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Avatar f tn Since then I have been experiencing problems with my memory and retention. More than usual. And I am now starting to have problems with remembering simple words. I will try to say something like " where is their house?" and will not remember the word house. It can take minutes of me stumbling and grasping through my mind before I can remember. Even though it is a common word. Can the being hit all my life & memory issues be related? Or is it because I am older (almost 40)?
414131 tn?1202534491 I am experiencing various problems mostly with memory. I am 49 and was diagnosed a year ago with diabetes. My A1C was 6.5. I was very tired. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. All I had to do is sit down and start to relax. My brain was not working so well either. My memory was becoming almost a thing of the past. I was having what I call random access bad sectors. It would strike randomly and I never knew if I would recover what I just forgot.
Avatar n tn I'll had mixed emotions when it comes to Lexapro and memory. I had memory problems before taking Lexapro. They were depression and anxiety related. After taking Lexapro, these memory problems improved. I used to always forget things. I think it was because I never paid attention. I never tried to remember things due to my depressed mood. I will still forget things now but not nearly as bad as before. My mind used to go blank when I was under stress. Lexapro has reduced my stress.
162331 tn?1390022267 My mommy had me when she was 40! problems at all! (i act a little 'retarded' sometimes just kidding!
Avatar n tn I have started loosing memory at the age of 40 and in last two years, situation has gone worse. Could working at night be the reason for it? What could be the remedy?
Avatar n tn your memory problems could be from your actual Depression not being taken care of. When I had my 1st Major Depression, I had a form of memory loss problem, and that was BEFORE I took any meds. In other words, my depression caused my memory loss. The medications actually restored my memory loss. So plz call your Doc and tell him/her of your memory problem.
Avatar n tn If it makes you feel any better, I used to take Effexor XR at 300Mgs a day for 4 years and did not have any lasting memory problems. I can say that now that I am 40 I have noticed that I have a little trouble remembering many things. I can never remember peoples names or numbers. I also forget the location of places I have been to several times and must rely on my GPS to remind me. Maybe it's just an age thing. They say memory is the first thing to go.
Avatar f tn They may be contributors to your memory issues. Energy psychotherapy would be advisable at this time of your life. It is a very efficient form of therapy -unlike traditional therapy- and it could be done on skype also( if your schedule is not very flexible.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend, who is 40, had a recent incident in which she lost much of her memory for about 8 hours. She thinks this may have happened before but she was alone at that time and slept for a few days until she got better. I was with her for most of the incident this time. I stayed with her until she went to sleep; after about five hours, she woke up remembering most of what she had fogotten.
Avatar n tn I was taking 40 mg morning and 40 mg at night, want down to 20mg in the morning and 40 at night Im going I feel fine, I dont want to give up . I read how very unhealthy it is to be on this med.PS I heared on line that Benadryl helps withdrawal, I havent tryed it yet for mine ,but I going to! Good Luck and Healtly recovery!
Avatar n tn 01 am on my birthday , I could no longer see and I forgot what I was suppose to be looking at anyway. It could be the treatment , it could be your getting up there arond 40(ish). Its your call.(: I just got back from seeing World Trade Center. Gripping movie. I also just realized it was Saturday night and its time for the shots. (21/48)My heart sank. I was feeling sooo good today. Enough whining from me. Have a good evening.
Avatar n tn She has problems with short term memory. Cannot use the computer anymore. Has problems remembering certain words when she is talking. Can this just be from the injury, and it will take time to truly heal?? Or is there something else going on she needs to be tested for. In my observation... taking her shopping... or the computer ... it seems like she takes in the information but it gets all jumbled up and she gets overwhelmed.
Avatar n tn My mom is 73 years old with a history of hypothyroid and breast CA 6 years ago with no recurrances. Besides that she is healthy, alert and active. Yesterday she was at a museum with my 8 year-old daughter. She was in the museum then suddenly found herself in the parking lot looking for her car. My daughter told her that she had fell and was asking her questions for 10 minutes such as "where are we?", "what day is it?", etc.
Avatar n tn He has had a few surgeries (but not for a few years) and has been taking medications (vicodin during the day and valium at night) for a few years. He's been on disability for at least 10 years. This past week, he had some memory loss issues where he woke up after going to bed and did not know who my Mom was. They have been married for over 40 years. He asked who she was and she told him.
Avatar m tn but under a Doctors guidance I can see how that would work - but like i mentioned to answer your question - no. 40 mg isnt a gorilla dose of diazepam at all.....good luck on your taper - - it sounds like you have it going many zanax are you tapering from?
