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Avatar n tn Do these syptomns sound like she whould have a CAT to prove or disprove any possibilty of a Mild Stroke due to heavy Wine and Smoking? Since she is hospitalized presently recovering form her broken hip, should they also test for a stroke?
Avatar n tn I'm 57 and have mild cognitive impairment. It affects my memory and learning. I was diagnosed about 9 years ago. I have an arachnoid cyst in my brain (left temporal lobe) and had a shunt inserted in 1998. I've also had 4 mini strokes. They were cause by hypercoagulable cerebrovascular disease with a circulating IGM (44) ( anticardiolopid antibody syndrome). These have all been stable for the last 10 years and I have not had any major problems.
Avatar m tn When your brain showing slow result of your process, this called normal memory loss. In case of memory loss you take advice from your health expert and regular doing brain exercises.
Avatar f tn she's lost some eyesight which is her biggest thing but she also struggles with short term memory loss. She really has trouble remembering names and mostly things to do, some details from conversations. Her long term memory and even memory from a couple of days ago is good. Her neurologist told her it could be the start of Alzheimers...I'm a little shocked because she has no confusion, can sort tasks, no problems with her checkbook.
Avatar n tn I'm 57 and have mild cognitive impairment. It affects my memory and learning. I was diagnosed about 9 years ago. I have an arachnoid cyst in my brain (left temporal lobe) and had a shunt inserted in 1998. I've also had 4 mini strokes. They were cause by hypercoagulable cerebrovascular disease with a circulating IGM (44) ( anticardiolopid antibody syndrome). These have all been stable for the last 10 years and I have not had any major problems.
Avatar m tn One of the rare side effects of Citalopram is difficulty with concentrating, some less common side effects are blurred vision, confusion, loss of memory and headaches. I remember you saying you have been taking Citalopram for about 3 months. That's a fairly long time to be exposed to the drug and consequently the side effects of the drug. Well, I guess that is all for now.
Avatar n tn Kathy shares with me more than anyone about her memory problems. Her memory loss has been the source of most of her depression. She says it's like she lost pieces of her life. And when she asks for help clarifying some things, some people close to her have not been able to understand. Because she is on top of everything else mentally, it's hard for some to believe she can't remember certain things.
Avatar n tn He has been retired since 1998 (first stroke - very mild) and then had a bigger stroke in 2002. He lost feeling in his left side. He has had trouble with memory loss but since November it has gotten worse. I have been his "caregiver" since i married him. He used to help out more but since his last stroke has been doing less. I have had to learn more about how he manages his diabetes and I have had to start directing him a bit.
Avatar n tn Approximately 3 to 6% of people undergoing bypass surgery may experience some type of adverse cerebral outcome which includes stroke, cognitive decline, seizures or memory loss. As people age the incidence of these adverse events increases following bypass surgery. Fortunately, many people do return to their baseline(pre-operative) level of cognitive function. One study showed that most patients who experienced cognitive decline following CABG returned to normal within 6 to 12 months.
1299318 tn?1377812519 Hello I've had two episodes of severe temporary memory loss after resistance (weight lifting) exercise. Temporary memory loss included not being able to immediately remember or remember at all, the combination to my lock, computer passwords, my own address & phone number, names, the current date etc. The first time I went to emergency and all of thes tests (CTScan bloodwork etc) were all fine. The hospital neurlogist suggested dehydration or low blood sugar.
500374 tn?1210075013 However, I struggle with cognitive issues such as attention deficiency, short-term memory loss and inability to multi-task. Everything I've read about mid-brain strokes only mentions the physical long term effects. Is there anyone out there who is experiencing cognitive issues from this type of stroke?...or has anyone seen any information online that addresses this?
Avatar n tn later I had a cerebellar stroke -- the symptoms were vomiting, vertigo, and complete loss of balance. The ambulance got me to the ER, and the ER drs. at my NYC hospital were great. The CAT scan and MRI revealed the cerebellar stroke (the doctors called it a "significant stroke). After I was discharged I had 8 mths of rehab and finally was able to walk without a walker. Months later my neurologist set me up for a test where the drs.
Avatar n tn I believe it is a setteled issue regarding long term memory loss due to a by-pass. There has been a study and over the next four years, there were no significant differences in memory or other mental functions between the heart patients who had bypass, those who took medications, and those who had off-pump surgery. At four years, however, all three groups of heart patients scored significantly worse on tests of memory, decision-making, and visuospatial relations than the heart-healthy people.
Avatar n tn I am confused, the neurologist I saw today said my MRI shows maybe MS or/and mild stroke? It reads nonspecific foci increased T2 signal in cerebral white matter. Differential considerations include demyelinating process, vasculitis or chronic microvascular ischemia. 2) Mild cortical atrophy? What is he telling me, I kept asking, but it is getting confusing.
