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Avatar f tn I been felling pain in the left side of my neck for 10 days, it also goes to my left ear like a palpitation that hurt. and when I move my head to the righ I feel like my head is goig to fall of my neck. sometimes I feel that my heart beat rapidily for a minute or so and then come back to normal. Can someone help me because I really want to know. my family has history of heart problems, but It could also means just stress. thanks.!
Avatar m tn That you feel the pain when you move your neck but have no pain with breathing is most consistent with a muscular cause. This type of pain would almost never accompany bronchitis or any other disease within the lungs themselves, including pneumonia. If a muscular pain, it is probably related to an awkward sleeping position and should subside spontaneously, quickly.
Avatar n tn My mother is 58 and for the past two years has been suffering from chronic muscle pain in her arms and has now spread to her her legs, neck, feet and generally all over. The doctors she has seen say it is to do with her bones and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis have been suggested but she is adement that it is her muscles that are the problem. She has likened the pain to chronic arthritis (but in her muscles), and also extremely servere cramp.
Avatar f tn for while now i have bad neck pain it seems to be coming from middle of my neck when the pain arrives it makes me very dizzy and can knock me of balance..its not very nice when this pain is hitting me...
Avatar f tn Trigger point injections by a physiatrist may be a great benefit to you as trigger points are the main cause of myofascial pain syndrome (aka severe muscular pain). I also have myofascial pain syndrome. I find that along with a muscle relaxer and antidepressant, Theracane therapy helps tremendously. A Theracane is used to apply deep pressure on the trigger points. Repeated frequent use reduces the pain signals released by the trigger points.
Avatar m tn by the way does (1)muscular pain in ARS usually occur all over the body including leg, arm, groin, neck or it can be localised to only one area? (2) is it too severe or mild? (3) can anxiety really cause muscular aches? i'm deeply worried and anxious.......
Avatar f tn When I look all the way up, if I support the back of my head there is no pain. The pain also go to my left shoulder now too but still mostly on my left neck. Please help and let me know what I can do to get rid of this pain. I can’t really go out for treatment now since the covid 19 thing. Ps. There is no pain if i keep my head straight. Thank you in advance for all your help, I am greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn ) thats i supposdely got that muscular prob....anyways..the pain in my head is at the top mainly...and goes to my temples sometimes....i have talked to my drand she said its just tension!!!!!! but the pain last maybe 10 to 15seconds each time...she told me to take tylenol and moist heat...well thats not working...any advice on what else this can be? oh and it comes on and off like 6 times a day. no fever just pain.its getting down right annoying and its soo scary when i feel that pain!!
Avatar f tn I also have been writhing in pain all weekend. My glands are swollen in the front of my neck. Do I go to my Neuro or my GP?? I dont know what to do....Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I'm recently dx, April 2011. I've suffered on and off in the passed with neck pain, it hurts just to hold my head up. Does anyone else suffer from this? Is this even a symptom of ms? I feel like things I ignored in the past may have been symptoms that I didn't realize.
Avatar n tn sudden neck gland pain after dental work?
627017 tn?1222125067 Hello. I am sorry to hear of the constant pain you suffer with. I'm wondering what makes you think that the pain is Muscular? It sounds very much to me as if the Cervical area really is the culprit. Have you had a recent MRI or Scan? I would defifitly consult your Physician. I have had Surgery on that very area of the neck with pain just like yours and I ended up having a fusion. I had degeneration at C5&6 also. My muscles were also very sore.
Avatar m tn Now a year later I feel this heavy pressure in the back of my neck....No pain into my arm or in my neck - Just pressure and a slight on and off pain in my shoulder. (I also tore my rotator cuff a few years back). I generally feel pretty good in the morning and the pressure gets worse as the days goes on. I feel better when laying down as opposed to standing up. In addition at times I feel pressure in my ears. I did go to an ENT for this twice and both times he said my ears were fine.
Avatar n tn I have had bad back and neck pain for as long as i can remember I am 27 years old. In 2005 i went to sports medicine doctor and he dignosed me with muscular skeltal disorder saying my neck is hypermobile he sent me to physcal therepy which did not help at all, my neck and back was so tense they had to give me cortozone shots as well as shock thepary . Also my hips are uneven every time they try to put them in place within seconds the pop back out.
