch that area. any ideas?
Avatar f tn Usually the pain starts from the neck joint at the base of the skull and radiate up to the base of the skull, top part of your scalp and perhaps behind the ear and back of eye. Usually it is one sided, unless you have neck problems on both sides. It is usually aggravated with prolonged computer use and if your head is turned to one side repetitively or for a prolonged period of time. MRI or xray may just show some degeneration.
605877 tn?1301700646 Based on your description, you may have induced a misalignment within your neck. This can cause muscle spasm at the base of the skull, TMJ area, as well as neck and shoulders. It would behoove you to visit a reputable chiropractor in your area -- the sooner the better... I say that because small problems can often develop into more complicated problems down the road. It'd be easier to fix this now as opposed to later.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I found out that i have worsening instability which may be the reason for the return of some of my symptoms. For those of you with CCI, or had a fusion for CCI, what was your neck pain like. My doctor wanted me to try physical therapy including cervical traction. I'm not sure if i slept wrong one day or not but I have a lot of neck pain when I turn side to side and look up. The pain seems to be at the middle and base of my neck and is very sharp.
Avatar f tn This is going on the 23rd straight day of this. At first I just figured I had a pinched or compressed nerve in my upper nack and skull base....but now that I'm in my 3rd week and there are no signs of the pain diminishing I am getting a little worried. It still feels the same as it did the first day I got it.
Avatar n tn The pain originates at the lower left side of the skull/neck and shoots up and around her ear, to the top of her head and down the front left side of her face. She explains it that if she could cut her head in half she would. The pain that is caused is so unbearable and lasts for hours, one time over 18 hours. She has seen every type of doctor, neourologist, pain managment, physical therapist, nerosurgeon and not one can give her an explination on what and why.
Avatar f tn My headaches are from the base of my skull and radiate upwards to sit above eyes. Lots of pressure as if head were in a vice. Other issues I experience is bilateral weakness in arms and legs, dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, palpitations and motion sickness. They dx me with Vertigo however vertigo is from my understanding circular/spinning sensations and that I do not have mine is more of unbalanced/motion sickness feeling.
Avatar f tn it trobbed and the pain radiated at the base of my neck. Now, thinking back on it, it reminded me of a 'charlie-horse." I prayed, applied pressure, massaging the neck, using a massage wand w/bulb on the end to apply pressure at the back of my head. I have never experienced anything like this before! My thought is pinched nerve?! It is very sore on the spine (at the base of the neck). Pain has subsided, however, the area is very tender, espcially, under the skull on my left...
Avatar m tn I helped her when she awoke with some breathing excercises, laying on her back and stretching the neck muscles out. This lasted about 45 minutes. When I got to the base of her skull (I picked up her neck and messaged the base) it appeared to be mushy with excess fluid to me. I checked my neck, and felt pretty sure that she had an extra 'something' there.
Avatar m tn The pain is most intense at my neck but if I take a deep breath I feel the pain trail along the right side of my neck up towards the base of my skull. It usually goes away after I a while, but comes back at random times during the day. I am only 17 in college, I don't play any sports however I used to run cross country and play Lacrosse in high school.
Avatar n tn What causes sharp shooting pain at the base of skull about an inch behind the left ear? It hits intermittently and travels up.
Avatar m tn Occasionally the base of my skull seemingly locks up and it hurts. Once I'm able to move it it's extremely stiff. The pain is around a 7 or so. I have not done anything that would cause this. The last accident I was in was 2002. I haven't slept funny though sometimes I do wake up and my neck is numb (asleep). Any ideas what would cause this? I know to get seen. I'm active duty military so no problems getting seen.