Avatar n tn It lasted fully 6-10 hours where she had significant memory loss. I am worried about her and want her to get the best help. Finally, she has never been in a serious auto accident, hasn't used drugs and has drunk some alcohol but has not done so recently. She cannot remember any trauma to the head other than having been punched in the eye about 10 years ago. Thanks and God bless you!
Avatar n tn html Clinical Manifestations of Vitamin B12 Deficiency ------------------------------------------------------- Hematologic Megaloblastic anemia Pancytopenia (leukopenia, thrombocytopenia) Neurologic Paresthesias Peripheral neuropathy Combined systems disease (demyelination of dorsal columns and corticospinal tract) Psychiatric Irritability, personality change Mild memory impairment, dementia Depression Psychosis Cardiovascular Possible increased risk of myocardial infarction a
Avatar f tn We think the memory loss has increased, but it's kind of mixed up with the anxiety. We HOPE the memory loss is directly related to the Ambien, and being off of it will he return to 'normal'? We can deal with the anxiety, but not the memory loss.
1346447 tn?1327866172 Patient should pour water during toileting.Immediate task is to stop memory loss if possible. Attention— 1 Stop itching 2 Stop memory loss Left leg is affected due to stroke. during walking support is needed. After 6 months nonsense speaking started. During rehabiliation there were two falls but no severe injuries. Most of the time patient is normal.How long will it take to rehabiliate.
Avatar n tn Are these normal sensations for a post-stroke patient? He has also noticed a little memory loss, which may be common with age. My husband just turned 57. He noticed when reading numbers, he sometimes reverses the numbers or sees them in the wrong order, which was a problem he dealt with when he was younger. Is it possible that certain skills could be lost from a stroke?
451975 tn?1372332199 Hi, I do understand how difficult it was for you.But you have been strong and your family has been very supportive.You are still lucky and blessed. With regards to your symptoms, were your doctors able to give you a definite diagnosis ? Were any cardiac problems ruled out? Were your coagulation factor levels ( Prothrombin, APTT and fibrinogen ) evaluated? Were your thyroid and parathyroid hormones assessed?
Avatar n tn I have made a fairly good recovery though I still have weakness on my right side, tire easily, some trouble finding the word or being able to say the word/s, some difficultly understanding language, mild confusion at time when I am tired,a bit wobbly without my cane, trouble grasping or holding things in my right hand. Some short term memory loss. Anyway, I recently had another MRI to check to see if I had had more recent TIAs. No evidence was found of recent TIAs.
Avatar n tn sir, I had a mild stroke in the year 2000 and I escaped with only hearing loss on my right ear. to prevent another stroke I was prescribed ASPIRIN DELAYED ACTION 75MG. per day.I have been taking this regularly for the past 5 years.Now (iam 63 years) iam having memoryloss of recent events.This is an early sign of alkhazeimar.Is the thinning of blood supply to the brain by the aspirin i am taking to prevent another stroke has anything to do with this memory loss?Which is the lesser evil?
Avatar m tn He walks great, no problem with talking, but has very mild short term memory...mostly forgetting to take his meds or forgets what day it is. He will be 57 and, honestly, he has healed up exceptionally well even though the doctors didn't think he'd make it.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
Avatar n tn My 88 year old mother had an angiogram (tube placed through her groin) 10 days ago, due to narrowing of the arteries to the heart. Her GP seems to think this may have caused a mild stroke - is this possible? To me she has no outward stroke symptoms although she cannot remember everything as she did before -- she is nowhere near as 'alert' (doing crosswords etc) and says her head feels like it is full of 'cotton wool'. Is this possible and is there any treatment for this type of stroke?
Avatar n tn Seizure disorders can also cause loss of memory and concentration, but this can also be caused by lack of sleep. The tremors that you describe might also by attributable lack of sleep, seizures or a neuromuscular condition. Tumors in the brain can cause pain, visual disturbances and seizures and although rare, this should be evaluated in your case. I woudl suggest an MRI of the brain with GAD contrast (to evaluate for tumors or other structural lesion), an EEG (brain wave test for seizures).
Avatar n tn My husband is a Gulf War Veteran and has been diagnosed with progressive dementia.. he is about to turn 40. He collapsed at home a few weeks ago, with confusion & memory loss etc.. When we were at the ER they did a CT scan and it showed that he had previously had a mild stroke in the left basal ganglia area. This was reconfirmed at the VA hospital with another CT scan.
1012964 tn?1251823026 Hi, One of the major complications of a heart surgery is stroke. You might have suffered a mild stroke while undergoing surgery or soon after and hence the symptoms of memory loss and confusion. The symptoms will get better with a proper management plan that involves medication, exercises, good nutrition and psychotherapy. Please consult a neurologist for the complete neurological examination and management. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn My husband just had a mild stroke 4 days ago. He is sleeping a lot. Should I keep waking him up or does his body need the sleep time to heal??