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Avatar n tn and other such words to sell product. Milk thistle does seem to help protect liver cells and is used to minimize damage due to poisoning by certain mushrooms. There has been some legitimate study of milk thistle and there may be genuine benefit in taking it. You really should work on this with your doctor as there may be drug interactions as you demonstrated concern about. Don't hesitate to discuss this supplement with the doc...
11814700 tn?1422468368 // Does Milk Thistle Work? Silymarin is the main active ingredient in milk thistle. Silymarin is both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It’s unclear what benefits, if any, this may have in the body. Is Milk Thistle Good for the Liver? At this point, there is not enough scientific data to say whether or not milk thistle can help liver problems.
Avatar f tn Personally, I would not want to take any chances with something as the unstudied interaction of milk thistle and SOC. Most doctors feel milk thistle is OK to take before and after treatment, but again, not on treatment. One member posted that their doctor wanted them off milk thistle for several months before starting treatment.
Avatar n tn The tingling in fingers, the mood swings, the stomach issues, and yes the weight loss and FATIGUE. I am only on 50 mg, and will not take more. I am surprised that so many people want to use this drug as a weight loss product. This is not a weight loss product, it is a serious drug, with serious side effects that you have to live with for the rest of your life. If I did not have to take it, I would not.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone! I have been taking Effexor XR 150mg. for a month and I am experiencing weight loss. I went from weighing 169-172 lbs. to now weighing 155. I love this anti-depressant. I have found that it works for me when no other drug would. I have noticed that I get full fast and I have no desire to eat. I can only say that this drug has altered my sex drive considerably, but I was a bit over-sexed to begin with. The Effexor has made my sex drive more controllable.
Avatar f tn 3) Up to 25% of the liver can be removed and it will still grow back. 4) Taking Milk Thistle can make you and your liver worse. 5) Like a muscle, the liver needs to be active and worked to be effective. 6) Milk Thistle is the #1 herb on the planet for liver issues. 7) The biggest mistake people make when doing anything for their liver, is to use Milk Thistle. 8) Milk Thistle is without question the worst herb now being used for liver issues.
Avatar m tn I had asked my rheumatologist to let me try it for fibro due to the side effect of possible weight loss and he hadn't even heard of it. Regardless he won't give me anything not approved for fibro. Luckily I have reduced my Lyrica dosage and am finding my appetitie going down.
12528541 tn?1425791763 (meditation on your own or with the help of tapes can also be used for weight loss) Stress is a contributing factor in candida and you also retain fat in order to contain the toxins and stress chemicals from causing further damage in you body. 4. Prebiotics and Probiotics of the highest quality you can afford.
Avatar m tn 10 days ago my sgpt and sgot are 165 and 79 had a ultrasound doc told me i have a fatty liver..i take Milk thistle and today had a blood test again sgpt and sgot drops to 73 and 41,does this means that my liver is starting to become normal again?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been experiencing loss of appetite for nearly two and a half months. I was losing weight but have since begun drinking weight gain shakes and stopped the weight loss. It is mostly extremely hard to eat in the morning and gets easier throughout the day. Sometimes I gag when trying to swallow and it takes a lot of concentration.I have soft stool nearly every day and often have bowel movements up to six times per day.
619345 tn?1310345021 About weight loss well I asked my doctor about losing weight and why cant I start before weight loss it is because the meds in the fridge are based on the weight before I gained weight he said get at least 8 kilos off but if I don't make the mark I will tx anyway with the meds I have made up my mind He said I most likely will not lose weight maybe he is just being him He now calls me Dr.
Avatar n tn I had a friend who was in her 50's and she agained alot of weight and fast . She too could not find the solution untill one dayI think it was her apendex acted up and she had to have it removed. When they went to remove it the doctors were surprised she had a huge sack full of fluid. They removed the equvelant of 2 large jugs of milk from her tomack. It turns out the ultrasound did not pick it up because it was fluid so it did not show.
Avatar n tn vitamin E 800 u/day(high quality with mixed a,b g etc toco"s) milk thistle and lecithin+ multivitamins and B&C complex have helped me unbelievably to relieve liver pain--anyone have good reults or good source for quality/quantity of Milk Thistle/silymarin extract?
Avatar f tn It can also cause hair loss, headaches and many other symptoms. This website is extremely informative and may be a possible lead to look at.
Avatar m tn Pre tx at different times I tried things like St Johns Wort, Kava Kava, and Milk Thistle and I seemed to start getting depressed easily when I used them, which isn't my norm. I think I got more loose gears inside than just a broken thinker.
1961140 tn?1450742312 ), but there are so many claims/counter claims as to what you SHOULD be doing. Milk thistle, reishi mushrooms, zinc, licorice ( do they mean Twizzlers? If so, count me in...), and on it goes ad infinitum. There are no more traveling vendors selling "Dr. Jergov's Miracle Liver and Lumbago Cure" ( which was usually a toxic brew of laudanum, ETOH, saparilla and maybe a few other goodies such as belladonna, cocaine, etc...) Ah, the good old days.
