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1903798 tn?1333905288 So today was my first day of physical therapy. I was relieved that she actually knew about chiari and EDS. I had a little fun when she wanted to check range of motion...I giggled...she asked what was funny and I said remember I have EDS. After my evaluation she decided there was no way anyone should be doing manipulations to my body. I was glad. She said ok stretch and strengthening it is for you. She also said she would not be pushing down on my head due to my PFD.
Avatar f tn Selma has neck exercises posted on the forum that could probably help. I went to physical therapy for 8 months after my surgery and it did help. The physical therapist researched chiari and syringomyelia and did not allow me to do anything that caused pain- ie: if the exercise caused pain she discontinued it and had me try something else. You may also benefit from seeing an occupational therapist.
Avatar n tn I have had migraines for ten years and I take relpax at the onset of a headache, sometimes though it gets to be too often and I cannot take relpax anymore than 3 times a week I know that my neck has quite a lot of knots and i get a lot of pain from my back especially neck before a migraine and I do believe they start from there. Does anyone know if physical therapy help migraines? can anyone help in pointing me towards the right thing?
Avatar f tn He gave me a prescription for physical therapy and said that they have a great prenatal therapy with a whirlpool. Has anyone ever done therapy for pain during pregnancy?
4268628 tn?1375041176 Hello ladies! I highly suggest physical therapy for joint pain! I'm don't agree with the group sessions tho! You can always try and if ita not for you then seek another therapist and/or clinic. You need 1 on 1 with a therapist that is skilled in manual therapy, muscle energy, and strain counterstrain! I am a physical therapist and treat many pregnant women with much success! Now with that said some pains will not be fully releived until baby is delivered!
Avatar f tn Ordered to wear a cervical collar and isometric physical therapy. The appt. was alot of coverage and overwhelming so as soon as the report comes in I will have a better understanding as to the blockage and everything going on. Have been to physical therapy in the past but very short term. 3 sessions. Oh and EDS dx as well. Waiting on my insurance approval for PT.....found isometric cervical exercises on Mayfield Clinic website but they make me dizzy, lol.
1475823 tn?1287126986 i am feeling pain in my neck and shoulders for the last ten years it was bearable before but now getting worse please guide
Avatar f tn Hi Well it's been 6 months since my last surgey and I still have alot of pain, I tried everything, physical therapy,pain shots and lots of pain pills[which i'm still taking] I lost my job because of this and I am so unhappy.Just reading your comment has giving me some hope I go to the doctor on 3-27 and I'm gonna tell him your story and tell him he needs to do something!
Avatar m tn Have had neck pain after accident recent MRI C3-C4 minimal disc bulging,C4-C5 minimal disc bulging,mild bi-lat foraminal stenosis,C5-C6mild facet disease left greater than right,moderate left foraminal stenosis,C6-C7 minimal disc bulging,C7-T1 minimal disc bulging. Impression mild bilateral C4-C5 foraminal stenosis,Moderate left C5-C6 foraminal stenosis.
Avatar f tn I also had bone density test done and my results came back as having osteopenia in neck area. Went for physical therapy took medication doesnt seem to help..
Avatar f tn It only took 3 or 4 visits before the pain was under control. Another option would be physical therapy, but usually a good chiro doc will give you stretching excercises to do at home anyway to further your improvement. Good luck!
953806 tn?1295460936 please is this condition is for neurosurgy o neurology, thank you very much. I HAVE MANY NECK PAIN.. AND WHEN I TURN MY HEAD I HAVE PAIN, I TAKE MANY MEDICATION FOR PAIN KILLER. BEEN IN PAIN CLINIC, QUUIROPRATIC, F.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old son had decompression surgery in Jan 08 and for the last 2 months has been suffering from pain in his upper back, neck and shoulders. A physical therapist says he has large knots in his muscles. the therapy helps a little but his pain is constant. Has anyone else had this experience after surgery? Also he has short statue but his thyroid tests have come back normal.??? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I did medical massage which was a life saver, saw a chiropractor and did physical therapy. All helped significantly. I would consider getting a full evaluation. Now, with the chiropractor, I had a huge issue with my neck being - cracked- up high, so they used other procedures. They used cold and heat, they used this machine that provided electrical impulses and finally this tool they have that mimicks the chiropractor cracking.
Avatar f tn It is usually a one sided pain but can be on both sides of the head. Treatment includes physical therapy, medications, and in some cases injections, "nerve blocks", during which a physician injects the irritated nerves with an anesthetic.
Avatar f tn Google the term and and read everything you can find so that you can make an informed decision. I would try physical therapy first, or even possibly a chiropractor. Good luck.
599170 tn?1300973893 THIS is very affective for a lot of muscular problems, which might cause more pain if you are protecting your back/neck by changing positions into ones that aren't in good posture, as well as lying in bed more than just for sleep, or not being able to turn as much in bed.
Avatar n tn Went to physical therapy. Headaches have gone away, but neck pain continues. Pain is in upper part of neck and is a dull, nagging continuous pain. I experience dizziness, lightheadedness when standing or moving. When I read my face feels flush and get lightheaded. I also feel stiffness in my body. Don't know what to do. Any suggestions on what is going on.
599170 tn?1300973893 odd though as of 3 mths ago notice severe neck pain. Went to docs ( family dr) 2 weeks ago got pain meds, muscle relaxers and a series of x-rays. Doctor seemed concerned sia I was having many spasms and my neck vertabrae are totally straight insead of sligh curve as should be. He also said he thinks I have DDD.
Avatar f tn Same scenario, follow up, but still in excruciating pain. He finally told me after prescribing physical therapy like 3 times with no improvement that could no longer prescribe pain medication for me. So I tried not taking anything and just dealing with the pain. But I couldn't sleep and was in tears the pain was so bad. I called my ortho dr. back and he referred me to a Pain Mgmt Clinic which I am still going to, have been since 2006.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a neck problem too. I have neck pain just by sitting and tingling and numbness in my right arm. Anyways, I found this book on how to treat your back and neck by Robin McKenzie. It gives you exercises you can do. I started doing them my condition improved a lot. I still have problems but getting better. You should give it a try.