Neck and shoulder pain numbness and tingling

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Avatar n tn What is a picnhed nerve? The pain is not constant and I do not have numbness, tingling or muscle weakness. It is more like a ache not a constant pain. What could I discuss with my doctor?
Avatar n tn For the past one year, i have been taken to the ER a couple of times where i was treated for pinched nerve, neck pain, muscle strain, sprained neck and back and muscle spasm. The pain on my neck and shoulder is getting worse. Sometimes the pain on my shoulder shoot down my arm and my arm swells up. There will be tingling, numbness, weakness. Could someone please tell me what is going on. Before the injury, i was not having any pain but now, i cannot go a day without pain Please help.
Avatar f tn This tilt, plus any deformation of the disc that may have worked its way into the foraminal space can put the nerve roots under pressure, causing symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, and other so-called dysthesias. In short, the nerves are being squeezed. They have a name for this also -- foraminal stenosis. I read another problem -- anterior spurring. When discs and bones succumb to DDD, this causes an inflammatory scarring that results in calcium formation (osteophytes).
Avatar n tn My PT thinks my shoulder is impinged and that I have cubital tunnel in my elbow. I have neck pain, mostly on the sides. My neck cracks and creaks when I turn it. My shoulder hurts on the front by my armpit, and the back just below my right shoulder blade. My shoulder pops and cracks when I move it up, and I have difficulty pushing in or out with my arm. My shoulder often feels stiff, like I need to crack it, and I try not to. It hurts to lift my arm over my head, or to lift heavy things.
Avatar n tn Her symptoms started out as back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Her back started tingling 2 weeks after the pain started. She was given muscle relaxers and an anti-Inflammatory. She then started going to a Chiropractor. She could feel her neck tightening every time she was there because she was nervous. After the adjustments the tingling went from her upper back to all over her back and neck and she was even feeling tingling in the back of her head.
2150728 tn?1336535201 Before, I would experience excruciating shoulder and neck pain that would shoot pain down my right arm to my right thumb and forefinger. After the surgery, I had numbness and a burning sensation in my right thumb and thumb pad and my right fore finger. My doctor said if by a year I didn't get the feeling back I would never get it back at all. Recently, since this past Sunday, I have been experiencing numbness and tingling down my LEFT arm only with less pain as it was with the right.
Avatar n tn My problem started with Upper Back and Neck Pain. I felt pain in my spine that moved to my left shoulder blade. I also had stiffness and aching. My hands felt stiff and numb about 2 weeks after the pain started. I went to a doctor and they took x-rays and said that 2 of my Vertebrae were narrower then the others in my neck and may be pressing on my nerves and gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory. Instead of taking the medicine, I decided to go to a Chiropractor.
Avatar n tn i woke one morning and had no feeling when using the bathroom, a slight tingling in my lower right leg, and some sort of spasming going on in my left leg. i thought nothing of it because all of the symptoms basically went away. around 2 hours later my right leg went numb. i went to the emergency room. i was diagnosed with a "bone spur" on c5/c6 and sent home w/ meds.
Avatar f tn Originally i had been going for a issue with my rotary cuff, i had hurt my shoudler at work and i have been doing aqua therapy, plus the physio, they sent me to a specialist to see what else can be done, because a couple months after my injury i ended up having some tingling in my shoulder blade, and then up my neck, not to mention the sharp pain i have been getting there.
Avatar f tn Repeating sentences and getting lost in my hometown. Pain in neck + shoulder blades = 'cervical arthritis' C-4 and C-5 (I think) Started with tingling sensation from one arm, across back + blades, then down other arm. Now tingling and numbness in left arm goes down to new area (left hand and 3 fingers for the last 3 days) Hands originally uninvolved. Should I be concerned about new hand involvement or is this part of silent stroke? Allergic reaction to gabapentin.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if I have a pinched nerve - I have pain in my right shoulder/shoulder blade and a numbness/tingling/burning sensation from my shoulder to mid between my elbow and wrist........ Your thoughts?
Avatar n tn Im the same as above, `i only get this when im lying in bed asleep and then i wake up in real pain, my shoulder blade hurts causing the pain to get worse on my shoulder which, causes numbness, tingling, horrific pain, arm is limited and i seriously dont know what it is or how to get rid.
