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Avatar n tn There is an answer for the person that relapses. Relapses in themselves are very dangerous because of the fact that when a person is drug free there is the issue of having no tolerances to their drug of choice in particular opiates. The person relapsing may choose to try a dose that was close to what he took before relapsing -- boom there he is with an overdose due to having no tolerance.
Avatar m tn THanks for the info, It doesnt show up on a 5 panel that includes testing for opiates, it has to be specially tested for and on the 10 panel they test for methadone and am worried that sub and methadone my show up the same on a test.
401095 tn?1351395370 Drug Detection Time Alcohol 6–24 hours Amphetamines 2–3 days Barbituates 1 day to 3 weeks Benzodiazepines 3–7 days Cocaine 2–5 days Codeine 3–5 days Euphorics (MDMA, Ecstasy) 1–3 days LSD 1-4 days Marijuana (THC) 7–30 days Methadone 3–5 days Methaqualone 14 days Opiates 1-4 days Phencyclidine (PCP) 2–4 days Steroids (anabolic) 14–30 days Keep in mind that detection time listed above does not mean that the drug is fully expelled from your body within that amount of time—just tha
Avatar n tn THEN, I'd take no oxy the next day and take 10 mg's methadone, and be prepared to need an additional 5 mg's methadone at night. Then for the next 4 days take a split 10 methadone in the morning, 5 methadone at night. Then...I'd stop and see how it goes. Keep in mind that I'm partly guessing here, based on other people's experiences. There's no guarantee it would work; but if you have NO methadone history, it's possible.
221913 tn?1372280261 It is true that methadone does not show up as an opiate on drug screens. Methadone would have to be specifically tested for in order to be detected by a drug screen. The standard drug screen does not test for methadone, but an employer may request that methadone also be tested for. At some point, you might be presented with a form that lists the types of drugs that will be tested for--then you will know for sure whether they will test for methadone. This was the answer I was looking for!
Avatar n tn Also of note - not all urine drug screens test for the same thing - this is usually determined by the cost factor - The more sensitive and comprehensiv ethe test, the more expensive. Darvocet tests positive if they are testing for propoxyphene - not all tests do this. I think I read somewhere that it can potentially test positive for methadone - I would have to look that up again to be sure. Water is helpful in a general sense but beware!
Avatar n tn My fiance and I are detoxing from methadone - we were at 110mg. in Aug.'07, tomorrow we will dose @ 33mg. - For us, upon much research about this drug, it became very important to detox before 1 year. We began the clinic in April '07 and March 6 will be our last dose. The withdrawals from methadone can be debilitating, but there are many natural remedies that make a lot of difference. You are right in taking the vitamins, aminos, etc.
935108 tn?1264262553 Once you get up much higher than 70, methadone is like a different drug in my experience. When I was on 110, I had terrible nightmares and a sedated kind of paranoia. I sweat like a pig and was a contipated duck. You don't want to be a contipated sweating zombie. all the best.
Avatar n tn I have to get off the methadone in order to pass 4 random drug tests this year to keep my professional licese!!! I am down to the wire and have three days to pass a clen urine. I have tried several times to be successful at withdrawing independently and cannot seem to get through the third day. My stomach feels like it is gnawing a whole into my backbone and my arms, shoulders and legs burn like hell!!!My legs are restless while in bed nad I feel like I must get up and run for releif.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has every suffered from Methadone headaches when the wake up in the morning. Like a horrific, horrible headache, to the point of not being able to stand or lay down, just sit straight up until the next pill kicks in. If so, have you figured out what the cause its? Too much, too little, adverse reaction or what? I'm taking it for headaches (ironically) in which all other opiates failed to relieve the pain.
Avatar m tn Sub doctors have a special test for this drug. At this point in time, it is not available to employment screens as it is very specific and very expensive. With time this will change, but not at this time you have a prescription correct? If it showed up, u would be ok? I do understand not wanting to broadcast u r on sub...unlike methadone, it is not an approved pain med in the US. It is only approved for addiction so saying u r on it is a dead give-away good luck getting ur job..
Avatar n tn I went to get my 6 take homes for the week, ALMOST done with methadone forever. I get my in clinic dose, take my 6 bottles in my lock box and go to work. Within an hour, I felt very high, something I had not felt in years. I started saying to myself, "They could not have given me wrong dose, could they?" A half hour later, I am outside trying to cool off. What seemed like seconds after that, my supervisors were telling me to go sit down. Then EMT's arrived..
Avatar n tn I've been there for 2 years and have NEVER failed a drug test (except the first one of course) Well, one of my drug screens came back positive for opiates! How could this happen? I've been clean every since i was admitted to the clinic. I paid 45$ to have the urine retested and 2 weeks later they tell me they didn't have enough urine to do the retest. Do I get my money back? NO! Then I have to pay 20$ more because I had a dirty. I'm outraged and hurt.
Avatar n tn I now take 30-60 mg daily. I have passed enough urine drug screens to get a weeks worth of methadone at a time and am working on weaning down to at least 30 mg daily although I goofed up the past two weeks and used morphine..I am so mad at myself...all these years of smoking and snorting, never once did I shoot up until being clean for 11 months with methadone maintenence, I really goofed up and shot up morphine for 4 days. It was the best high ever but I am having the WORST withdrawels EVER!..
