Neck pain at base of skull

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Avatar n tn i have had a soreness at the base of the left side of skull....and when I touch that spot, it feelsl ike a bruise! Also, I can trace the pain down that side of my neck, too! HELP???
Avatar n tn I am going thru menupause and the start of very low fatigue 2 years ago, I developed a neck ache at the base of my skull. I know my adrenale glands are not doing good thru the menupause. Taking dreamin for adrenals. Not doing much. But chiro saw that on my legs I had tender points and may have fibromyalgia. Gee now this plus menupause. Anyway. Dr.s do you know why I have the constant dull ache in back of neck? I did not injure neck at all.
Avatar n tn For years, I have suffered from occasional, nearly crippling pain at the base of my skull about an inch above my neck. I love my life, and yet have uncontrollable mood swings all the time. Several doctors have tried anti depressents which honestly seem to make me tired and worse, as there is nothing going on that is really depressing me.
Avatar m tn I helped her when she awoke with some breathing excercises, laying on her back and stretching the neck muscles out. This lasted about 45 minutes. When I got to the base of her skull (I picked up her neck and messaged the base) it appeared to be mushy with excess fluid to me. I checked my neck, and felt pretty sure that she had an extra 'something' there.
Avatar n tn ve had intermittent dull to sharp pains in the back-left side of my skull, near the base of the skull where it meets the neck. Today I also feel pain on the top front of my head on the left side. In between pain attacks, I feel my head with a bit more "pressure" as in a normal headache. My left ear popped once as well. Before this happened, I spent a few days "headbanging" more than usual, but the continued pain scares me.
Avatar f tn Well, it is hard to say. We do have a lot of musculature in our skull and behind our ears and it can get tight. Did you have any type of hit to the head?
Avatar f tn Usually the pain starts from the neck joint at the base of the skull and radiate up to the base of the skull, top part of your scalp and perhaps behind the ear and back of eye. Usually it is one sided, unless you have neck problems on both sides. It is usually aggravated with prolonged computer use and if your head is turned to one side repetitively or for a prolonged period of time. MRI or xray may just show some degeneration.
Avatar n tn I did my CT scan on Saturday and the Dr called to say that there is bruising on my brain but it is not near the pain at the base of my skull. My MRI is scheduled for next week and the Dr said they will now do a more in depth MRI after finding the bruising. What is your thougts on what is causing my headaches and are they related to the bruising? Why would I have bruising now with no recent head trama?
Avatar f tn About 3 years ago I noticed a hard mass at the base of my skull on the left side of my neck. Probably 1/2" large. I hadn't noticed it before. It wasn't painful, it was very hard, fixed, and circular shaped. I had my EMT father look at it, and he passed it off saying it just felt like I had an oddly shaped skull. So, I mostly forgot about it since it wasn't bothersome, and he didn't express concern. A year or so later, I noticed the same mass.
4163447 tn?1351260845 Hi there! I have been having a strange feeling at the very base of my head near my neck on the right side - more or less a feeling of pressure, not pain. It's been there for more than a year and half, and it keeps on getting worse, especially lately. Throughout the last week it has been accompanied by miniature blackouts and a feeling of pressure on the ears and the eyes. I went to an orthopedic doctor about 4 months ago and he gave me an anti-inflammatory and pain killer sort of medicine.
Avatar f tn I started having pain at the base of my skull that radiates up into the head that sorta burns. It has been happening for months now, It used to happen once everyother week well now it is happening 2-3 times a day. i went to my doctor and told her the symptoms such as of course left base of skull pain, major left eye twitching, eyes going blurry, extreme tiredness, moderte hair loss, pressure, and just over all not feeling well.
Avatar n tn My migraines start from the back of my neck on the right side mainly right under the base of my skull. The pain is like someone is pinching me so hard. My shoulders are also very tense and the rest of my neck. That eventually leads to my migraine right over my right eyebrow it radiates from my neck to there. I have been everywhere actually I went to a headache center they gave me nerve block injections in these areas. I take imitrex for my migraines 100mg's which works great!
