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Avatar f tn I do not have a dx of ms as of yet but the itching has been more than bothersome to me. My symptoms started with itching in my feet that was more irritating that the pain. I sometime am up all night. In some cases, it can last for days and there is nothing I have found to relieve it. It is mostly in my right foot, leg and hand. The itching is deep under the skin and scratching does not help. This started for me about 3 years ago. I can sympathize with you.
429326 tn?1282331954 no dx for me, only trigeminal neuralgia, but in the last couple days I have had this crazy itching, started on my face now everywhere, I think that everywhere I have had pain it is now replaced with an itch, and new places of shocking, electric pain are taking place. Does anyone know why the itch and anything you can do for it.????
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1140169 tn?1370188676 Hi, Mike. If you're going bananas you have a lot of company. Supposedly MS itching occurs only in one or two spots at a time. That makes sense, because it is a paresthesia, like tingling, and results from a given CNS area going a bit bonkers from demyelination. If the coating on the wiring gets chewed off, weird signals happen. Right? Right. Or so I thought.
934553 tn?1275277979 Yet another thing to live with: The itching is unbearable at times. Does anyone else have a spot that you could cratch until it bleeds? there is not a spot or a rash to explain it. Do not think I will be on the list to try any oral meds. This is a little scary for me. Reminds me of the commercials you see on TV with the list of side effects as long as your arm and the list of benefits that do not outweigh them. I will wait. Ever hear of Amy Clawsen?????
Avatar f tn and stem of my neck down to shoulders; unbarable pain eyes burning/itching itching on my legs and arms my lymphnodes are always swollen and have been for more than 8 years severe exhaustion; like I ran a marathon difficult swallowing even the smallest of pills headaches lately I have had muscle spasms in my stomach muscles; not sure if its because I turn wrong sweating in my sleep balance when walking; as soon as I get up I can't walk straight ringing in the ears; echoing I have even developed
Avatar n tn I have spent the last few days reading everything I could about MS on the net. After familiarizing myself with the symptoms of MS I have two questions. First, what percent of MS patients initially exhibit urinary problems as the first sign or one of the first signs of MS? I ask this because, with two possible exceptions, I don't seem to exhbit any of the typical MS onset symptoms (at least the ones I as a layperson can determine). A quick run down of what I have: 1.
Avatar f tn org/about-multiple-sclerosis/what-we-know-about-ms/symptoms/itching/index.aspx Thanks for bringing this up, Snugglepie (love that name). I've learned a lot from this thread myself.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to this. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but wanted to know iif any of you have these same symptoms. I' have an apt Feb 6 with the neurologist. I've had an MRI and it showed two "enhancements"on my brain. Not exactly sure what that means. But here are my symptoms I've been having. Itching all over (especially on my feet), numbness and tingling in my hands, and sometimes in my left leg. Sweating like no other. Bone and joint pain. Fatigue.
Avatar f tn The itching is one of the symptoms that led me to think I may have MS. I'm still undx, but this is one of the worse things! Mine started with the right foot and would itch off and on then go away for awhile. Then the itching started in my hands, but not as bad as that foot! Now it is both hands, both feet and sometimes when it's really bad I will itch almost up to my knees. Nothing helps, that I have found, but I haven't been on any of the drugs scripted for this.
Avatar f tn I am undiagnosed also, but family physician thinks I may have MS. Been having dizzy spells, blurred vision, pain, tingling, itching, buzzing feelings, and extreme fatigue for several years. It comes and goes, but lately it has been more frequent and lasting longer. Have had blurred vision, weakness, and clumsiness for over a month this time, along with constant headache and a new symptom, stuttering. I have never stuttered in my life.
Avatar f tn blurred vision, eye pain, flashing lights in eyes, muscles weakness (started in right arm and leg and now involves both arms, hands, legs and feet), spasticity in feet and hands, involuntary contraction of muscles, spasms and cramps (fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes), twitching muscles (legs, arms, face, back and trunk of body), RLS ( have had this problem my whole life), partial numbness, tingling, buzzing and vibration sensations in arms, legs and back, pain without cause, burning, itching and
Avatar f tn They didnt see any lesions that they said ms shows. however i have talked to people and read that ms does not always show up on mri and they havent looked at my spinal fluid or the vessles in my brain either. i have seen a couple of neurologists and have no answers. the eye doctor i saw yesterday seems to think it very well could be a neurodegenertive disease like ms or something and is sending me to a new neuro who is a neuroopthamologist so he will look at eyes and brain.
1378566 tn?1286934413 I questioned my neuro about this and she said this is very true that early stages of MS do not show O-bands in some MS patients (along with all that other MS panel stuff you are speaking of!). It can take up to 7 years for O-bands to show up, according to the reading I have done. So be happy to not be stuck in Limbo and to have a diagnosis - it might not be one that you wish to hear but it is not the end of the world either.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 year old nursing student who is having many of the same symptoms as you and struggling to get a diagnosis. I do know that MS is not as clear cut a disease to diagnose as some neuro's might make you think. I have had two MRI's in the past four years and am now seeing my third neuro. The neuro I am seeing now is an MS specialist. I have enough of the classic symptoms of MS for her to want to repeat my MRI a third time and do an EEG.
