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Avatar n tn I would think your neck nodes were swollen. Since you are sick, you may be lying in bed with more pillows and bending your neck wrong. It's just not unusual to have neck pain when you are sick, although a very stiff neck can be a sign of meningitis, so be sure you keep that in mind.
Avatar n tn ve been massaging my neck, taking hot showers with water on my neck, using one of those pillows you can heat and wrap around the neck. I thought perhaps I just pulled a muscle and it will get better with time. But it's been over 2 weeks now, it hurts very much and not getting better. What do I do? Thanks in advance for any help and advice!
1736415 tn?1310564586 whats the best pillow for neck, shoulder and back pain? When I lie down I get a sore neck and my shoulder can play up from time to time also which spreads to my back. Could you advise me of the best pillow that I could get please? Its a big stress for me sometimes getting a good night sleep!
Avatar n tn I have pain inbtwn my shoulder blades that radiates above my left shoulder blade and into the left side of my neck. Its my trapizius (sp) muscle. Wouldn't hurt to check out if its the same thing your going through. Massage and ice and essential oils along with a chiropractor is what's helping mine.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am only 8 weeks,but I already am showing a bit and already don't feel food sleeping on my stomach so I sleep on my sides,for three daya now my right shoulder is killing me so bad that even when I'm asleep and want to turn to the other side,I wake up from pain...what should I do?
Avatar n tn I suggest you to apply cold compresses on the right side shoulder and take some anti inflammatory pain killers like Diclofen or Ibuprfen after prescription from your doctor. Give complete rest to the part , apply some topical muscle relaxants and avoid doing any activity like raising your arms or stretching the arms which causes any further damage.
Avatar n tn My wife had observed that the pain starts from right hand just below shoulder joint and slowly upto shoulder area and then to neck area to back side of head whenever she lies down on back ( 15 to 20 minutes after lying down).Apart from the neck and shoulder excercises she started doing steam inhalation as advised by Physiotherapist and heat therapy for shoulder and neck muscles.
Avatar f tn It could be a rotator cuff problem, or it could originate in your neck. Both would be common causes of shoulder pain and dysfunction like this. At night, use pillows to support the arm. Maybe YouTubes like this will help you:
Avatar m tn The pains are constantly present and are located between my spine and left shoulder blade, my left trapezoid, and my left chest between the breast bone and nipple. The pain increases when breathing deeply and also while lying down on my back. But the weirdest part of all of this is while lying on my back or on my left side, if I breathe in deeply I can hear & feel clicking or popping deep within the chest. This also occurs on the deep exhale.
Avatar f tn I recently made a cotton neck roll to place between me and my pillow (to help support my neck) and it has helped slightly. I tried memory foam pillows but they are just to big or high for my comfort. I also have a long neck. During the day I do have some neck pain, but it's not really that bad (it used to be so bad but I fixed it with physical therapy). I also use hot and cold packs which fix my neck during the day, if needed.
Avatar f tn What is the cause of my neck pain? Is it a pinched nerve? back pain pillow This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Back--Neck-Pain/neck-issues/show/937996">neck issues</a>.
Avatar m tn For almost a month now I've been waking up every morning with a painful neck muscle. It's located in the back of my neck on the left side just above where the shoulder and neck meet. It's most noticeable when I turn or move my head in certain ways. It's at its worst first thing in the morning and is less noticeable throughout the day. I've tried changing pillows, heating pads and changing what position I sleep in.
Avatar n tn physiotherapy is Best option for pain management, in Physiotherapy they use natural media and exercise to treat and it's work. My aunt also go through the problem like this.
Avatar f tn I would have some pain when moving my neck and could feel it down to bottom of shoulder blade. My shoulder and deltoid area became sore in weeks to follow. My grip strength did improve, still have shoulder weakness and now muscle twitching on that arm and also on other parts of my body., but no weakness there. I was adjusted several time by the chiropractor and given massages as well. The pain in my neck area is pretty much dimidhed now or non pain at all on some days.