Avatar m tn Occasionally the base of my skull seemingly locks up and it hurts. Once I'm able to move it it's extremely stiff. The pain is around a 7 or so. I have not done anything that would cause this. The last accident I was in was 2002. I haven't slept funny though sometimes I do wake up and my neck is numb (asleep). Any ideas what would cause this? I know to get seen. I'm active duty military so no problems getting seen.
Avatar n tn d just hear that fizzling sound at the back of my neck, or at the base of my skull... I really hope this is nothing serious... I've tried research for this weird thing that's happening to me, but unfortunately, only a handful have reported to have been experience this. Please if you have any information, email me at ralamis(at)yahoo(dot)com Thank you so much!!!
Avatar n tn I also have swellings on both sides of the base of my neck connecting to my shoulders. When I told my doctor about this he shrugged it off. I also have night sweats several times a night. I am 60 years old.
Avatar n tn Hers is usually on the right side of the back of her neck, close to her hairline at the base of her skull. On each side of the back of your neck there is a tendon, thats where hers would appear. When our family doctor first looked at it, he said he could drain it in a minor surgery. She was 14 yrs. old then and what he said freaked her out. So we got a second opinion from another doctor who sent her to a Physical Therapist.
Avatar m tn 4cm neck protruding forward roughly c5 to base of skull no curve at all. (yrs of damage we assume) the chiro says could take 9 mths to realign the bone placement. what can she use in the mean time for the constant migrane pain and is the chiro practor doing more harm than good. . the pain relief seems to be minimal.
Avatar m tn The real concern is my mid and upper neck right at ther base of my skull. My upper back and neck make a sandy/rice crispy treat noise and the base of my skulls clunks when doing almost any type head movement. No pain yet but i dont want it to get that far. i was originally perscribed anti-inflamatory and muslce relaxers with no real change.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing that same crackling sound at the base of my skull with movement of my neck. I too in the medical field and experiencing some stress as well as some sinus/ear problems and tingling or crawling sensation in posterior neck. Migraines is also a problem, thinking this is just hormonal. Please let me know if you have resolved this issue since 2010 and what the problem was.
Avatar f tn Hi, om sorry for your pain, I know that kind of pain is horrendous to live with!! I experience similar pains right in the middle of neck neck right where my neck attaches to the base of my skull but its because I have what's called "forward head syndrome". I see a chiro for this.
Avatar f tn My grandmother passed away a week ago and the pains are worse than ever! There is a burning sensation at the base of my skull and in my neck and I am now finding it difficult to sleep as the burning persists and my neck feels like stone. I do have some history of anxiety attacks...when I was in university I think I had a headache that lasted an entire year!
Avatar f tn Sometimes pain shoots up towards my head and sometimes it shoots down to my neck, especially when I try to look up. The pain gives me limited mobility of my neck because of a pull I feel there. About two months ago my neck started hurting horribly, I went to the doctor and he said it was torticolis from sleeping in a bad position for years (on my side with my face not touching the pillow) and was prescribed Medrol, Flexeril, and Naproxen and given steroid shots.
Avatar f tn s moving. I started getting jaw pain too. The tightness is always at the base of my skull and goes in like a circle to my eyes. I originally thought it was a tension headache but almost 6 months later, and it's still there. I've been to every doctor you can imagine, too many to list and no one has come up with anything. I've had Cat Scans and MRIs and everything comes back normal. Now my right shoulderblade area on my back is VERY tight too.
Avatar m tn Degenerative disc disease (narrowing of spaces between discs) Facet Syndrome (pain, spasms, inflammation of connective tissue surrounding joints and trigger points at base of skull that turn the head) Bulging Discs due to injury (showed up on cervical MRI) Arthritis I have had PT to help recover from the injury. Traction, massage, cervical/back exercises, electrical stimulation. Use heat/cold therapy and meds when absolutely necessary.