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Avatar n tn is it safe for a cat with a history of kidney failure to be taking these drugs, and both at the same time? Thanks!
Avatar n tn is it safe for a cat with a history of kidney failure to be taking these drugs, and both at the same time? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I recently was hospitalized for a nasty Kidney infection. I have been out and on antibiotics for about a week and a half. My question is can you have kidney pain this much after recovery?? I feel like the pain is coming back. It is nothing like how bad it was the first time, but I definitely have some pain again in the same spot. The doctors think a UTI caused my infection in the first place, but I have no symptoms of a UTI now. I had some itching a few days ago, but that is gone now.
Avatar m tn Try ciprofloxacin with metronidazole for colitis. Stool examination can rule out intestinal infection.
661200 tn?1225486613 Even worse, there isn't a darn thing to do for kidney failure other than treat the symptoms as best you can. Once kidney cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate like other organs such as the liver can. When kidney failure reaches the last stages, you will notice a marked increase in nausea and vomiting and probably urinary accidents as well. The nausea is from the toxins remaining in the bloodstream that the kidneys can no longer filter out.
Avatar f tn It's been an ongoing problem for 3 1/2 years. He has kidney stones, which I know can make you more prone to infection, and he may also have a urethral stricture, but that's speculation. It may all stem from a botched cystoscopy he had 11 or 12 years ago.. he'd had a kidney stone but they gave him the cystoscopy after he was better, so he claims it was unnecessary, and a medical student did it, and they screwed up and he bled a lot, and was in serious pain for months..
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if a yeast infection can just go away on its own after a few days? Also, has anyone else experienced GI problems with Keflex and Metronidazole? I had a kidney infection and UTI. Long story short, i was hospitalized and sent home with Keflex. My doc says it probably is the cause of this terrible diahrrea i have. So, i started the Metronidazole today. Causing a lot more nausea though.
1916673 tn?1420236870 They have also stopped the immunosuppressant drug as he now has a kidney infection and have changed the antibiotics he has been in order to treat this. His creatinine is back up to 700 and albumin was at 15 last night. They told me he is at risk for a blood clot anytime. We do have him on anticoagulants. He once again is on iv to try and bring the values down as they think they spiked as a result of the infection as they had come down last week.
Avatar m tn the pain around the liver improved while I began having very sharp pains in the left kidney area. It was as if the infection was being cleared out in the GI tract and simultaneously migrating to the kidney to get away from the drug effect. Recently, I have tried a course of Nystatin and Stromectol (Ivermectin) with no noticeable improvement. Pain in daytime is less and better from strenuous exercise. Pain at night is much worse and interrupts sleep.
Avatar f tn My OB pescribed me Metronidazole for a vaginal bacteria infection. I believe they wouldnt give it to me if it was harmful, but ive read alot online about not taking it in your first almost 10 weeks with my 3rd child. Im nervous but know I ignoring the infection can/may cause miscarriage....any comments would help.
Avatar f tn The only thing that comes to mind with the back aches and frequent urinating is a kidney infection which can be quite painful. If you have Medicaid, I suggest you go to the E.R., or an Urgent Care Clinic. Please let us know how you are doing and good luck.
Avatar f tn I had bv and a kidney infection with my son which sent me into preterm labor at 25weeks after 4 days in the hospital on iv antibiotics they sent me home and they had me take macrobid twice a day for two weeks then once a day for the rest of my pregnancy. I delivered at 35w.
Avatar n tn Intake of antibiotics, any kidney disease; inflammation of the kidney, bladder infection can cause blood in urine. A complete history, laboratory and imaging studies may help in determining the cause of your symptoms. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Schedule an appointment with a nephrologist.Do keep me posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar m tn In our clinic, given your recurrent symptoms, you would have been treated with the alternate medication recommended for chlamydial infection (doxycycline) plus metronidazole, not just metronidazole alone because of the (unproven) possibility that you might have failed your recent treatment. Several additional thoughts arise however. First, your testing sounds unusual.
649848 tn?1484935765 Specialists in gastrointestinal diseases, known as gastroenterologists, often treat patients with H. pylori infection. What tests diagnose H. pylori? Testing for the H. pylori infection may be performed on blood, stool, or breath samples. Also, biopsies or small bits of tissue from the lining of the gastrointestinal tract obtained during endoscopy can be tested for the presence of H. pylori. Usually this testing is done after the diagnosis of gastritis or ulcer is made.
Avatar n tn Still concerned, went to the STD clinic that day and got the full workup a Rocefin injection, Zithromax 1g pills, and Metronidazole 2g pills. I still had the same symptons for 4 more days. However, on the 5th day (today) I still had them but later in the day I went to urinate and saw a small blood clot come out. It looked to be no more than 1/4" or so long, and then had a slight blood urine mixture. Since that incident I have not had any more pain during urination. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn But ive been having flank pain is it possible i have all three UTI,BV,and small yeast infection? If so would the metronidazole for my BV cure the UTI?
