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Avatar f tn Now is time to wait for a confirmed diagnosis. Just a little anxious, but at least I know why I feel the way I do. MRI next week and then probably off to neuroligist.
Avatar f tn Why aren't the Doctors able to give me a positive diagnosis for MS when all the tests are consistent with the disease?
Avatar m tn I am so sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis and ongoing symptoms. It is really a shock to get this diagnosis and then you worry when the symptoms are not getting better with treatment. But, please be patient with the treatment as it will eventually work and her symptoms will calm down. Is she still in the hospital? The disease is not curable but it can be slowed down as Deb has already explained.
Avatar m tn One of them said it is all due to ur anxiety ( Cause i do not have any bladder problems and dizziness, numbness tingling all is due to anxiety) but one said its Multiple Sclerosis+ anxiety. My MRI and EEG were clear. Currently i have high frequency of muscle tingling through out my body only when i am lying on bed plus i see double vision of any statement especially ( white in colour) on TV and laptop. Is it MS? Should I start taking Med for MS or just let it be and hope it will go away?
Avatar n tn All the other tests whether positive or negative can be caused by other diseases, etc. So they really are used more to rule out other causes, rather than to rule in MS. I have full blown MS (if there is such a thing) and was positive in all the tests, but again the diagnosing criteria is the MRI and clinical presentation of symptoms.
Avatar f tn Swampy's mom has MS, and is in her 70s and is cared for 24x7. What would you like to know?
Avatar n tn do you have to have active lesions in the brain on MRI in order to have M.S. My husband was diagnosed with M.S. and is driving himself crazy denying it. He had an MRI of the brain that showed multiple foci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity in the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres including approximately 5 small lesions in the periventricular white matter, lovated at the callosal sptal margin and oriented perpendicular long axis of the lateral ventricles.
Avatar f tn I would find a new doctor unless she has a good answer for what you have.
Avatar f tn Hi Kathy, Mary Kay is right, there are so many mimics of the disease and it's the Neuro's job to rule these things in, or out during a thorough workup. Do you know what this workup consists of so far? Was the MRI of the brain only? Do you know the strength of the machine used? What labs were run? Sorry for all the questions, but it takes so much digging, and knowing this, we can help you put together a plan for your next steps if this Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi, I can understand what you must be going through. Your symptoms do suggest of Multiple sclerosis and Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis. A series of MRI of brain and spine may be necessary to rule out the diseases. A single MRI may not confirm the disease. You must go for a spinal tap procedure or lumbar puncture for the study of cerebrospinal fluid. It is an important investigation that could rule out or confirm the diagnosis of both the diseases.
Avatar f tn Because the clinical radiologic diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is still challenging as a result of the nonspecific appearance of multiple sclerosis plaques on T2-weighted imaging, the prominent perivenular spaces may be a sign we can identify on conventional MR imaging to increase our clinical suspicion for multiple sclerosis.
592988 tn?1227273079 and report included possible demyelinating process and the words multiple sclerosis....My neuro said he is not ready to do LP.
Avatar f tn t think I have MS symptoms and this all started with me complaining about a bad headache to the back of my head which was determined to be caused by neck strain due to wearing a motorcycle helmet on a 3 day road trip. The headache has not returned but stranger yet was a interesting sensitivity to my scalp at the rear center top of my head. It lasted 6 days and was moderate in pain and hurt when touching my hair or trying to sleep on that side.
Avatar m tn People have to tell me words all the time cause I just cannot remember them, common words and I have to describe them in order to be told the word. I forget how to spell things that I know very well how to spell, having trouble typing and sometimes cannot remember a word at all and have to use another word instead. In addition to these I also found out at the neurologists office when sent that I cannot stand for long with my eyes closed and cannot pass a field sobriety test.
1059772 tn?1286655190 I am in the process of being evaluated for multiple sclerosis due to many white spots on my MRI and eye troubles. I have a few things I have noticed for many years but didn't think much about until now: I frequently shudder with a feeling of a chill for a few seconds at a time. Occasionally, I space out for a moment and then come back sometimes in the middle of conversation. I sometimes experience a very sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen that lasts for about 30 seconds.
1413587 tn?1289659823 I have an appointment with the neurologist next week, but would like to have an idea of how indicative this impression might be to lead to a diagnosis of MS. Any replies would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I'm only 18, male, but I think I may have Multiple Sclerosis. I don't usually jump to conclusions but I don't know how else to explain this. My symptoms include: Depression Panic/anxiety attacks Muscle spasms Weird episodes where I jerk and twitch and I feel like I can't control my body even though I can? (New) I have recently started having a sudden numbness, like "falling asleep", or "pins and needles" in my feet.
1063384 tn?1258040119 The term CIS, says my nerologist, means Clinically Isolated Syndrome, and is not a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He told me that I would have to suffer another bout. He found multiple lesions, the scariest of which surround the corpus collosum. I indeed have MS, but am waiting on the official diagnosis. In the meantime, he does want to put me on Copaxone, so I will be getting treatment to minimize future relapses. Thank you again for your time!
Avatar n tn It is possible that I had/have undiagnosed multiple sclerosis, and then when I started treatment the interferon kept the MS from progressing?