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Avatar n tn I'm not an expert on this subject as I have only learned about HCG levels last month. (Due to my miscarriage) From what I have read your HCG levels are supposed to double every 24-48 hours. Also alot of women on here have experienced bleeding during there pregnancy and gone to deliver healthy babies. I would definatley demand that your doctors tell you something becuase you dont need the added stress of not knowing what is going on with your body. Good luck, and Sticky Baby Dust to you.
1353434 tn?1277040026 ) normal miscarriage 2.) Beautiful 6 year old daughter 3.) normal miscarriage 4.) ectopic 5.) hopefully works out.... I went to the doc on wednesday levels where 90 which is 3 x higher then they where with my ectopic... Went back friday levels only rose 10 to make it to 100... by the time of the second test it was done on the day my period was supposed to start is this just EARLIE levels? While i still have some hope my doctor doesnt...
Avatar f tn http://www.ivfer.com/hcg.htm It also indicates that once the levels reach between 1200 and 6000 that the doubling time slows to 72-96 hours. I plugged in the hcg numbers posted in your question and 1.53 (the equivilent of 38 hours in days) and got a doubling time of 80.2 hours, which does fall into their "norm" I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn At this point the only way to know for certain is an ultrasound, or declining HCG levels (determined through bloodwork). Again, you did nothing wrong..this happens in about 1 in 3 pregnancies. It also does not necessarily impact future pregnancies. I wish you well and hope all turns out ok.
Avatar n tn i am currently facing a situation where they can not find the baby inside of me.. my levels went from 3500 to 4800 hcg in 24 hrs, so the level is going up but they cant find the baby. i under went surgery for an eptopic but they are still unable to locate it so they withdrew. my levels are climbing still but at a lesser rate.... my doctor explained how the lower climbing rates of -100 in 24 hours and non viable and everything not doubling but around 400 in 24 hours as a sign of eptopic or twins.
Avatar n tn My HCG levels last Thursday fell to 10. Today I got them checked and the HCG is up to 12. What would make it rise rather than continue to fall? Has anyone had this happen? I am having a biochemical pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Women have deliverd beautiful healthy babies with low hcg levels. You can not base your pregnancy on the levels. I was worrying myself to death because of that. My first hcg level was 107 and I was told they were concernd about it being etopic or me miscarrying. I told the nurse that she should not go by my last menstrual period because I know when I conceived which was a week later. My 2nd hcg level was 252 and my third was 3229. I still have to have another test done next week.
Avatar n tn If your progesterone was okay at 4 weeks along, then it's probably not the problem. Did they also check your hcg levels? Hcg is one thing that they cannot supplement with medication. I don't think it would hurt to take progesterone, but some doctors say that it can prolong pregancies that will terminate, anway. Have you asked your Dr. what tests will be done the next time you get pg, or if any need to be done before then?
Avatar n tn My HCG level more than doubled in my last 48 hour period and I have also read via internet that the HCG level is a better indicator of pregnancy success than progesterone levels. In my 2nd and third pregnancy I did have some bleeding early in the second trimester which would possibly indicate progesterone fluctuations.
1448645 tn?1370071096 I am only due for a blood test on the 25th as the doc wants me to come in as soon as I find out I am pregnant to get check all my bloods and hormone levels. A bit of history… We have been trying for 19 months now after our first miscarriage at 8 weeks. The second happened again at 5.5 weeks. My doc thought it was to progesterone levels but wasn’t sure and didn’t seem to be proactive, so i decided to change doctors.
Avatar n tn I am so scared about having another miscarriage. I just had my HCG levels run and it turned out to be 35 on 9/23 and then 37 on 9/25. Has anyone had this experience? Do you think I still have a chance to have a healthy pregnancy? The doc. said we will re-test in about a week but, if I start bleeding I must call the doc right away. What do you all think?
Avatar n tn I went through IVF with consequnt progesterone supplementation but miscarried at 11 weeks. HCG levels were low from the start and they could not find the embryo at 11 weeks. I need a different avenue.
Avatar f tn 14 days past day 5 transfer- 964 16 days past day 5 transfer - 1938 18 days past day 5 transfer - 3490
Avatar f tn how soon after a miscarriage does it take for your HCG levels to go back to normal? i had a miscarriage nearly 2 weeks ago. once the bleeding stopped we have been trying again. i have just done a test and it shows a faint positive???
Avatar f tn Women our age who have excellent functioning ovaries, lots of antral follicles, low FSH and basal estrodial levels, still have lower pregnancy rates then that of women who are much younger then us that have the profiles of women that definitely would NOT get pregnant in their 40's. For example, take my profile against a women that is 26 that may have an FSH of 11, and a total of 6 antral follicles. Well supposedly and statistically speaking she has a better chance at pregnancy then we do.
