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1253246 tn?1332076910 Very Interesting I must say!!! New evidence implies that milk thistle interrupts the Hepatitis C virus' reproduction and proliferation cycles. by Nicole Cutler, L.Ac. For centuries, the extract from the milk thistle plant has been used to improve liver function. This practice is widely recognized - especially by the millions of people living with chronic Hepatitis C - a viral infection that can cause progressive damage to the liver.
10805050 tn?1420939120 My Liver Center Pharmacologist recommended I suspend the Supplementation of Milk Thistle while on my 24 week course of Harvoni. He said it can interfere with the chemical actions of the Harvoni. For whatever that's worth to anyone..... Wishing everyone the best, and thanks so much for so many who responded and added to my "Harvoni Progress" guys are great!
Avatar n tn Thus alternative health care practitioners routinely recommend natural antioxidant supplements like milk thistle. Unfortunately, there is no valid clinical data to show that milk thistle truly works.[clarification needed] not sure if his damage was alcohol induced of not but apparently antioxidants could be beneficial to liver function and repair. Hope this helps, and good luck to you and your family.
Avatar f tn How To Check The Basal Body Temp (Low temp indicates hypothyroid) > Menstruating women should take their temperature on days 2-4 of their cycle > Shake thermometer down at night > In A.M., take axillary temp before arising for 10 minutes > Normal axillary temp is 97.8 - 98.2 Suggested Approaches for Autoimmune Thyroid Conditions > Use enough thyroid hormones to keep TSH between 0 and 1.
Avatar f tn What questions should I ask doctor. I have already started low salt, sugar , fat, b complex , fish oil , milk thistle And prayers. Thank you .
Avatar n tn I recently purchased Doctor's Best stabilized R-LA, Mierva Curcumin, Source naturals Selenium, Sublingual Bs, and some Milk Thistle. I still have to get Ascorbic Acid and Vit E to complete what is basically Dr. Berkson's 3 Antioxidant protocol. (I added the curcumin based on some good reports from India..). As I mentioned earlier, my friend can't eat much without pain. Some things will give him a pain that lasts for days, during which he eats nothing.
Avatar m tn For Seven months prior to succumbing to treatment, I tried many alternative medicines, some experimental, some standard of care in other counties....I had some optimistic results, but nothing completely erased my viral load.
Avatar f tn If you don't take it, you may die from Chirrosis of the liver. Not fun. I have autoimmune hep and take Milk Thistle (to regenerate healthy liver cell growth) and L-Carnitine (to expel excess fat from my liver), and also cut back on beef and man made carbs. All of this has helped tremendously!
29837 tn?1414538248 The 190 is minus the treats, the 195 is with treats. No math genius needed there. Now I move on to other things he said are okay. Milk Thistle, Fish Oil with Omega3 daily, Alpha Lipoic Acid, but three times per week instead of daily, and the same applies with an additional 500mg Vitamin C, 2000iu Vitamin D3 daily and get enough sleep, stay away from anger and stress (gotta get rid of my girlfriend), and enjoy life one day at a time. His capacity for me is evaluative.
Avatar f tn The hospital I treated at also told us no grapefruit/Meier ( same as Sevillle?) oranges, and no Milk Thistle or St. Johns Wort.
Avatar m tn Right now I am started to take milk thistle and drink warm water with lemon juice every morning before I see a doctor.
Avatar m tn one other thing forgot to mention i take chromium and milk thistle supplements. but no idea if they make difference. i think changes to diet and exercise more important.
Avatar f tn ) I also experienced alot of brain fogginess, emotional issues in the beginning, and during those times I used liver support in form of artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle. When my stomach gave most symptoms I used the thunder pearls, when my body felt tense and had alot of pain I used lightning, and whenever I felt that my liver were to burdened, I also used the ease pearls.
Avatar f tn Within a week I started to move again so I added the other supplements. 400mg Selenium,900 milk thistle. Went to see the doctor and he added in low dose naltrexone which should straighten out your immune system and stop the symptoms. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn But, I getting through it while ingesting Milk Thistle, Ginko Biloba and my daily vitamins. I think I am going to be ok - so far so good. Yes, the feeling is uncomfortable and last night my nightmares were intense and caused me restless sleep but I think I can handle that. I will keep you guys posted but I have a feeling that after this passes, I will feel much more like me again.
Avatar m tn Since then, booze-free, diet/nutrition conscious, mostly organic, on suppliments (like milk-thistle), still a smoker though. I have blood-work done twice/year - nothing remarkable; also at times: CTscan, ultrasound, MRI, .... Last month had checkup. Asked GastroEnt to posit where I was and he suggested perhaps between stage3 and stage4; orderd first full blood-panel in 10 years, informed me of FDA approved triple-tx and suggested I do it.
475555 tn?1469307939 If you want to take something in the meantime, perhaps Milk Thistle.. seems to be the best bet out of all the CAM therapies so far, the least negative impact and perhaps others will weigh in with more. Another link for you on CAM: I think one of the links on the side in this forum mentions what I see people referring to as HR's liver diet or some such thing. You might find things of interest there too. Whew. Plenty of food for thought.
Avatar n tn I went to a pain Dr and he encouraged me to take the milk thistle to rejuvinate/help heal my liver, and gave me "trigger point" injections, and a Vit B shot. I feel REALLY good after that! He also said the interferon/riba can have lasting affects up to a yr or TWO!? Good Lord, I hope most of you come out of Tx unscathed! (sp?) Happy Trails to ya!
Avatar n tn Hi, I too suffered from the dreaded orange tongue. I had surgery 4 weeks ago. I then developed an infection and was put on anti biotics. After a week the infection cleared but the orange tongue developed. I tried Nilstat an anti fungal rinse. Didn't work. It could be brushed off but by the end of the day the bad taste was back and the orange tongue. It seemed to be made worse by eating and drinking. I saw my naturopath yesterday.
Avatar f tn From wikipedia: "Antihelmintic drugs albendazole (Albenza), mebendazole (Vermox, OVEX), Piperazine and pyrantel pamoate (Pin-X, Reese's Pinworm Medication) are commonly used to treat pinworms; these medicines kill the pinworms 95% of the time, but do not kill the eggs. The person being treated should receive a second course after two weeks." However sometimes even medication doesn't help, so you should go for the multiple method approach.
Avatar n tn The rash responds well to protopic, but I have no idea what he might be reacting to in the first place -I've tried eliminating milk, then eggs, wheat, nuts... No marked difference with any of these eliminations. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I don't plan on giving up either one, but I do have to be careful with milk drinking just because dairy makes me have alot of phlegm and it doesn't go away for like a whole day when I do drink it. Anyway, that's all for now. RAW fruits and veggis are a good way to start!
Avatar n tn Im on a cleanse tea and also a 3 day cleanse and starting to eat only fruits and veggies and whole grains. He said not to eat any bread, corn, milk or sugar. We'll see how that goes. Iv heard about MSG and itching. Its bad stuff and in so many prepackaged things. Im trying to get back to basics. Plain ole brown rice and friut and salad. Also exersice gets the blood moving and expells toxins.