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Avatar n tn I'm sorry you have waited so long for a reply. I have heard of Flagyl (Metronidazole) causing neurologic symptoms in dogs, but only usually if overdosed. This usually resolves itself when the medication is stopped. But I think you need to speak to your vet about this. All antibiotics, and antifungals can cause Gastro-intestinal side effects too. But in your dog's case, there was some diarrhea BEFORE medication with Metronidazole?
Avatar f tn Hi Joe & welcome.....Has your dog ever done well on any particular food? Do you remember that maybe even one time he seemed to do better than usual? Do you remember what food it was? Although I am a fan of grain-free, in dogs with sensitive digestive systems, I have found that some brands are too rich & DO cause longterm digestive upsets.....What other brands have you tried? Any? Have you tried just a bland diet of chicken & rice for any length of time? Did he do better on it?
Avatar f tn What advice for day-to-day management did your vet give you? What type of dog is he? Unfortunately, dogs with some heart conditions do not live very long. They often start with breathing difficulties (congestive heart failure setting in) and pass away more often within a year from diagnosis. I don't say this to worry you, just to prepare you for what may eventually happen. I am not familiar with 'Type 4 Heart Failure' as a medical term (I don't think we use it here in the UK).
Avatar n tn I have been testing positive for gardnerella Vaginalis for the last 8 months or so.I am male. I go on Metronidazole, Duolac for a week, get re-tested and test positive again, and then start the whole antibiotic process again. My partner is negative. I have no symptoms at all, and get sick when on the antibiotics. Recently, as well as still having Gardnerella, I have tested positive for Candida. I live in South Korea and the doctor again is ready for me to go and pick up the latest meds.
661200 tn?1225486613 -) BTW the meds almost always give the dogs diarrhea and at the very least, soft poop. We've also found that he improved when we did hover around him. I think we were freaking him out at first because he was used to us leaving him alone for a couple hours at a time so he could rest. This was really hard for me until I realized he got better when he was back on his normal routine. He does occasionally have an accident but it's normally after he's been sleeping for awhile.
1356964 tn?1302091035 I also give Spook a very good probiotic called Probiotic Miracle for cats and dogs..Just some over his dry, but it is not cheap! Will keep updating you all.. Now if I can get my IC flare under control things would be better..
449498 tn?1338775639 Hey ladies! Time for thread #3! Hope you find it; Our other one was growing a little long. P.S. Who wants to nominate themselves for keeping tabs on everyone??? I liked that idea of keeping a chart for us all to be able to see who's where in their cycle/ or 2ww! :) Any volunteers?
Avatar f tn I'm in the health/fitness industry and I see 20+ people a day. Not to mention I have dogs I am constantly out and about with living downtown Chicago. I have basically been on house arrest for A MONTH. Wearing hats, bandaids, sitting at home researching why the hell this won't go away. Clients are angry with me, friends are ignoring me and calling me a 'hermit'. How the hell can I cover this up? It's on the TIP OF MY NOSE.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me a prescription for metronidazole, which is acutally for bacteria vaginosis. I noticed the burning and itching went away after taking this medication. I dont want to continue taking this medication without knowing the underlying problem.
Avatar n tn I'm thankful that after my synthroid dosage was increased to 150 mcg a day, the hives have stopped. I need to write my allergist a letter letting him know what if he gets another patient like myself, that he should suspect a thyroid issue before he just writes her off... So even if you aren't a hyroid patient, if you suggest to your doctor that he/she could run a quick (relatively) cheap test to see if your hives are autoimmune related...maybe you'll find some relief?
280700 tn?1210287416 Hello! I am also starting my second round of clomid 100mg this month, last month was 50mg. I had 2 m/c in 2007 & they believe it was due to low levels of pregesterone so I'm taking clomid to help. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm on D6 right now & taking on D5-9. It didn't work last month so really hoping for the best this month.
Avatar f tn It has made a miracle difference in my life. The low dosage of Gabapentin does not make me sleepy or dopy and once I am used to it I can increase the dosage if necessary. This is one goofy ailment and hardly anyone has heard of it much less experienced it. You have to be proactive with your doctor and say you want to try the Gabapentin and Fluocinonide. Good luck.