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Avatar n tn I'm sorry you have waited so long for a reply. I have heard of Flagyl (Metronidazole) causing neurologic symptoms in dogs, but only usually if overdosed. This usually resolves itself when the medication is stopped. But I think you need to speak to your vet about this. All antibiotics, and antifungals can cause Gastro-intestinal side effects too. But in your dog's case, there was some diarrhea BEFORE medication with Metronidazole?
Avatar f tn Nothing else works for Giardia, and Metronidazole and Flagyl only stops it for a short time, then it returns. Plus dogs that have the potential for the MDR1 mutation gene (Collies, Shelties, Aussies, etc. with the merle gene should not be given Metronidazole or Flagyl). Dogs with access to lakes, ponds, standing water are more prone to getting Giardia but if you have a problem with more than one dog and you have a well, I would certainly have your water tested for it.
Avatar f tn I know you want to do all you can for him - and you are doing just that. It is a very sad fact that dogs never live as long as we would like them to, and at 11 yrs, your best friend has done very well and I don't doubt has had a fantastic life. It's reassuring for the vet to say 'the time' has not yet come, so just enjoy what time you have with him for as long as it's possible and appropriate.
Avatar n tn I have been testing positive for gardnerella Vaginalis for the last 8 months or so.I am male. I go on Metronidazole, Duolac for a week, get re-tested and test positive again, and then start the whole antibiotic process again. My partner is negative. I have no symptoms at all, and get sick when on the antibiotics. Recently, as well as still having Gardnerella, I have tested positive for Candida. I live in South Korea and the doctor again is ready for me to go and pick up the latest meds.
661200 tn?1225486613 As you now know, treatments for one problem often contradict the treatment for another - as with the furosemid. Even worse, there isn't a darn thing to do for kidney failure other than treat the symptoms as best you can. Once kidney cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate like other organs such as the liver can. When kidney failure reaches the last stages, you will notice a marked increase in nausea and vomiting and probably urinary accidents as well.
1356964 tn?1302091035 Read your drug label and stay away from it. Flagyl (Metronidazole) is the first line drug for Clostridium difficile mainly because it's cheap. It costs $5-8 for human dosage, vet usually overcharge, so it's probably 10 times more. Your best bet is Vancomycin. It's $300 a course for human dosage, not sure if vet has it. Don't waste your money on hypoallergenic food. They are vet's scam to get you to buy food from them for commission. They are all the same.
Avatar m tn If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry. I am not charging you for this, you are not paying me for it, so don’t sue me. It’s a responsibility that you have to assume. If you expect a risk-free life, with massive compensation should things don’t work out, then don't try this. So, why is this book manuscript free? The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.
449498 tn?1338775639 ). luvkayln: Among all the dogs bulldogs are very well know for their possessiveness and affection to the owner. All dogs are good at that. But none can beat the bulldogs. Willie looks cute and cool in the tub. Mike's story was sad. I wish him luck and more courage. He is brave. mommyin: I am also planning to wait till 2 complete weeks before testing. I dont even know how a BFP will look like, because I got used to seeing the BFN (One dark line or Not Pregnant reading). The digital one hurts.
Avatar f tn looking substance called keratin.They may occur anywhere on body but scalp, ears, back, face, and upper arm, are common sites for sebaceous cysts. A cutaneous horn is a conical projection above the surface of the skin that resembles a miniature horn. Cutaneous horns usually are asymptomatic.But sometimes they can become inflamed and cause pain. I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me a prescription for metronidazole, which is acutally for bacteria vaginosis. I noticed the burning and itching went away after taking this medication. I dont want to continue taking this medication without knowing the underlying problem.
Avatar n tn I have had hives for almost three years now. Every antihistimine and stomach pill (that has a histimine blocker) has been tried. The only relief I have gotten was when I went on Cyclosporine for six moths. This is an antirejection drug. I do not want to stay on this, but have been off of it for five months now, and hives are starting to return. Sometimes they are red splotches on my skin, other times they are thick welts, both itch unreal. My eyes, lips and feet swell also.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
Avatar n tn My 14 month old son has been doing this for almost 2 months>>>pukes at night after he's been laying down for a few hours then wakes up coughing and pukes alot everywhere! He has been on 3 different antibiotics and still does it< they thought maybe drainage took xrays on chest and sinus's and said sinus looked hazey but could be because he was crying during xray..he is now on the same antibiotic he was on at first and still pukes at night.
280700 tn?1210287416 Hello! I am also starting my second round of clomid 100mg this month, last month was 50mg. I had 2 m/c in 2007 & they believe it was due to low levels of pregesterone so I'm taking clomid to help. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm on D6 right now & taking on D5-9. It didn't work last month so really hoping for the best this month.
Avatar f tn My arms, and only my arms, have itched for 10 years. no rashes, no psiorias, excema etc. The creams, allergery list is extensive as to what I have tried but nothing worked. ---------------The only thing that helps are ice packs. ----------------------- Recently,I had an x-ray to check if I had any nerve impingement in my cervical spine - one of the possible causes but nothing showed so I continue to search for answers.
Avatar n tn H-E-L-P!!! I've had this uncontrollable itch on my outer labia's for the past 7 years. Everyday I itch, I feel like a freak because I am always scratching (not in public). My labia gets sore from the scratching and I break skin often from scratching. I have tried everthing, but it doesn't go away. I know it's not an STD because I went to the doctor's and have been tested. However they haven't helped me none.
Avatar n tn If it's an allergy (for me) I think it might be to MSG, if it's an intolerance (again for me) at the moment I'm thinking it's to very fatty foods. It's always worse when I'm stressing about something. Does any of that apply to you? You can get IBS tabs over the counter (we can here in UK anyway). Or you might want to try testing out foods to see if you are allergic/intolerant. It's a pain to do this (I keep meaning to, but haven't yet).