Avatar n tn I didn't notice a difference. Oh and 1/2 of a trazadone at night to help with sleep. I also know I need to up my prozac to 40, but I switched back to prozac a couple of months ago from cymbalta so I just need to phone the dr for that. I have this huge "memory" thing going on, now I'm wondering if I'm just not "obsessing" about that as well. Maybe it wouldn't be such a problem (me not remembering stuff) if I wouldn't obsess about it.
246012 tn?1189759430 I've also had some short term memory problems since hashi/hypo set in. It's gotten a lot better as tsh became lower!!!! Discuss this w/ your MD and keeping taking med. As your tsh number declines (gets closer to1) you should notice an improvement. It can take many months and a few adjustments in med. dosage before you feel better. Good luck!
378497 tn?1232147185 I taught 2nd graders, who by nature, constantly interrupted me and then I'd completely lose my train of thought. Provigil didn't seem to have any effect at all for me, on fatigue or memory problems. I do often write words as I'm talking to help jog my memory or as a crutch. A more detailed outline as Quix recommended is probably a good idea. I do know that the more stressed you get about losing a thought, the more likely it is to stay gone.
1063764 tn?1272824664 My hypothyroidism is also mild and has never caused memory problems. Take your medication and see if your memory improves. If it does not, look for another cause.
294596 tn?1193453025 ) 27) Memory problems asking family members same question 5 mins apart and not even aware I just asked the question not to mention not being able to remember their answers, occ I ask 3 times, they get annoyed and remind me I just asked for the third time. I laugh it off and say "what was your answer?" 28) Mentally blurry, word finding, tripping over words when speaking like I can't get the right word out but not like slurring words as I understand it??
Avatar n tn I've only known for 7 weeks that I have HCV, but my memory and concerntration difficulties date back at least 6-7 years. I'm 44 now, so that means I was starting to experience what I thought were "senior moments" when I was only 36! Now, looking back, my instincts were right. Something was definitely NOT RIGHT. My job demands a lot of focus and concentration. I especially find it difficult to LISTEN to people. My mind immediately starts drifting away.
173975 tn?1216261375 I am sooo sorry for you loss.... I'm grieving too right now so I KNOW what you are going thru... We lost Our Sweet diabetic Heidi "Foo-Foo" yesterday evening... I did the same thing & put my dear Heidi's picture in my profile, & she is now a resident at Rainbow bridge! as hard as it is... I guess we have to be grateful & feel bless for the time we shared....
Avatar m tn -neurologist suggested metabolic disease due to hepatitis b infection (fibrosis is around 5 percent mostly measured), disputed by all hepatitis liver doctors -shrink said she couldnt diagnose it -neuro-psychologist said it looks similar to depression and anhedonia, some memory results were superb, some below average -MRI of the head shown nothing unusual -EEG shown very dominant theta waves with very very rare sporadic lower alpha waves -thyroid ok, neck blood flow also ok -one doctor diagnosed
1243818 tn?1270403052 I forget info I got in report, I forget when meds are due. who is who, etc. I am also having memory lapses at home w/family members. I fear I have alzeimers but I"m only 40. I just began lamictal and lithium a month ago. Desperate for support and info.
Avatar n tn The treatment was a success, and he is going on his second year of remission. At 55 years of age his memory is now progressively getting worse. He can't remember where he put things or what he has told me, a week ago, yesterday, an hour ago, or 5 minutes ago. Anyone else that has taken the treatment suffering from this?
Avatar f tn Hi there! First I would like to say you are not alone. Others have had problems post interferon, incivek. I had problems that have slowly subsided though it has taken a while. It has been almost 3 years since I finished tx. Have you thought about filing for Social Security Disability? A couple of our members have said that there is something called Post Interferon Syndrome. I believe it.
417564 tn?1287986427 it is not normal for me at all. I am hoping the memory loss and lack of concentration returns soon. I thought I posted this earler...apparently I did not....unless I forgot!
Avatar n tn It can cause memory loss, or even complete personality changes, and is thought to be linked to the speed at which they rewarm the body after surgery...if done too soon, there is a shift in the blood flow to the brain. some people come out of surgery, and they just aren't "quite right". The other possibility is the anti-depressant...i wasn't sure if you were having the memory problems before you started it.
684343 tn?1231434440 im really surprised that you are having memory problems after xanax use as opposed to while using xanax, since a common side effect of xanax and other potent hypnotic and anxiolytic benzos,a long with some other hypnotic drugs like ambien or lunesta, is anterograde amnesia-forgetting the period that you took something or an incidence...