Avatar f tn Hello, I will try to be as brief as possible. I am a 40 yr old female who has had no health problems (until now!) I will list my symptoms: *Oct. 05- woke to a swollen right hand, unable to use, painful. xray, blood work normal. *Jan 06- woke to a swollen Left hand, unable to use, painful. no xray, no blood work. *A few months later, can't recall specific date....woke to same problem with my shoulder. can't move it, lift it...x-ray shows mind calcification/tendonitis.
195469 tn?1388326488 Illness CFS / MS Symptoms: Fatigue +/ + Muscle pain +/ - True muscle weakness -/ + Joint pain + /- Headache + /+ Sore Throat +/ - Lymph node pain +/-- Cognitive + /+ Urinary incontinence - /+ Temperature instability +/- Abdominal pain + /- Eye symptoms + /+ Numbness/tingling +/ + Physical examination: Pallor + /+ Muscle wasting -/ + Muscle weakness -/ + Abnormal reflexes - /+ Laboratory: Visual evoked response - / + Brain stem evoked response -/ + MRI small lesion
Avatar m tn Hi - MM Swelling and discoloration are not commonly found in MS. Urinary issues and phantom itching are. Have you had MRI's, blood tests etc?
Avatar f tn Hello, I will try to be as brief as possible. I am a 40 yr old female who has had no health problems (until now!) I will list my symptoms: *Oct. 05- woke to a swollen right hand, unable to use, painful. xray, blood work normal. *Jan 06- woke to a swollen Left hand, unable to use, painful. no xray, no blood work. *A few months later, can't recall specific date....woke to same problem with my shoulder. can't move it, lift it...x-ray shows mind calcification/tendonitis.
Avatar f tn Yes, MS can show up at any time and the neurological symptoms are often severe. Everyone's MS is unique, but more often than no MS symptoms show up on one side or the other rather than both, meaning your left hand will go numb but not the right hand. What are your doctors telling you? Have you seen an MS specialist?
Avatar f tn Great advice Jackie! Sometimes I'll get on the MS forum and look for people like myself who are being told no, not MS and looking for answers. I tell them about my story and to come visit us Lymies over here and about you specifically!
571361 tn?1221007290 Hi, What tests have you undergone? Are you taking any treatment? Your symptoms could be because of a neurological disease like MS or nerve compression, they could also be due to thyroid dysfunction and diabetes. Fever with night sweats indicates a chronic infection. Please discuss these possibilities with your treating doctor as it is very difficult to make an exact diagnosis without clinical examination and test reports. Take care!
5190090 tn?1364915251 I know no two MS cases are alike....however maybe we can take this time to list our symptoms. I'm just curious how we all differ OR how much we are alike!.....
Avatar f tn I am not on any medications for MS except anti-depresants. I have terible itching around my eyes and on the MS narcoms it has a question about it. Have any of you experienced this? And what do yo do about it?
Avatar n tn I have had several MS symptoms since July of this year 2011. I have had urinary retention, urinary frequency, fatigue, numbness in hands and feet, crawling sensation on my arm, itching, rashes, right hip pain that has gotten worse over the last two years. I also have twitching all over my body. Sometimes this is seen by other people and other times I can only feel it internally. I also have an increased amount of "twitching" when I lay down to go to sleep.
Avatar f tn It is a drug that is mostly used as an antidepressant, but also helps with nerve problems. It seemed to help my itching/ stabbing pain 100%!!! It’s great that I can be mobile again but the numbness hasn’t gone away. I also do not like the idea that the doctors do not know what is wrong. Another worry I have is that you can not take nortriptyline when you are pregnant or breast feeding.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed a problem with nerve induced itching. It started about 3 days ago with a headache several days prior that was atypical for me along with itching in my chin area. It quickly developed to itching & sensitivity to my entire body. I am waking up in the middle of the night with my whole body's nerve system going haywire like as if I had been given an electric shock.
Avatar f tn Unlike my other symptoms which are only on my left side the itching occurs on both sides of my body, pretty much head to toe. It reminds of the itching I had after surgery when I was taking a painkiller. I am not on any medications right now. I thought that maybe my laundry detergent was bothering me, but that wouldn't cause my head to itch (it's driving me crazy!) Have any of you experienced this?
Avatar n tn My mri of spine showed 2 bulging disks, everyone was quick to blame all my symptoms on the disks but neuro said that the disks would not cause all these symptoms, he blamed it on anxiety. My symptoms were gone in 3 months and soon after I had pain my eyes, sharp, dull pain behind my eye and it felt very scratchy for a good month. I went to the ophthmalogist and they said my eyes were just fine. Soon after the eye pain was gone.
Avatar n tn Wisdom Tooth, Vaginal infection and a mild chest infection (one after the other through Feb) Experienced pain, tingling, shakes, flushing, numbness, pain and itching from waist down, skin itching generalised, sore tongue, tongue coating, itchy throat, tickly cough. Had bloods taken - results were normal. March - blood spots on skin, itching, developing anxiety over symptoms, painful joints and tendons. Bloods taken - normal!