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Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Metoprolol is metoprolol succinate and metoprolol is metoprolol tartrate. Both of them are beta blockers. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am on metoprolol 25 mg daily. I had been on a diet and lost around 20 pounds. I started on the metoprolol and in 4 months I have almost regained what I lost. And I have basically continued to watch what I eat. Has this happened with anyone else? Do other beta blockers have this effect as well? My husband is on a beta blocker, and he does not have this problem.
Avatar m tn Metoprolol is like the Tic-Tac of beta blockers. Lots of people take it with little aide effects. I take 75 milligrams per day, but have been on as high as 200 milligrams per day.The dose you have put yourself on is extremely small. Metoprolol's half life is approximately 5 hours. If you do the math, you will see there is very little left of the drug in your blood when you take your next dose.
Avatar f tn My comment has to do with the fact that Metoprolol is the cause of my diabetes - I believe. I have come to believe that any med ending in -lol (such as Athenolol) raises a person's blood sugar.
Avatar n tn Is there a chance that when my T3 and T4 are normalized, that I can stop the metoprolol? 5. Without knowing the actual mechanism behind the SVT, can metoprolol actually cause more harm than good? 6. Can SVT be position dependent? This may sound dumb, but it occurs more frequently based on how I sit or how full my stomach is. 7. Can I still go out and enjoy an occasional drink or two? Thanks for taking a look at my question and I appreciate any feedback that you may have.
5707348 tn?1372788697 My husband was being treated for HBP with Atenolol and another drug. His blood sugar shot up to the sky. I was being treated with Metoprolol for CHF; it ruined my lungs and I am now suffering with COPD as well as diabetes. The doctors cover themselves with some self-serving statement that the "benefits outweigh the negatives". What happened to the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm?
Avatar f tn Ramipril 10MG once a day Caduet 5mg/20mg once a day Metformin 1000MG once a day (will start after Januvia is done) Metoprolol 25MG two times a day Asprin 325 MG once a day Januvia 100MG 3 DAYS ONLY Plavix75MG 30 DAYS ONLY I was just researching if anyone of them would interact with eachother. i wanted to be sure that there are no side affects with taking all these meds together.
Avatar f tn The doctor has prescribed Losartan Potassium 100mg, Metoprolol Tartrate 100mg & Amlodipine Besylate 10mg all together, are all these three really needed ? There is a lot of pain in the legs, weakness & headaches since the doctor added Losartan on the list.. My dad is also taking Diabetic medication: Metformin HCL 500mg & Glyburide 5mg?
Avatar n tn A follow-up test showed normal blood sugar, so if I have diabetes it must not be chronic. Often, if I eat a lot of junk food I will notice more palpitations, perhaps related to high sugar again??
Avatar f tn My pulse was high (90) and the doc recommended starting a low dose of Metoprolol (12-1/2 mg twice a day). This brought my pulse down to mid 60's. I was also prescribed (in the ER) 10 meq of potassium twice a day I assume for the rest of my life. In addition, I was having issues with PVC's. My cardio recommended 250 mg of magnesium which solved the problem immediately. Anything more than that dose gave me bowel problems.
4812794 tn?1359500746 Gabapentin Glipizide XL Hydrocodone/APAP Insulin Glargine (rDNA) orgin) Metoprolol - bad side effect to Purinethol caused permanent Angina/High blood pressure Rapaflo - Urination problem
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am a 48 year old Indian male, suffering type II DiabetesDiabetes Diabetes - resources Diabetes and exercise Diabetes and nerve damage Diabetes diet Diabetes foot care Diabetes insipidus Diabetes insipidus - central Diabetes insipidus - nephrogenic Diabetes risk factors Gestational diabetes since seven plus years. Doctor has advised 1.
Avatar n tn 80 year old woman with hypertension , heart failure, borderline diabetes, history of arrhythmia , thyroid removed, arthritis . Complains of severe back pain, numbness in hands and feet, unsteady on feet (needs walker), incontinence, signs of dementia. My Question: Seemed better on previous medication regime: Norvasc, Lanoxin, Spironolactone, Levothyroxine. Worse on current medication regime: Metoprolol, Benazepril, Isorb Mono Tab, Spironolactone, Simvastatin, Levothyroxine.
Avatar n tn 80 year old woman with hypertension , heart failure, borderline diabetes, history of arrhythmia , thyroid removed, arthritis . Complains of severe back pain, numbness in hands and feet, unsteady on feet (needs walker), incontinence, signs of dementia. My Question: Seemed better on previous medication regime: Norvasc, Lanoxin, Spironolactone, Levothyroxine. Worse on current medication regime: Metoprolol, Benazepril, Isorb Mono Tab, Spironolactone, Simvastatin, Levothyroxine.