1903798 tn?1333905288 I found a pillow at Penny's that have the little bead's in it and it forms to the head. It is a life saver. Also I know Beauty control has the neck rap's that I also highly recommend. I have 2 acturally. 1 alway's in the freezer for a cold pack and other for microwave for heat. I used to sew and make the neck wrap's. I love them and it also help's support the neck. Hope this also help's. Good luck with the pillow.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me and it was hard not to sleep directly on that shoulder. oh and I got one of those neck support pillows which also helped.
Avatar n tn I have already been diagnosed with arthritis but I'm not sure if the pains I experience are related to arthritis as I've not read anywhere of someone who experiences the same as me. I get a lot of neck, upper back & shoulder pain, and when I raise my arms higher than shoulder level I experience pins and needles in my hands which is quite severe, this is accompanied by numbness in the hands & shoulders. Then the shoulders will seize and are then painful to move.
Avatar f tn Have you tried only sleeping on 1 pillow? My doctor advised me many years ago to only use one pillow. I found the neck pillows that you can purchase these days were very uncomfortable and didn't suit me. I have to sleep with my shoulders off the pillow too because of neck problems. The other option is to try and sleep in a more propped up position so that you do not put pressure on your shoulder. It appears that your head pains could be from the arthritis in your neck.
611254 tn?1223914841 I was recently diagnosed with C5-6 Cervical Degenerative Disk Disease, C3-4 Cervical Arthritis, C6-7 bulging disk in my neck and C3-4 Spondylitic disease. Therefore I have terrible neck and shoulder pain as well as a chronic headache that bands the lower back of my head from ear to ear. Aleve, Advil and Tylenol isn't helping with my pain nor my headaches. I was given Darvocet for pain relief but one doesn't help and if I take two, it makes me physically ill.
Avatar f tn Hi matd, I broke my neck playing softball some years ago and have had issues with neck pain and shoulder pain as well as headaches periodically. I have purchased several expensive pillows that promised to relieve the headaches and pain but none of them worked. I found that if my pillow is flat and my neck well supported I sleep more comfortably and wake with less pain and headaches. There are a multitude of opinions on facet joint and cervical injections.
Avatar f tn I cant lay on my back for more than 5 or 10 mins without achey pain in my shoulder blade and shoulder. I sleep propped up on 6 pillows and a bean bag chair, i cant even remember the last time i slept more than a few hours without achhing pain.I have been to 3 doctors and the first one said i was fine, second said i had bursitis and rotator cuff tendinitis and told me i just have to live in pain, third one says its instability and the PT says its biceps tendonosis and myofascial pain.
7827642 tn?1396958758 I have that problem too. I lay on my left and my right shoulder/neck hurts and vice versa...guess I will try the pillows as well. I am only 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn i started getting this horrible sharp pain in the back of my left side of my head and it also effects my neck and shoulder area. does it sound like any concern to you. stroke does run in the family.
1687929 tn?1319426011 Well for me, I also have EDS and I have shoulder and hip pain lying on my side I need more than just a pillow....I have a pillow I is the rest of me that needs more comfort.
438443 tn?1241995685 Tension headaches may also be considered as they do present with bilateral headaches that are nonthrobbing and are associated with tightened neck and shoulder muscles.What triggers your headaches? Cervicogenic headaches or headaches secondary to a spine disorder may also be considered.A pillow that supports both the head and the neck well ( cervical neck pillows) may be able to help. Do you snore heavily or wake up at night to catch your breath?
Avatar m tn We knew that she has spondylolysis for many years and for that she was on medication and used special pillows and neck guard ever since. But in the last 3-4 months, she is really under a different kind of pain and with that, she complains of a tingling kind feeling in the upper neck region which touches the head.
8973366 tn?1406016708 Especially if it feels like its coming from your neck. Your neck and even shoulder blades being out of whack can cause severe headaches.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from head, neck and shoulder pain for about 6 months. I changed chairs, pillows etc and improved my posture . My doctor prescribed pain killer and muscle relaxers. I never took muscle relaxers on a regular basis except every now and then when the pain is very severe . Last week, the pain was severe so I took muscle relaxers and stayed home. No improvement, 2 days later I woke up in the middle of the night trembling, felt nauseaus, dizzy.