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871962 tn?1244730028 I couldn't agree with you more, but I have another bone to pick. I'm disabled and on a very fixed income so I have to watch every penny. I've taken most of the stimulant meds at one time or another. The best one, by far, is Provigil. I've had all of the symptoms at least once. The one that upsets me the most is not being able to do anything and I have so many other problems to complicate matters. Provigil costs about $500.00 per month.
400099 tn?1282954864 Of course that decision is a personal one and strictly up to you. However, the chances that your cousins and their children will have MS given that you do are very low. Heredity does seem to play some role in MS, but it's a small one as far as is known. Statistically the possibility goes up only between first degree relatives (parents/children or siblings). Even then it's only 1 in 20. Higher of course than what would randomly occur but still pretty small.
445276 tn?1210240910 Having a first-degree relative with MS increases your own risk significantly (first-degree is parent, sibling). Having a second-degree relative (grandmother, aunt) increases it, too, but not as much.
535822 tn?1443976780 A new review published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE confirms that Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine produced by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is responsible for causing an up to 1700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17 years of age. Based on their findings, a cohort of scientists has determined that narcolepsy rates increased significantly following mass vaccination campaigns with Pandemrix.
Avatar n tn Consanguinity refers to when both members of a couple are related to each other by at least one common ancestor. First cousins once removed are considered 4th degree relatives and share 1/16 of their genes. We all have two copies of almost every gene - one from each parent. In autosomal recessive (AR) conditions, it is typically necessary to have two mutations, one in each gene copy, to be affected.
1965148 tn?1354978634 My friend is showing symptoms of bipolar and she has second degree relatives who have a history of depression and alcholism.
Avatar f tn Your relatives with MS seem to be second degree (first degree being mother, father and sibling) and are not a good predictor of MS. You need a neurologic exam and possibly an MRI. If it is MS, the best thing is to start early treatment. For identical twins, the rate of both twins getting MS is increased by 20-30%. For non-identical twins, it increases by about 3%. Second Degree relatives increase the rate by about 0.66%
2059648 tn?1439766665 It depends on exactly what is meant by "family history" ..... if those with BC are first degree relatives then gene testing might be in order but other testing such as Mammogram/Ultrasound should start at least in the 30s. There are variables to be considered so I don't believe you can go by any hard and fast rule. Regards ....
4756437 tn?1358790419 I'm not sure what you mean by "runs deep" ... are they first degree relatives or others ?? By first degree I'm referring to "mother", "sister". At your young age plus the fact that you desire children I wouldn't be jumping the gun so soon. Have you or your Mother been tested for the BC gene ?? If not then before any such drastic decision you should have some genetic testing done.
Avatar f tn I've been dealing with a form of dysautonomia since 2006, it has now turned into pots. I'm scheduled for a pacemaker right before Thanksgiving. I wear the stockings, eat salt and massive water. I have extreme fatigue regardless of what I anemia...take b12, vit d is ok..but the past 6-8 months I've experienced extreme sleepiness almost to the narcolepsy life which was already fractured due to the other horrible symptoms has pretty much come to a stand still...
1704625 tn?1310708761 Hello, everyone, I am fairly new to medhelp, and the sleep disorders community. I have narcolepsy, and was diagnosed about 4 years ago, or close to that. I was wondering if anybody else who has been diagnosed is still in denial after that long, questioning....maybe it's something else?! I can't believe I have narcolepsy.
Avatar f tn I think the sooner the better. How old is your first? If I were you and your first was old enough I'd get a card or something and have it saying your pregnant again but in a cute way and have your little one give it to her saying she's gonna have a baby brother or sister.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with CFIDS in 1994. Narcolepsy in 2005. I get basically no stage 4 or Rem sleep at night. Its no wonder why our mind and muscles can't heal themselves. I can go into almost instant dreaming during day (MSLT naps). I haven't been able to get anyone to help me figure out how to correct my sleep cycle. If you get any ideas, let me know. (I am on meds to help sleep and keep me awake at the right times, but it hasn't helped the sleep cycles.
Avatar f tn 39 PM By Maggie Michael, The Associated Press CAIRO - A 75-year-old widow in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 40 lashes and four months in jail for mingling with two young men who are not close relatives, drawing new criticism for the kingdom's ultraconservative religious police and judiciary. The woman's lawyer told The Associated Press on Monday that he would appeal the verdict against Khamisa Sawadi, who is Syrian but was married to a Saudi.
Avatar m tn If you mean that the ALH diagnosis was found in the specimen (the breast tissue removed @ mastectomy) this is not at all unusual. If this "3rd" diagnosis is from a completely different specimen then it's an entirely different matter and needs further investigation and possible surgery/treatment. You don't have any 1st degree relatives with BC (mother, sister) but you might have a slight increase in risk due to the fact that your mother's sister had BC.
Avatar f tn Drugs which have been used for narcolepsy are Modafinil (Provigil) or Armodafinil. You should try the lifestyle measures first before going in for medicines. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn You'll notice on that last link they list who should get the vaccine and pregnant women are #1 on the list. If you have a link or some other info about the 2009 vaccine given in Ireland and a connection to narcolepsy I'd be interested in reading it. My first impulse would be classsify this as an urban myth, but I have an open mind. Sometimes you can hear the wind whistling through. Congratulations and Good Luck!
Avatar f tn As one moves from siblings to first and third cousins, the risk decreases. However, the first, second, and third-degree relatives of people with MS are more likely to have the disease than the general population (Dyment, Ebers, & Sadovnick, 2004). Adoptive relatives, although raised from infancy with the MS patient, have the same susceptibility to MS as the general population.
Avatar f tn There is a one in fifty chance of you having MS when a first degree relative (your mother) has it. There is a one in eight hundred chance in the general population. Different websites give different numbers but these are close enough.
Avatar f tn She did not sleep excessively at first -- just very erratically, in short pieces of time. Even at 6 months old I could put her on her back and she would suddenly be asleep for 5-15 minutes (in the middle of an activity). 1- Can a BABY have narcolepsy? 2- I also very much wonder if ths erratic sleep could either have caused a hypothalmic-pituitary dysfunction she was later diagnosed with (idiopathic and appears to be slowly deteriorating), or, if the hypothalmic-pituitary....whatever...