Avatar f tn At the same time, there has been a national recall of the TOPROL XL (METOPROLOL ER SUCCINATE) so I was instead put on METOPROLOL TARTRATE. I've been on this new Metoprolol for two days now. The problem I now have is.... I feel a tightness or heavy weight in my chest. Right in the middle of the Sternum. Like somebody is stepping on it and wont get off. Its worse when I'm up and walking. Is it because I'm no longer on the HCT? Is the Metoprolol Tartrate doing this?
Avatar n tn what happens when you take metoprolol tart 25 mg with bupropion and have obstructive sleep apnea also.
15860670 tn?1443544854 Well you're in luck, because I take both Metoprolol as well as a Statin, so I can give you some advice. 200mg of Metoprolol wrecked me, and I'm a very active person usually. It felt like I was walking in concrete shoes. Every step was an effort, and any physical effort caused a heavy weight feeling in my chest. My heart just wouldn't get up to speed. Fortunately I was on that dose for about 3 weeks before my physician and I cut it back to 100mg.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with svt 2 months ago and am in otherwise great health. No diabetes, healthy weight, and normal organ functions. I am just concerned with the baby since I have been on 25mg Metoprolol during the first 5 weeks. Will this have any effect on my baby? I was told only to take the meds as needed, is this safe?
Avatar n tn I had a heart double bypass in 2003, my feet are swelling and numb,I take a lot of meds. glucophage,actos,metoprolol,zetia, atacand,tricor,lipitor toprol-xl,sinemet,zoloft,wellbutrin. I'am worried about p.a.d. I had a stress test a little over a year ago, Doc said everything looked good. Could sitting make my feet swell? Iam the type that hears about something, right away I think I have it.
452104 tn?1205710728 I went into preterm labour when they found the SVT but managed to stay pregnant on bed rest in the hospital for 6 additional weeks. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks and was on insulin throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I was diagnosed with hemochromatosis at age 20 as well.
Avatar m tn I'm on Metroprolol 25mg once per day. No diabetes in my family, no other major health problems except heart arrhythmia requiring a pacemaker to manage it. I test for diabetes every 6 months or so, including a glucose tolerance test. Tests are always negative. I don't eat or drink a lot of sweets. In the past year or 2, I have noticed that when I drink an occasional glass of grape or cranberry juice, I get dizzy. I asked my doc about that, and he said "well, don't drink the juice".
Avatar n tn And w/ pacemaker they have a record of my heart.. I asked that they try lopressor (Metoprolol) instead ( Bp drug on before I was switched off to Lisinopril). Since going to Metoprolol & taking in AM & sleeping 8 hours & trying to avoid stress, very little afib (my 45 day pacemaker recording (reviewed for the first time yesterday) shows one 2 minute mild Afib episode. The pacemaker has not had to spark or record high reading..
Avatar n tn I do too have the same sensation. was tested on diabetes and food intolerance too, but nothing, my echo was normal too, but this thing is killing me. I get so depressed, I want to eat but I cant, I have some good days and some terrible like today, I started to eat at 7. pm and it is 8 30 and still have the fatigue and the heart pumpling. my email is ***@**** if you find out something more about this please let me know. I hope yuo are fine soon.
Avatar f tn 112mS I have no idea what this means can someone please explain I also have hypertension and diabetes I'm on metoprolol and enalapril for it and metformin for diabetes I also have polycystic ovarie syndrome please help Thank you
Avatar n tn I have cervical disc problems and a type of trigeminal neuralgia and take Neurontin. I also take metoprolol for WPW (only 12.5mg daily). The only other med is Provigil to help counteract the tiredness I get from Neurontin. My doctor suggested Mobic but I haven't had any relief from the joint pain or the strange paresthesia on the bottom of my foot. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Actually I am 30 years old female,having diabetes but controlled one. I started work outs last month. I am quite regular too. My concern is that my heart rate is always low like between 70-125,even if I exercise a lot. I checked it on treadmill with 4.5 speed & elevation 4 for 20 minutes. Calories were burning very fast but heart rate was not increasing.Other than that I feel healthy enough.I am pretty concerned as I try hard to increase heart beat but it never increases.
Avatar f tn 3 mEq/mL) of patients. This case report describes hyperkalemia in a 72-year-old female with diabetes and underlying chronic renal failure receiving metoprolol. Chronically, potassium balance is maintained by the kidney. In acute situations, such as a larger than normal potassium load, both the kidney and the body's cells react to maintain normal potassium levels.
Avatar f tn I also have a hard time breathing, it used to be that this only happened if I was doing many activities at once, know it seems like my heart can't catch a break. I'm very worried I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. Should I begin the same treatment again or visit the emergency room?
1786012 tn?1314938570 javed saheb , I am a cardiologist from Karachi. Because it is only third day of Eid so there is no need to worry about pulse it will settle in 7-10 days, make sure you take plenty of fluid , if your heart rate is bothering you too much you can start metoprolol in low dose 25mg for a short period. there are many cardiologist friend of mine in Lahore you can see Dr shehbaz Sarwer or Dr Ashfaq .