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163240 tn?1337904361 The lab offers a novel gMS® testing for the diagnosis and prognosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. Our gMS® tests use the first validated MS biomarkers to help physicians identify and provide appropriate and timely treatment for MS patients. Glycominds works with physicians to arrange for patient testing via a secure and convenient program in conjunction with phlebotomist services which arrange for patients to have their blood samples collected at a convenient time and place.
Avatar m tn One of them said it is all due to ur anxiety ( Cause i do not have any bladder problems and dizziness, numbness tingling all is due to anxiety) but one said its Multiple Sclerosis+ anxiety. My MRI and EEG were clear. Currently i have high frequency of muscle tingling through out my body only when i am lying on bed plus i see double vision of any statement especially ( white in colour) on TV and laptop. Is it MS? Should I start taking Med for MS or just let it be and hope it will go away?
Avatar m tn The other possible cause could be multiple sclerosis and is a diagnosis of exclusion. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs.
1410068 tn?1282729167 Hi Limbo land friends, I have finally recieved a confirmed diagnosis that I do in fact have Multiple Sclerosis. So I will be leaving you all. I hope and pray that each one of you find peace and good health. It is in Gods hands or so they tell me. Thank you all for the support and helpful information. I will be moving on to the Multiple Sclerosis group now.
Avatar f tn Your demyelinating disease could be due to multiple sclerosis (most common), optic neuritis, devic’s disease and encephalomyelitis. However, persistent headache is more common with encephalomyelitis, which is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord due to post infection/injury. Other symptoms could be delirium, seizures and coma. But in multiple sclerosis symptoms could be loss of muscle coordination & strength, normal sensation and vision.
382218 tn?1341181487 6% had relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, 9.4% primary progressive multiple sclerosis and 6% clinically isolated syndrome. Nearly 40% of our multiple sclerosis patients with disease duration >10 years (mean = 16.2 ± 5.3 years) remained with no or mild disability (Expanded Disability Status Scale [EDSS] 3). Also, about 30% of patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis showed benign disease evolution (EDSS 3) more than 20 years (mean = 24.0 ± 3.3) after onset.
1059772 tn?1286655190 I am in the process of being evaluated for multiple sclerosis due to many white spots on my MRI and eye troubles. I have a few things I have noticed for many years but didn't think much about until now: I frequently shudder with a feeling of a chill for a few seconds at a time. Occasionally, I space out for a moment and then come back sometimes in the middle of conversation. I sometimes experience a very sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen that lasts for about 30 seconds.
Avatar n tn Possible causes of this include idiopathic [or unknown], sarcoid, Lyme’s disease, multiple sclerosis or cat scratch fever. I would recommend that you seek the care of a retinal specialist or uveitis specialist to determine the cause and treatment plan. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn It is possible that I had/have undiagnosed multiple sclerosis, and then when I started treatment the interferon kept the MS from progressing?
Avatar f tn I have multiple sclerosis, i was diagnosised in sept. 2006. So far i haven't had any problems with my liver.
Avatar n tn Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with peripheral neuropathy, which causes tingling, and numbness, overlapping symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic demyelinating neurological disorder where the disease phase is characterized by active phase and remissions. It has multiple symptoms and signs and is a diagnosis of exclusion.
Avatar m tn These results are reassuring in conjunction with the normal MR scans of your brain and spinal cord these findings mean that we have no positive evidence to suggest a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This is not an unusual situation, since we see many people with symptoms quite similar to those of MS, but with negative findings on all the appropriate investigations.