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Avatar f tn I unexpectedly got nail fungus last year, and I treated it with topical tea tree oil and I took Dr Mercola's Probiotic Packs Daily for bout 2 monts, it cleared it up and they have been fine since.
407029 tn?1253996223 Hi! I stopped going to nail salons after my dx and won't ever go again... I'd been cut accidentally a few times during manicures/pedicures, but at the time was only worried about staph-type of infections. Little did I know about HCV! I would never want to undergo tx again, so I'm planning on completely avoiding all unnecessary activities that carry risk... Glad to hear that you're gonna do your own!
Avatar m tn I have been using tea tree oil for almost a year now, and it seems to have kept it from getting worse, but it doesent really get better either. I have also been filing the nail down so the oil can get to the nail bed. I have been to the doctor and they told me its nothing to worry about, I am young, its fine. I know its not normal, and maybe its not super bad yet but I wanna get rid of it before it gets worse. I thought I would be able to post a picture on this site but I guess not.
Avatar n tn I began picking at the cuticles on one side of each nail (thumb on right hand and middle finger on left hand) to a point where I had separated the nail from the nail bed down to the base of the nail. I then developed a fungus as evidenced by the greenish color forming at the base of the nail where it was detached from the skin. I removed the acrylics and tried treating the fungus. My gen physician gave me about 1 month's supply of LAMISIL pills approx.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I am nervous about filing down the nail but it makes sense. Genereally the type of fungus that infects the nails doesn't go systemic. It only "eats" Keratin. It is caused by dermatophytes that live on hair skin and nails. However, the nail becomes sharp and thick and pushes up the nail bed so then when you injure yourself by bumping the nail even a little, you can get bacteria injected into the skin, which can spread and go systemic if not taken care of.
Avatar n tn this constant rubbing wears at the nails and destroy the normal appearance. i recommend filing the nail on a weekly basis to prevent it from thickening. if they become painful, consider having the toes straightened. the red bumps are either a sign of contact dermatitis or fungus. try applying an over the counter medication twice daily to the bumps. if it improves in a couple of weeks, continue for a total of 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn I know you're not talking about nail fungus, but I had success in killing a nail fungus that started in my big toe after the bed of the nail had been damaged at one point. Undiluted white vinegar is a great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The beauty of it is that it's not a pharmaceutical and isn't likely to cause any harm, since it's used externally.
Avatar n tn But this is only on one side of the nail. One doctor thinks it might be a fungus, but my toes are not affected. He wants a nail sample for a lab test. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I have kinda similar hard surface growth dry and cracked on my thumb next to my nail seems like some sort of fungus and help yet
Avatar n tn Im a dinasaur to computers, but am mind boggled at what I found here. I was cutting, and filing out a fungus in one of my small toes, and realized I had filed right down to the skin. The nail was gone. I felt nothing. Only recently have wondered about the tingling in my toes, and the balls of my feet. Regular message and pedicures dont help, infact, the feeling is quite sensative... Cant stand it. I fear they are going numb. This tingling has been going on for some time..
Avatar n tn I think maybe it is fungus on the food, and if you just wash the produce and just eat it well that is not going to work I treat my produce before we eat it ...I mean soak my produce it in food grade hydrogen peroxide a 1/4 FGHP in some water for exactly 25 minute soak which eliminate all the bad stuff . I now wonder if I did peppers it might be best to cut it in half before soaking that way the FGHP can get inside of the produce.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem but I noticed when I file the edges of my toe nail down the problem goes away. I think I need to just go and have the toe nail removed like my older brother did but I don't like going under the knife so i'll probably keep filing away... I hope this helps...
Avatar n tn I was following the reports from someone under the name bbally who was having his skin cultured to check for possible fungus or bacteria. The comment thread was unexpectedly closed and I have not seen any comment from him since. Myself I am trying an antibiotic cream and see if it works. I know that water makes it worse, but not so sure about sea water.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of natural ways to rid the body of fungus, yeast and mold. A good site to research is www.****.com . Hope this helps........
Avatar m tn I wonder if it is a parasite or fungus that you got in the sinus that it up there but then you had a CT scan of the head/brain/sinus area?. It is beyond me at this point. You need to get a real doctor not a PA. I would go to the Mayo Clinic if you can and brink all your results and make a list of the symptoms you have on here. What you had and you have now. Also your son. And, hopefully they can sort it out. You need to work with a doctor who is really going to take time you.
551343 tn?1506834118 (full contact) and aerobic and during a demo one day the person I was doing the demo with screwed up and I ended up hitting my forehead on the concreate and hyper extending my neck (the idiot was my ex husband, sometime I think he did it on I was also a nail tech for 18 yrs. which is a horrible position for your neck. Yes I have been checked for pinched nerves and everything else under the sun.