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Avatar n tn I had a wonderful memory before. I did see a neurologist, he said i had short-term memory loss, he did a test on me and stated thats what is wrong. I dont know, do you??
Avatar n tn My husband had an stroke 6 years ago in his thalamus which caused him to be confused, short term memory loss, some long term memory loss,etc. The good news is that he regained almost all of his functioning, but some small short term memory issues. 3 weeks ago he worked in the yard in 100 degree temps for several hours. The next day he woke up with the same symptoms as the stroke 6 years ago and we assumed he had another stroke.
Avatar n tn unless several strokes have occurred (leading to what is termed a subcortical or vascular dementia) then the memory loss occuring following a stroke should be non-progressive, meaning that continued memory loss (worsening memory loss) should not be occuring. Memory loss after stroke can be due to depression, recurrent strokes, poor sleep due to sleep apnea, and other non-neurologic problems that can occur unrelated to stroke such as thyroid problems.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend of 3 years suffered a stroke late November 07 after surviving cancer, he was 29. The doctors said the damage in my boyfriend's brain is permanent, the stroke was not severe enough to handicap him but it has affected his memory and mental capacity. They are unsure if he'll ever recover his memory fully. He is recovering slowly but still has trouble remembering people including me.
Avatar m tn m posting here today because i am very worried about someone that i know that had stroke like symptoms but the doctors believe it was no a stroke but a brain cramp.
Avatar n tn I also had headaches for 4 months and in January of this year 2012 I had a mini stroke and now I have some memory loss and I still get dizzy, headaches, and I am always tired. My eye sight also goes blurry once in a while. I have to go to neurologist on the 14th of this month (February). I hate this I wish it would get better. How are you feeling now.
Avatar n tn It is difficult to distinguish immediately whether the sudden memory loss is due to TGA or a serious condition such as stroke, TIA or seizure. Because of this, prompt medical attention should be immediately given for persons experiencing sudden memory loss and confusion. It would be advisable to have your mother consult a physician at the earliest possible time to assess her medical status. Good luck.
500374 tn?1210071413 I had what is believed a TIA in 2004 that left me with 80% short term memory loss and the other symptoms you mentioned. A couple of eye clots in 2005-6 also. The memory loss has improved some since 2004 with the Aricept medication and cognitive therapy, I can now add and do some subtraction. However, the multi-tasking has been getting worse with time. I have been having more mini-strokes lately so that may account for the symptoms getting worse and more loss of eyesight.
1012964 tn?1251819426 You might have suffered a mild stroke while undergoing surgery or soon after and hence the symptoms of memory loss and confusion. The symptoms will get better with a proper management plan that involves medication, exercises, good nutrition and psychotherapy. Please consult a neurologist for the complete neurological examination and management. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn Does the blood in the brain absorb into the tissue and would this eleviate the short term memory loss. Or what is the usual outcome of the short term memory loss.
Avatar m tn After she stopped taking the pain medication (oxicodine) she has memory loss. At first it was little things, but now she does not know what year it is, how old she is, or that she just had surgery. She does have some memory, like she knows who me and my sister are and what she does for work. Another symptom is that she says her body is soar, like she lifted a bunch of weights. We are looking for any type of input/advise. Her doctors have been doing every test and scan.
Avatar n tn My mother is recovering from her 2nd TIA which occured 5 wks ago and the only obvious signs of her attack were short term memory loss until a few days ago. She has started comlaining about an excessive dry mouth, thirst and constant trips to the ladies. Along with these symptons she is experiencing shaking periods where her whole body shakes for around 45mins then it subsides and she feels normal again. The thirst increases prior to and during these attacks. Blood tests have come back normal.
Avatar m tn Since she has blood pressure and diabetic issues, could be she fainted from those conditions and caused her probable temporary memory loss. On the other hand, sometimes if BP gets out of control, it can cause a stroke like incident, where a bleed in the brain will affect memory. If she cannot get in to see a doc right away, take her on over to the ER for evaluation, because if something serious has actually happened, they'll want to jump all over it.
Avatar f tn I have had migraines sense I was 14 now I am 24 well in 2007 I had a cavernous malformation, stroke. Is it possable for me to be lossing my memory? I had an mri done 4 months ago and I couldn't remember. It is frusterating and need to know answers.
Avatar n tn this past week two more episodes, including numbness in her left hand, she also complained of pressure in her head and aching in her head that was moving in different areas. She is having short term memory loss, loss of balance. The episodes take quite a bit out of her, the last one she was in bed for 2 days not feeling up to anything. One initial diagnosis was hypoglycemia, she does have high blood pressure, migraines, multiple myloma(no treatment needed yet) and has had ameloids.
438667 tn?1204593673 Hi, I'm 38 years old and I own a business that I manage by myself. I am under an immense amount of stress. I have 14 employees, way too much overhead, business has been slow etc...I drove myself to the hosptial last summer because I was going through a severe case of confusion and dizziness. I had a series of tests done and the only thing that came up negative was a heart condition called a pro-longed qt (not sure if there is any relation to my symptoms that day).
Avatar n tn Aside from paralysis or loss of muscle movement and difficulty talking, other possible issues include memory loss or thinking difficulties, emotional problems and depression, pain and changes in behavior and self-care. If the symptoms persist, it is best that you have him see his attending physician for proper evaluation and to rule out complications mentioned above. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I remember looking it up on the internet at the time and some of the symptoms were short-term memory loss, loss of balance and short steps when walking. Do you know what he was referring to? He has since left his practice and is working at one of the hospitals recruiting Dr's as internists for the hospital. His replacement (recommended by him) has no idea what he was talking about (real promising). Can you tell me what he was referring to? I will remember it if I hear it or see it.
Avatar n tn After 3 days, she became started having memory loss similar to stroke symptoms. She talks nonsense and cannot concentrate to finish a task. Her back also became red again. We took her to the ER and she was admitted immediately with back surgery again to flush away the infection. After surgery she has been hallucinating and has suffered memory loss, along with talking about the past as if it were happening today.
Avatar n tn The concern with such episodes of transient memory loss is that they are either seizures or TIA, and investigation for these is indicated depending on the history and other factors like risk factors for stroke. This transient memory loss is not necessarily predictive of your father developing Alzheimer's disease, this would depend on whether or not he is showing evidence of it otherwise.
Avatar n tn Since 2002 I have lost vision in my left eye for 1/2 hour or more at a time. I experience stroke like symptoms...inability to concentrate, confusion, anxiety, etc. I lost my job as a lending officer and finance teacher due to memory loss (mainly with names, dates...words) and am at a loss as to what my problem may be. My heart rate drops into the 20's, and had a space of 2.6 seconds between beats during the halter test. Can a slow heart beat casue these symptoms?