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Avatar m tn For those searching for clinical trials, please visit Never give up!
Avatar f tn hi -- a few weeks ago there was a guy who posted here looking for user-friendly clinical trials sites. He was getting medical help outside of the U.S. I can't find his thought I'd write a new one hoping he'll find this. I found this site today and thought of him.
Avatar m tn I am looking to find treatment I have no insurance and I see a lot of Clinical Trials that you can sign up for an be notified by a recruiter, but my thought is how do I know if they reputable. Who can I contact to find out?
329994 tn?1301663248 t know if I can post this or not, so will not post the actual information yet, but I received a magazine from a very good hospital in my area and in it was information about the ovarian cancer clinical trials that they are doing and a number to call if someone is interested. I live in Central Florida. So, if it is ok to post that info, or if there is anyone on here that would like that info, you can always send me a message.
518001 tn?1212419235 Its a great resource. I also recently found a site that matches patients to trials,
1853014 tn?1340038575 So because of this I have called Duke University to see about getting in their clinical trials which I could start right away. I would like some feedback good and bad but in the end I realize its my decision. This waiting game has put my life on hold and affecting me financially only. thanks everyone for your response. I enjoy and respect all of you.
559187 tn?1330782856 I have been involved in (runnung at a clinical level) numerous research trials over the last 10+ years. The extensive consent form should be very specific to what the liability the facility will hold in case of complications. If you have questions there should b a specific # to contact near the back (an independant institution called a review board). If you are uncomfortable asking your MD these questions, direct these questions to the review board.
Avatar f tn I have been on a clinical trial since my diagnosis in 2006. It is one of the avastin trials.
789911 tn?1368636783 21 with the drug r05024048.I did do alot of research on clinical trials before I agreed to be in a trial.The care you get in a clinical trial is far better than what you would get outside of one.I do not agree with people who say if your biopsy isn`t bad then you should wait.It is a proven fact that the worse the virus gets the less chance of a svr.If you treat when the virus isn`t strong the better your chance of getting a cure.
Avatar f tn My onc. has suggested I look into clinical trials for my colon cancer. How do I go about this and where do I start. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
980510 tn?1282010946 Just took a look at the link and it looks like they do have clinical trials to determine that...just not in Canada...*sigh* (That I can find anyway).
Avatar m tn I keep hearing people talking about clinical trials but I haven't been able to find out about any. I've called my gastro doctor and other doctors that I have and no one knows anything about them. Do any of you know of any clinical trials for Telaprivir?
535822 tn?1443976780 Hi Guys I thought this may be a good place to put this up so all may see and pass the word on...these are some clinical Trials coming up for any who want to be a part and test out the newest in Medications./treatments can visit ClinicalConnection.
897070 tn?1320652629 she felt that they would indeed release at least Telaprevir sometime in 2011, and that insurance wouldn’t be an issue. She’s deeply involved with clinical trials; in fact, she’s a principal investigator in several, so I assume she’s up on all this.
Avatar f tn Just wanted to share this information in case you don't already know about it.
Avatar f tn I think clinical trials are important and urge everyone who can particiapte to consider trials in hopes of finding better treatments for this horrible disease.
Avatar f tn I was a research patient in the clinical trials of both Provigil and Xyrem. Hope I might be able to help some other People With Narcolepsy through sharing my experiences.
700212 tn?1240760820 My doctor told me who to contact at the two nearby hospitals that engage in clinical trials and I did. One didn't work out. The other came through--somewhat unexpectedly I might add, since we'd moved out of the area and I'd never heard back from them after emailing them months before. But that's the trial I'm on now. There is a place on the internet ( ) that lists clinical trials. You might start by taking a look there.
Avatar f tn Clinical Trials .. the answers you might want to know before signing up ... kindly add to it if you have any others that I've missed ... and remember , Clinical Trials are for data gathering , not about the patient .. Things to ask before participating in a trial : It would be good to know the Phase of the trial. The goal of a trial is not necessarily to "cure" people.
215858 tn?1420171556 Additionally, I regularly search the Clinical Trials website looking for trials that might be appropriate for him, and I forward that information to his hepatologist. We would want to find a Phase III or IV trial, non-interferon, high rate of success, goal of intervention, open study, and we would want to know what would happen if he got a placebo (i.e. would they treat him with the trial drug).
Avatar m tn Hi every one, I am looking for a clinical traiel for G4, does any one know any thing about any clinical triel going on right now for new tx , I am non responder my virus load was 26,000 after the tx droped to only 17,000.that was last year and now I am looking for new medication especially I am diabetic . if any one can help,please.
Avatar f tn Anyone know of any current clinical trials for genotype 1 relapser in central/southeast Florida?
Avatar f tn About the research studies or the clinical trials on drugs - usually it is done on a large group of individuals and is done under medical supervision. It is best to consult a new doctor and get evaluated including the blood pressure and try to decrease the stress by relaxation techniques. Do post your thoughts and take care.