Avatar f tn d see a TMJ specialist, ot a PT knowledgable abut the head and neck. This type of pain is usually muscular, but sometimes can be helped with certain types of dental intervention.
Avatar f tn I had mri last year for body wide twitching. Neuro also ordered c spine as a precautionary. Oddly, they found this... had no neck pain. Now I'm having terrible neck and shoulder pain, only upon bending neck and shoulders backwards. Had deep tissue massage yesterday, and therapist said I had the worst knots and tension she had ever seen. I'm a 28 up female. Said my pain is probably muscular. Could it be arthritis? I'm confused...
16431392 tn?1447875874 The neck pain and muscular stiffness is favourite common and can be caused by stress or anxiety, or sometimes vital. Massage, especially shiatsu can help a great deal - try a couple of sessions of that at your local massage therapist. The bad feelings you're experience are very common after pregnancy, try to focus on other things, and talk about it with your local nurse or clinic.
Avatar n tn I had neck pain and shorter blade pain as well. I found going to a chiropractor helped quite a bit, through chiropractic adjustment, and adjustments to posture. I also found out later on that since my car accident I had a cervical disk pressing on my spine. Since the surgery the neck pain and shoulder blade pain has been considerably better.
Avatar m tn ve been getting pain in the right side of my neck, around my carotid artery when I am in the middle of a workout.. the pain gets somewhat intense and worrisome. Could this be an aneurysm?
Avatar m tn LLLT gave more effective short-term relief of arm pain and increased range of neck extension in patients with acute neck pain with radiculopathy in comparison to the placebo procedure." Another study concluded it was effective in patients with variety of musculoskeletal pain including fibromyalgia. Why do you ask?
Avatar f tn I got electrocuted 2years ago and really banged my head. Ever since my neck has had pain. When i look down it sometimes feels the muscle is locking until i jar it out after a few attempts. I hav major loss of motion in all directions and recenctly it really hurts when around the base of my skull. I had an x ray and it showed slight wear and tear on tge bottom discs of my neck so i had an mri to see if there was nerve damage. There wasnt.
Avatar n tn If its been longer on and/or then it could be anything from 0stiophites (bone spurs) to degenerative disc disease in the neck and/or shoulder. but because you say the pains are not constant, it could be lungs, gas pains or just being muscular skeletal, the only way to know for sure is to go into see a doctor, additional questions and tests, I would start with a simple x-ray of the shoulder and cervical spine. this will also give a high level picture of gas, muscl strain etc...
Avatar m tn I have pain in between the shoulder blade of my left shoulder when i put my arm up and stretch to the right i can feel the pain between increasing,also i have problems in sitting without support to my neck ,i get neck pain neat to the top part of the shoulder and the point where neck joins the spine.Also i feel that my lower left shoulder is unrelaxed when sitting,always causes kind of tied up feeling. I had gone to a doctor x rays of the neck and shoulder were fine.
Avatar f tn I had a discetomy c5-6 five years ago, recently have started having pain in neck and some mornings when I get up it is like neck is stuck and have to rise from bed holding neck until I can get it to loosen up.Also suffer from headaches and get occasional cramps in my neck.Do you think I have a new cervicle neck problem?My surgery went well and I used my own hip bone as replacement along with plate and screws.Thought I would do some checking online for answers before consulting my doctor.
Avatar f tn It feels like the pain is starting from neck or shoulder, and it goes stright thru my shoulder and down in my hand and fingers. They are all pins and needles and a throbbing pain. It is unbareable at this point and i can t get into my orthopedic until next week the earliest. What can i do and what does this sound like. I have not been in any car accidents are anything of that nature. It has just come on out of no where.
Avatar f tn ok my endo says my neck pain has nothing to do with the thyroid haha its my right side lymp nodes hurt neck painfull travels in my arm neck head and eye pain now it is traveling down my spine . i just wnt to a new doctor , waiting to see what he can do i was very active and now im bearly getting threw the day. my shoulders are weak yoga poses hurt my back and neck i feel like im choking. does this go away or is this my life from here on out??? where do we find help???