Avatar n tn I am in my 6 week of treatment for HCV w/Pegasys (180mg per week) & 1200mg Ribavirin daily & 2 200mg milk thistle. Since beginning treatment, my weight has went from 187 to 166 (finally stabilizing), but my conern is my white blood cell count and my platelet count. Both are continuing to decrease rapidly. As of today, white cell count is 2.1 and platelet count is 91. red blood count stay pretty good (11 - 14 range). Is this normal and will it level off.
Avatar n tn All the literature out there seems to say that a symptom of cirrohsis is loss of appetite and while my husband has been diagnosed as having cirrohsis, he has the appetite of a horse. I mean, the man is eating constantly, and thankfully for the most part it is healthy food but my worry is that maybe with all this scarfing, his liver is having to work maybe too hard? Could this be a problem and is he harming his liver???
Avatar f tn so every vitamin B in it, a package for a month, and milk thistle.. it should be helping the liver.. because of the medicine.. and I think I (we) should be training; but then I cant sleep at all!!! It is really scary!!
Avatar n tn Once I noticed his whites of eyes, gums, skin on stomach, etc turning yellow (liver failure), he was put on (dendreon sp?), milk thistle, and r/d or l/d prescription food, recovered. Eventually, I noticed he was eating tons, and having cow pile poops, greasy smelly big, and losing lots of weight. I had him tested for EPI, he was positive. I have had him on pancreatic enzyme powders for about 3 years now, no pancreatic episodes, no liver issues, so all is now good.
Avatar f tn most supplements are useless, except for Milk Thistle, which many hepas, and docs don't want you doing while on tx. bandman bandman and beef and fried foods are probably the worst things you could eat..... really hard on your liver.
1401296 tn?1280803133 Said that they are wonderful!!!! Lipotropics are weight loss combinations that must be administered by a licensed and registered MD, physician, or weight loss clinic professional. The Lipo B12 injections or Lipotropic injections cannot be purchased over the Internet for self injections and weight loss treatment.
18514143 tn?1465892514 The problem is, it is almost impossible to get Medicaid in Alabama and I turned to supplements for relief from the ascites and just the overall health of my liver. I was taking Serrapeptase, Curcumin (Turmeric) and Milk Thistle, along with Mega B Complex Vitamins and a few other things. I was maintaining rather well and I got lax and started taking it here and there, not watching fluid and sodium intake and just generally acting as if I were well……. Bad Idea, to say the least.
145315 tn?1192241113 I have hepatis c and chirrosis and have esphogeal varicies, encephalogaphy, extreme weight and muscle loss and need a liver transplant. I asked my gastroenteroligist about medical marijuana to help with my appetite, depression and anxiety. he said that it was illegal here in texas and that if i did use it, it would automatically disqualify me from a chance to get on the liver transplant list. take care and good luck.
Avatar m tn Lynn, I'm really not sure about the genotype but I am sure about viral load reading (676) ! Do you think it maybe safe for me to take Milk Thistle ? I did ask the clinic Dr. about this same question because of the different reviews on the internet.....He threw his hands up and said ask a liver Dr....well can't see a liver Dr. because of the insurance issues ....Do you think I should try it even if it's temporary until I can see a specialist ?
Avatar n tn urso has been used as well as vitamin E and some cholesterol or glucose lowering medications. none are standard of care yet and weight loss when appropriate is the most important treatment.
Avatar n tn I am not over weight, i eat pretty healthy, work out 3-4 times a week, take vitamins and drink a lot of water. i have even had my blood tested and everything is in order...... and yet, i am still, always so tired.... i don't understand what is wrong with me or even if the not drinking and tiredness are related..... the only time that i feel good is right after a refrshing shower or after i have a latte. :-( i want my energy back.....
Avatar m tn This will cause loss of strength and muscle mass hence weight loss. Your liver is working very hard for you due to everything you are demanding it to do. Without the proper nutrients you are further damaging your liver. I have one last very important thing to tell you. When people are diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis they are usually under the impression that they are going to die soon so when they leave the doctors they figure why quit now, so 6 months or so later they are gone.
Avatar f tn My cholesterol is good after weight loss. I take Effexor 150 mg, Plavix 75 mg, and Diamox 500mg daily. About 6-8 weeks ago, I began having RUQ pain just minutes after a meal. The pain is now pretty constant with occassional sharp pain radiating to my back, along with fatigue. My recent lab work was fine except for AST 733 and ALT 350. My Dr thought I had gallstone pancreatitis. I had a CT scan of the abdomin revealing inflammed liver and spleen. No note of stones.
233616 tn?1312790796 added silymarin (milk thistle) to scrub liver and blood of these drug toxins and otheres 3. added melatonin to replace the Ambien, stepped up that dosage as I lowered the mabien dosage 4. raised my HDL considerably, to head off issues with remeron withdrawal which also was lowered in 1.4 dose increments. Overall cholesterol now 150, not 110 s before. This increase has resulted in good cholesterol has mitigated the usual rebound depression seen in most patients coming off antidepressants. 5.