Avatar n tn I'm actually very shocked the the Dr. would tell you that. Right now, as long as your HCG levels are rising properly, things are probably ok. Generally speaking, once a heart rate has been established, less then 10% of the pregnancies fail. I was one of the unlucky 10% so I don't want to tell you that a miscarriage is not a possibility. Try not to stress and go to your next appointment and see where things are at. I really hope everything works your way. Please let us know what happens.
Avatar n tn Focus on the positive for now- her blood levels (hcg), and her closed cervix (which should open for a miscarriage or birth, but don't always). If she does lose the baby, the best thing you can do is ask her if she needs anything, if there's anything you can do, etc. I had two pregnant friends literally ignore me with my first m/c. One was a co-worker, and she eventually came around. The other is a very close friend that told me she figured I would call when I was ready to talk.
1368655 tn?1387609989 1062 ================== My second beta levels are as followed: 07-13-2010 (16 days after my transfer) Progesterone level: 20.9 HCG level: 4384 ================== Thank you all for your support!! PS. I'm pretty new to forums, so please disregard the same post in "pregnancy under 35".
Avatar f tn I have pcos and i just found out that i am 4 weeks pregnant. my Hcg levels are 2000. i Had a ultrasound and all they saw was the sac and my doctor told me it is a possible blighted ovum because they didnt see the baby.
Avatar f tn I think my OB is going to let me come in for a sonogram earlier now... probably next Fri 10/26 b/c I am so worried about my HCG levels being too high. I am praying I don't have a molar pregnancy or chromo abnormalities. My HCG has been doubling every 1.5 days. It went from 53 on 11 DPO to 299 at 14 DPO to 1451 at 17 DPO then 12328 at 22 DPO. Seems way high to me. Praying we are having normal, healthy twins! That would be amazing. My OB isn't worried at all.
Avatar n tn last Monday, did vaginal u/s, had a sack but nothing in it. My hcg levels were 5300. Went back Wed., hcg levels were 8800. Friday had another u/s, and saw something very small, no fetal pole, no heartbeat. My hcg levels are rising, now 13,000. I still have spotting and bleeding, and if there is no heartbeat on this Friday, I will have a d & c done. I asked ultrasound tech if this was normal, and she said no.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I recently had a miscarriage (11/4/09) and just found out I am preg again on 12/6/09. I went to the dr and had some bloodwork done. 12/7 hcg 36 and prog 6.7 12/9 hcg 47 and they didn't test prog The dr put me on a prog supplement 12/10. Could the levels be so low because I am possiblily only 2-3 weeks pregnant? I am concerned because they aren't doubling but also read online that they start doubling in weeks 2-4. Do you think it could be too early to get nervous?
Avatar f tn With my HCG levels more than doubling in 48hr periods, wouldn't this be encouraging? Also, do you feel that suppositories or injections are most effective in raising your progesterone levels?
Avatar f tn they dont need to get to 0 before you have your period, I miscarried at the end of nov and I ovulated 16 days after the start of my miscarriage, so around 8 days after I finished bleeding, everyone is right hcg levels drop at different rates for everyone, yours sound like they were comming down quite quickly, you dont need to wait to fall pregnant again, if your ready emotionally you can go for it whenever you like, especially as you didnt need any intervention or surgery to help things along, y
Avatar n tn I am sorry that the dr thinks you are having a miscarriage but it does sound like it. Your hcg levels are suppose to be doubling not going down. I had a miscarriage back in Sept and I did not have bleeding or pain of any kind. I thought I was 12 wks along and when I went in for a routine ultrasound there was no heartbeat & the dr said I must have lost it a week or 2 prior to the u/s.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry for your losses. I was several days into a miscarriage last week and yet my hcg also went up (but not high enough for the pregnancy to be normal). It sounds like you might have a "missed miscarriage"; if you don't bleed soon, maybe you should ask for another ultrasound? And then get a d & c? And/or I would also ask for weekly hcg levels to make sure the levels eventually drop back to normal.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 ultrasounds and the baby is growing and we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks one day but my hcg levels have been high, but not doubling. I also knew i was pregnant from a hpt at barely 3 weeks if i am really only 6 weeks 2 days. Could this be a miscarriage in the making or is it possible the baby is measuring small but I am really 7 weeks? I'm trying not to worry but I am. Any similar situations?
Avatar f tn Well the Dr called this morning and said that my hcg levels are where they need to be (7weeks along) and that my progesterone levels are also where they need to be. I feel a lot better about it than I did last night. I go back tomorrow and they are going to run the tests again to see if they went up. The spotting stopped so that is good too. He also said that the progesteron levels would be much lower than they are for them to be concerned with a m/c happening at this point.
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound on May 13 and May 18 and there is no visible sac. My hcg levels are still rising. May 13 it was 195. May 15 it was 262. May 17 it was 311. Yesterday it was 452. Is it possible that I was carrying twins and 1 of them survived?