Avatar n tn well yesterday me and my wife went to the lake and my shoulder and neck is not botheing me this morning could it be. i think that streaching them has helped.
Avatar n tn Nociceptive pain arises as a result of direct stimulation of nerve endings within the structure that is also the source of pain. Axial neck pain is perceived as dull and aching, and is often accompanied by referred pain (referred pain is perceived in a region other than the pathological source of pain).
Avatar n tn Last week i woke up with a tingling and numbness in my right arm. It stemmed from my shoulder where i had an achiness. The tingling is subsiding now, but the arm still feels a bit weak and hurts at the shoulder blade. The day before i felt this, i was doing yoga so i'm thinking that perhaps i may have strained myself. Its only on one side of my body (just the right arm) so i dont think its MS. (wouldnt it be in both sides and in the legs also if this was a possibility?
Avatar m tn I did some searching online at views of the neck. I noticed that the SCM is the muscle track where the tingling, pain and numbness is. I don't know if this will help the doctor when I speak with him. But at least I know its kind of centralized. It seems it would be more nervous system then Muscle but maybe it was based on the muscle. At first I had thought maybe it was Shingles, but it has been 6 days and I haven't seen a rash yet, so I would rule that out.
Avatar n tn I had started lifting weights about 5 months ago then numbness and tingling in left arm started and pain in neck and shoulder, most of the pain is gone but still have numbness in left arm. Have stopped weight lifting and started physical therapy just hoping for numbness to go away. Is this a pinched nerve and what should I do for numbness to go away?
Avatar n tn For five weeks I have been experiencing numbness and tingling. The numbness and tingling started in lower arms and legs and has progressively spread to entire arms and legs. Also I feel tingling on the top of my head and sometimes the sides of my face. A couple of days ago the left side of my face including left nostril went numb for a few minutes like I was getting a cavity filled. This happed twice in the same day. When I sneeze I feel tingling all over.
531416 tn?1213149279 My right side is worst with numbness, tingling and sometimes pain from my right shoulder blade down to my fingers. (very annoying) Also these symptoms run down my legs to my feet. Scale from 1:10 on pain w/numbness is about an 8 most of the time. When I sit my legs get numb sometimes. It all gets worst at night. the back of my neck hurts and into the shoulders again. I take plaquenil and after my ER visit this past friday they put me on Celebrex which I took 6 years ago.
Avatar n tn For the past month, I am experiencing severe numbness and pain in my 3rd and 4th fingers during the night on both sides, but worse in my right hand. It is painful enough to wake me and hurts plenty when the numbness --> tingling. I sleep on my sides and have for years without problems. I have been dealing with a shoulder injury (slipped and fell on some ice last winter), but it did not lead me to seek a medical evaluation.
531416 tn?1213149279 I have for the past 5 years had a hard time sleeping on my right side but now I am having numbness and tingling in both my arms and hands. My right side is worst with numbness, tingling and sometimes pain from my right shoulder blade down to my fingers. (very annoying) Also these symptoms run down my legs to my feet. Scale from 1:10 on pain w/numbness is about an 8 most of the time. When I sit my legs get numb sometimes. It all gets worst at night.
Avatar n tn Hello I had a neck fusion at c5/c6 about 3 years ago and now I have neck pain, shoulder to shoulder pain, and pain through my left arm, tingling and some numbness on two small left fingers and some headache. My recent MRI shows I have a broad-base disk bulging at c/4/c5 with AP canal diameters of about 8 mm, @ c3/c4 minimal disk bulge and c6/c7 minimal broad-base disk bulge. Can I get the prestige disk replacement and could it help with the problems I am having?
Avatar n tn I am experiencing a tingling feeling on the top of my head and numbness on the left side of my face. I went to my doctor for bad neck and shoulder pain and my arms go numb. But the tingling and num,bness started after I saw my doctor. he started me on Cymbalta for nerve pain and anxiety. He is also sending me for a nerve study. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Should I be concerned? Please help!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I sat and rested for about 15min and the pain was gone. Starting the next day had numness and tingling and my calfs stay so sore. Went to my doctor and he said it may be buerger's desease, and put me on a pill called platel and tested my blood flow, the test came out good now I have pain in borh legs from knee down burning, numbess, I can stoop down now and have a hard time getting up.