Avatar f tn I was told that the basic/standard cup screens will not show? That it has to be looking for it? I this true? Thanks in advance...
Avatar f tn I was told that the basic/standard cup screens will not show? That it has to be looking for it? I this true? Thanks in advance...
Avatar n tn There are usually Pain Management contracts that you have to sign before they will treat you. That contract states they have a right to do random drug screens and the consequences associated with failed ones. If you have a contract please read it..... if you haven't already familiarize yourself with it. Frankly I would not be overly concerned, This is a requirement in most instances for all physicians the prescribe opiates on a long term basis. Please let us know how this turns out.
Avatar m tn here after a certain amount of time with no dirty drug screens etc they will let u have take homes..first to every other day/2 days take home then it gets to where u only go to the clinic once a week to pick up ur week's the clinic my son worked at, they use liquid m-done and the dose is taken once a day in front of the nurse at the clinic..when u want to get off the taper is under the doctor at the clinic's control and it can be frustrating/red tape as with any govt project...
Avatar f tn I am on Methadone (treatment center) and have never failed a drug screen in 9 years. In the past 2-3 months all my urine drug screens have come back low creatitine (14) it dropped from in the 100's suddenly. They are saying I am tampering with my urine to pass but I have been clean for 8 1/2 years now. Do not even drink. I am not tampering with my urine or drinking a lot of liquids to pass. They did an observed drug test & a random and they both came back low creatitine (diluted). Help?
Avatar m tn I have a very young relative that recently enrolled in a methadone clinic to help him with an addiction to OC. (However, I really think that in the past he has taken whatever he can get.) The current dose he is taking is 30, as he said that he opted for a lower dose so that he can be tapered off within six months. He goes every morning for a liquid dose and group counseling.
Avatar m tn Also...synthetic dones will NOT show up on a 5 or 7 panel drug test...In fact most courts and job screens don't pay for the ten and 11 panel tests or a specific done test so you are free to **** all over it the day you take the **** ;) Good luck getting off the ****.....
Avatar n tn I am not a medically trained physician but I am a law enforcement laboratory technician who routinely handles evidence including specimens for drug screens. A drug screen is a complex thing and the higher tuned (more sensitive) it is the more complex it becomes. You see, drug screens can be adjusted to detect various trace amounts of many different types of drugs.
Avatar m tn I went to a methadone clinic for 2yrs and in pasco.fl they r very serious about no benzos after 2 positive benzo tests they rapid detox you..7 daydetox no matter what your dose...I knw the time ***** but if u decrease slowly withdrawels are not nearly as intense...I went slow but at the end got anxious at the end I just wanted to b done ...but I had weaned down to 5mg n jumped off n itwasnt too bad with drawel was worse for me ppersonally cause I was very sick....
Avatar f tn They all have side effects, some are not as beneficial to the pain as others. Taking a drug like methadone every day at the same dose eventually minimizes some of the side effects such as the high feeling but you do not crave a higher dose for the buzz . As long as the pain is under control you are happy to keep it there. You are dependent on the drug for pain but you are not addicted to the high. This is necessary to control the pain.People should be made to realize this.
356518 tn?1322267242 From a law enforcement laboratory technician who routinely handles evidence including specimens for drug screens.... A drug screen is a complex thing and the higher tuned (more sensitive) it is the more complex it becomes. You see, drug screens can be adjusted to detect various trace amounts of many different types of drugs. Some test react positively for the presence of drugs (substances or derivatives) only if those traces appear in the test medium in certain volumes.
Avatar n tn Since every additional drug they test for costs more money, some cheap drug screens only check for opiates, speed, and cocaine. methadone is synthetic and is actually the big brother to darvon. You know in your heart its only a matter of time before your ex gets caught. We all do sooner or later. Might be the best thing that ever happened to him. God talks to us. We just spend most of our lives with our hands cupped over our ears.
Avatar f tn Wow, thank you so much everyone for the respectful input, I truly enjoy hearing everyone's view. I would like to say a sincere thank you to Sad especially. While I am WELL AWARE of her view on this matter, and I think by now she knows mine, she is always classy and respectful in her responses...this is a lesson Bull might need to learn. Now, to answer Coolio ..I am sober. Since begining my treatment in 2000 I have never touched another drug or alcohol for that matter...
Avatar n tn have found a possible solution that you can live with. YES Methadone is an awful drug to quit. YES suboxone works better for a lot of people. I think it's wrong to assume that suboxone will work better for ALL people ALL of the time. But you may find that doing it in stages might be a better solution than all at once. After 10 years it may be good for you to "feel like your self" for a while and then decide where you want to go from there.
Avatar f tn Until now I've never had any problems at my clinic. Recently one of my drug screens came back dirty for opiates. I've been clean ever since I started the program. The test HAS to be wrong. I gave birth 9 months ago via c-section. I was hooked up to a morphine pump and NEVER even felt it. If I couldn't feel that then why would I take a hydro? I'm hurt and have lost all faith in the clinic. I paid 45$ to have the urine retested and then found out today there wasn't enough to do another test.
1428440 tn?1287393979 They say this will show the exact drug. I hope I have someone here who believes in me for my husband and son don't. I am so upset with them and I am really angry right now at everyone and everything. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT.