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Avatar m tn Narcolepsy is a serious neurological disorder involving excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy (loss of muscle tone with emotions such as laughter), sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations. Although narcolepsy affects 1 in every 2,000 people worldwide, it's often misdiagnosed or goes undiagnosed for 3 to 15 years. When will health professionals WAKE UP to the REAL narcolepsy?
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Avatar m tn im 22 and i have been passing out from laughing and sex since i was 15. when the first time i got off is when i passout and i was 15 and my body shut down and the only thing i could do is hear. then i notice a year later i started to passout from laughing. now everything is getting worst i can passout from barely laughing and when i laugh hard. when i have sex i passout everytime and i fall and cant move. people tell me i twitch alittle when im about to wake up.
Avatar f tn Hello, Without physical examination and investigations,diagnosis is difficult but your symptoms are suggestive of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition most characterized by Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), in which a person falls asleep during the day at inappropriate times, such as at work.Diagnosis is by polysomnogram and the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT). I sincerely advise you to consult a sleep specialist and discuss this possibility with him.
1287446 tn?1313947638 Hi everyone. I am not familiar with Narcolepsy or sleep disorders in general but my sleep has always been different. Typically, I fight daytime sleepiness with caffeine. In prior years, the caffeine has been a lot but I’ve lowered it significantly.
Avatar m tn I have narcolepsy with cataplexy. Cataplexy is rare in the absence of narcolepsy, but I believe it is possible. You may want to get a referral to a sleep neurologist to rule out narcolepsy w/ cataplexy, even if you're not sure you have symptoms of it, especially if these attacks are bothersome to you. The other thing you could be experiencing is presyncope, which can be accompanied by a loss of muscle tone as well as the sensation of almost passing out.
Avatar n tn I just got back from my Neurologists office and it looks like I have Narcolepsy. I have a host of symptoms that I listed in this thread. I didn't realize at the time but he apparently checked my blood for a Narcolepsy gene in which the result says of the 6 possible genes I am positive for 4 of them?????
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with narcolepsy. For years, I have suffered from EDS muscle weakness that has become worse as I have aged (mid-40's). In the beginning, I blamed it all on being single and burning the candle at both ends (20's); then being a new parent (30's) and then being a single mom to a child with narcolepsy and a preteen (now 40's). I was told I have mild cataplexy.
Avatar f tn Some people with narcolepsy experience vivid, sometimes frightening, visual or auditory sensations while falling asleep or upon awakening. Sleep paralysis: Sleep paralysis is the inability to move or talk at the beginning or end of sleep. Microsleep: Microsleeps are very brief sleep episodes during which people with narcolepsy continue to function (talk, put things away, etc.), and then awaken with no memory of the activities.
Avatar f tn I cannot move, even coughing or laughing is painful. It makes me feel nauseas and sometimes faint. I also have had blood in my urine for the past few weeks on top of a weekly 'period'. The only medication I have been taking is the depo, that was from May-August. The whole time I bled through it and it stopped briefly for a week after I was due to get another. Now I get a heavy bleed every few days for the past 3 months.
Avatar n tn Same thing for me. This thread is old but I just realized that I could go around the Internet to see if other people have the same thing. Glad to see that I am not the only one. I am 26 years old and I have always had this "symptom", the 2 hands when I am laughing. Everytime I was laughing in class I just could not write anymore until I calm down (which make my other friends laugh).
Avatar m tn Narcolepsy Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that involves excessive, uncontrollable daytime sleepiness. It is caused by a dysfunction of the brain mechanism that controls sleeping and waking. If you have narcolepsy, you may have “sleep attacks” while in the middle of talking, working, or even driving. Common signs and symptoms of narcolepsy include: *Seeing or hearing things when you’re drowsy or starting to dream before you’re fully asleep.
Avatar f tn However, your post caught my eye because I was recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Often in people who have this disorder, they experience loss of muscle tone which presents similarly to fainting after experiencing emotion (anger, excitement, surprise, laughter). In my case, I thought I was having fainting spells, but was actually experiencing Cataplexy, which is when your body actually abruptly enters a REM sleep cycle.
Avatar f tn I am diagnosis with narcolepsy and have had symptoms for 5 years now. I have been taking 500 mg. of nuvigil for over 2 years. Plus, 60 mg of adderall a day. My symptoms have slowed down a little, but I have to take 2 naps a day and not drive anywhere. I have sleep studies twice a year and it seems to get worse each time. Its very aggravating to me! It seems like something would help. I see a team of specialists at Vanderbilt, but I need something else, but what? Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have Narcolepsy- My vitamin B 12 level is 235- should it be higher for my condition?
Avatar f tn Although the pt has RLS and PLMS, the arousal associated with these do not likely explain EDS- given a short overall sleep and REM latency, consider narcolepsy clinically. I had 156 arousals, 110 spontaneous, the rest due to limb movement. I also spent most of my sleep time in sleep stages 1 and 2, whith REM episodes scattered randomly. I had no time in stage 3, and when I had REM sleep it was from wake to REM with no progression through the other cycles.
Avatar n tn The combination of this study and my first MSLT nap study produced a perfect pattern for diagnosis of Narcolepsy. Has there ever been a study to look at the coorelation between the 2 diseases. Would many CFS sufferers be classified narcoleptic if they took the appropriate test? Narcolepsy leads back to hippothalmus and lack of production of hypocretin/orexin(?). Seems like all things lead to hippothalmus. Thank you!
Avatar m tn t move and it sounded like something was in the room and It almost sounded like someone was laughing.
Avatar f tn Does anyone experience laughing episodes, out of the blue, that leave you physically drained?
Avatar f tn I was wondering the same thing. My hubby got me laughing hard the other noght and I had to leave the room cause I was hurting so amd he wouldnt stop being crazy.
Avatar m tn And I don't mean because you found something funny about it, it just happens for no reason at all.
1330108 tn?1333677304 Is anybodies little one laughing yet? I can't wait for that milestone!
Avatar f tn Nothing wrong about it.
10201748 tn?1419748841 I just laugh with them because as time passes and it goes away it became just a funny memory. I know it wasnt MY face they were laughing at, it was the condition. We even joke that my brother caused it because he farted near my face around the time I got it. Lol!It lasted a few weeks and I was prescribed a steroid pill to helps speed up the healing process. I don't remember having any pain at all. Unfortunately, all you can take is tylenol if you are preggers.