Avatar m tn She did a urine test, and that showed her that something could be wrong with the kidneys. Could be a kidney infection... or some other medical kidney word I can't recall. So now, he's on 3 meds. Amoxicillin, Cimetidine, and Metronidazole We just started him on Amoxicllin today and the other 2 he's been on for a couple days with no improvement. We gave him the pills with food and he just threw it up and is now sleeping.... Tried to be as detailed as possible. Would love a second opinion.
Avatar m tn and she said it was an infection that got into her kidneys. They gave her metronidazole which is used for trich but not kidney infections that I know of. Is there a reason they would prescribe this medication for an infection of the kidneys or am I wrong for being suspicious. We don't have sex for months and she is always out and coming home late.
Avatar f tn Long story short, I was admitted to the hospital for severe kidney infection (Pyelonephritis) which I was given an IV drip and antibiotics to reduce my fever (102.3). While there I had the Dr. examine my genital area in order to relive the pain. That is when I heard him say that the irritation appeared to be herpes and he was quite sure about it. From that moment I have been stressed and freaked out. He recommended that I follow up with my OBGYN to confirm.
Avatar f tn They said I had a UTI and possibly a Kidney infection and prescribed Macrobid. That didn't work and in 2 days I went back, they changed the medication to Levoquin (spelling may be off). That worked! Well, just when I was about done with the medicine my stomach started to hurt again - not as much but I felt like something was still wrong. So I went back and now they say I have the Trichomonas. Sigh, absolutely no clue how I would get that.
Avatar m tn If I still have it after treatment is iver should I go to a normal doctor and see if I have something like a uti, bladder infection or kidney stones or something? Cause if it doesn't clear up idk what I can do next.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was in the hospital about 2 months ago for a kidney infection. About a few days out of the hospital I began to get the C. Diff symptoms. I tested negative, but eventually was put on Metronidazole. It made me so ill. So, i just finished 2 weeks on Vancocin and was feeling great while on it. Now I am about 4 days after taking the last pill, and I am having serious stomach pains again. Just like I did when the C. Diff was bad and untreated. My questions are...
Avatar n tn Believe it or not it could be a simple problem - well no problem is simple. Salvatory gland infection (some type of gland infection). I have it and it makes my mouth taste bad (that's the infection), can make your mouth sour, tongue and cheek hurt etc. Head and neck doctors usually do the diagnosis. I'm including a website for you to check - hope it might help you ! bill
Avatar m tn However, the problem could be caused by anything including a gastrointestinal parasite infection, kidney disease, liver disease, an endocrine disorder such as Addison's disease, or cancer and many others. Hopefully it is nothing serious! Diagnostics will be necessary to determine the definitive cause. The most important thing is to continue to force feed him and provide fluid therapy if he is not drinking. You mentioned that he also has loose stool.
Avatar m tn I've been tested for and all negative all STDs Staph/strep Yeast Bacteria in urine Scrotal ultrasound prostate exam Kidney CT treated for fungal/yeast. Creams have made it worse. I've tried various anti-biotics: Ketoconazole,cephalexin, Doxycycline, Valtrex, azithromycin, Metronidazole pills, flagyl, bactrim ds Seen Dermatologists, Primary Care, Urologists, and Infectious Disease Docotor I know that this is an infection of some sort. I just don't know what.
Avatar m tn Ultrasound was for kidney,bladder and uterus known as KUB.In the ultrasound my prostate also came normal. Gram stain was of urine as i have no discharge. I took the HSV igG test after 1.6 years after my first and till now last exposure.
Avatar f tn I had it with my son I also had a kidney infection at the same time so I was dehydrated as well and it sent me into labor at 25 weeks I made it to 35 weeks on modified bed rest.
Avatar f tn During all of this, I saw a different doctor who told me I may have a pelvic infection, I was sent for swabs, testing for pelvic infection, other infections and chlamydia, these all came back fine, but the doctor gave me antibiotics for a pelvic infection anyway because they said thats what they think I have and it just may not have shown up on the swabs. I stopped taking them after 2 days because they made me sick, I then got thrush, I don'tknow if that was from the antibiotics or not.
Avatar f tn I was extremily dehydrated and had the awful discharge and smell and kept thinking that I was having a kidney infection and bladder infection. I would go to the doctor for the kidney or bladder infection they would find bacteria when they checked my urine, they would always tell me that my urine looked dark, I drink water only and take vitamins so I thought I drink when I am thirsty and it must be the vitamins and taking and making my urine dark.